It has come to my attention that there are several unscrupulous individuals, entities, and social media accounts which are using my blog posts on COCOLIFE to CAST malicious imputations on the good reputation of COCOLIFE. The said blog post was made six (6) years ago BASED on a previous experience with some Cocolife agents. Soon thereafter, I published another post dated August 3, 2014 retracting my previous  doubts ON THE LEGITIMACY OF THE COMPANY UPON FURTHER RESEARCH WHICH INDICATED THAT COCOLIFE IS A LEGITIMATE AND STABLE FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY WITH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT ARE ALL PROPERLY LICENSED AND REGULATED.

I have not authorized anybody to use my online content to malign COCOLIFE, their officers and staff. I demand that posts or comments made online using my blog be taken down immediately. I will seek legal redress against these individuals/entities who used my blog without my consent and took advantage of the same in order to suit their personal agenda and ill motive against COCOLIFE. I reserve the right to initiate legal actions against individuals, entities, and social media accounts who will continue to attack the credibility of COCOLIFE using my blog.

I also would like to apologize to the officers and staff of COCOLIFE for the serious damage this has caused to your esteemed institution.

For details and inquiries about COCOLIFE, please do contact them at these numbers:

8129015 loc.114/594


Earn few bucks online

Hello! Want to earn online? Join Toluna. An online paid survey. You only have to answer surveys of different topics. If you qualify and finished the survey, they give you points that ranges from 2000-5000 points. If you are not qualified, sometimes they give compensation points of 200. It also have sponsored contents that gives 15 points. Topics vary, mostly i answered about consumer products. In order to cash out, you must have at least 20400-40000 points depends on what you prefer. There are Sodexo, Mobile top-up (load), and Paypal.

Answered surveys and sponsored contents, I accumulated points, and it’s time to cashout. I have cashed out Sodexo Mobile Pass worth 300 pesos and the recent one is via Paypal worth 250 pesos. Already used Sodexo Mobile Pass in Bench store. So I can say that it really pays. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and i will try my best to answer.


Spicy Bicol Express

Spicy Bicol Express

For the first time in my life, I cooked Bicol Express which is very popular and I guess, originated in the region of Bicol. As my father was born in Bicol, in my veins, run a blood that loves spicy foods.

Bicol Express is a meat cooked in coconut milk. Sautee pork meat in onion and garlic, until the meat is slightly brown. Pour in coconut milk and let it simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the green finger chili, cover for 2 minutes. And you are done,

As a first-timer, I am proud of myself in cooking a dish that satisfies my taste. I got the right taste- just perfect, just how i wanted it to be.

Ochado @ SM Baguio


Brand: Ochado

Branch: @ SM Baguio

Another brand of milk tea. I tried it when we were at Baguio for summer vacation. I bought the one in their bestseller’s list, i don’t remember what was the name. Usually, In all milk tea store I stepped into I always buy the pearl milk tea or the equivalent of it.

And it was alright. Close to what I always bought in Serenitea. The price was 90 pesos for the large cup.

Service was fast since very few are in there to buy. Area was clean.

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars.