Cocolife- scam or not?

My kids and I went to the mall the other day, when suddenly this guy came  to me and gave me this free insurance coupon and a 50% discount from college tuition fee. First he asked if I have credit card and I said yes then he took us to their office and when we got there several people assisted us. There was this lady who asked me if I can come with her inside to demonstrate the coupon I got. I complied and seated right in front of the banner where it was displayed. I filled-up a sheet with some questions like what I want to have in the future, my financial status, basic information like my name and age. Then she explained to me that the coupon I got is basically a free insurance from the savings. The product is savings—she repeatedly said it was all about the savings. It was not pure insurance though they give free insurance if you get the savings.

Well, here it goes, you would save up some money worth 15,715 pesos good for the whole year and you would give out the same amount for 10 years. And you will have a 100,000 pesos face amount and also you will get 10% of the face amount every year after you finished paying the premium. At first, it sounded a good offer. But when I started asking questions, since I have some knowledge about insurance and about some products that bank is offering to depositors, it came to my senses that this could be some sort of a scam hidden behind the name of Cocolife. I do know that Cocolife is associated with UCPB. I don’t have any negative feedback about UCPB since I had an account with them way back in the 2000, they did great in handling the accounts and the depositors.

My concerns about this Cocolife are:

I would pay using my credit card.  They made it more convenient. You can use your credit card to pay outright and then after one year, you have a choice to give the premium either monthly or annually through the bank. How about that? I must pay the initial premium 1-time with my card then choices afterwards.

You can only have the offer just for that day. I asked if I can come back the next day because I have to get my husband’s decision on this matter. She said the offer is only good for 1 day. How can you decide on investing for a short period of time? It only showed that they are pressuring you to take a bite on their offer.

I asked what would I get after I pay the premium she said that the Policy Certificate will be mailed to my home address. What? A policy on snail mail? That can’t be! It is a classified documents and should be handed to the owner at the moment payment was made. She explained to me that the main office will have to check if the credit card payment was successful before they release the papers. Paying thru credit card is made easy both on the merchant and the consumer, and it made merchants to charge real time. And also, since I used to be a PhilAm agent when my client paid 50% of the premium the office will prepare the papers and when fully-paid I will personally give the policy to my client. It will never be mailed, agents should hand it to the client.

She said it was like saving up. You saved 15,715 pesos for ten years and would get 100,000 pesos as insurance or face amount and also get 10,000 pesos yearly after ten years. If it is savings, you should have 157,150 pesos in ten years, right? She told me that it would still depend on the age and health issues of the client. And it is still a savings– not an insurance. Reluctantly, I answered back if it’s savings then there is no need for check-ups or something like that. Banks won’t do medical check-ups if you want to open an account.

Lastly, when I asked for some brochures or leaflets regarding the offer they don’t have any. How can a company survive without any of this? Unless, of course as I think of it a scam. They don’t want to pull some money out for these but instead get some in.

For me, I conclude that it is a scam. How about you?


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  1. This happened to me too ( T-T)~
    my only fault is I gave my postal ID and said I’ll come back the next day.
    Because he just would not shut up and let me go (I need to go to the airport and was in a real hurry)

    Anyway, I haven’t gone back to get my ID. :3 I don’t want to be pestered again :/
    Ah but I need to go back at some point and just flatly say NO!

    Thank God I read this post. There’s just a feeling of something fishy about it :/

      • Hi Mer!! Paano mo nacancel, ano yung mga steps na ginawa mo?

        Ako hindi naman ako against sa Plan na ito.. though ayoko talaga sa mga agents nila.
        Pero may nakita kasi akong mas maganda kung saan kumuha rin mga relatives ko.

        Kindly respond here or email me

        Thanks will greatly appreciate it. Thanks! 🙂

      • panuh po n charge back help me nman po nabiktima din aq eh sbe try dw if maaprove eh bigla nila snwipe labag sa kalooban ko :((

      • hi mer pano mo nacancel & pano mo nakuha yung 2k saka yung chargeback sa credit card mo??? help naman po ty..

      • hello. ako in po na-charge sa credit card ko ng anito.. panu po ma-chargeback. pls hlp. thanks

      • nakauha din po ako nito kahapon, grabe yung away namin mag asawa kac hindi ako nakapagpaalam. tapos na charge na sa credit card ko ang 30,323.23 na babayran ko sa bank in 24mos..nagdecide ako na ipacancel pero pag kinancel ko daw e hindi na marerefund ang pera..pano ba?

      • how did u get it coz i was a victim also but mine s 2k in cash…wat did u do to cancel it ?cud u help me pls?

      • pls help im also a victim…i presented my savings accnt#.pls giv me an advise how to stop it….

      • Good evening guys, I had the same experience today in Robinsons Galleria, same thing, labag dn s kalooban q un pagswipe s credit card q, I told them to void the transaction but they told me that it can;t be done, so I consulted my Bank regarding that matter. Pde xa ivoid, kailangan lng cla mismo magvoid, pnghintay nla aq ng almost 45 mins.because nkalunch dw cashier nla, so I got pissed off, ngreklamo aq regarding that matter. Nasettle nmn un issue within 5mins., ivoid nla un transaction.

      • hello, pano po ang ginawa nyo para macancel at marefund? to all those na nakarefund, can you please help us

      • Nabiktima din po aq panu q po makukuha pera q swipe po credit card q labag sa kalooban q sabi check lang daw tas yun bigla na nagcharge sa credit card q hanggang naun po nag chacharge pa din sa credit card q pls help me po

      • Please ako rin kanina lang.. Naibigay ko yung account no. Ko tapos my 2k pa ..
        Pa help naman.. Please.. Kailangan ko po ng tulong

    • hi job rosaryo,. i just want to ask kung nakapagbigay ka ng passpor wich ine encode lang daw tapos nag fill up ka ng application nila pero d naman nabigay yung credit card magkaka problema ba dun!! di kc kami na convince ng agent eh ok lang ba yun? tnx

      • Ano po gagawin ko, kz naswipe nla knina ung credit card q. Dahl s mga nabasa ko ngicp po q na icancel.

      • Same here! Pero di ako nagpatinag.. 14k ang chinarged sken at hindi ko rin malaman at napa Oo nila ako sa matabil nilang pag sesale’s talked! Hanggang sa paglabas ko ng office nila lutang ang isip ko.. Kahit sinabi ko na sa kanila na kailangan ko muna ikompermiso sa asawa ko..pero di patitinag sa mga salitang bibitawan hanggang sa makuha ang loob mo.. Kahapon lang December 12,2013.. Pag uwi ko ng bahay nag search ako about this thing at ayun! Boom!! Anong klaseng katangahan nnman ang pinairal ko..pero ngyari na ang ngyari..inaway ako ng mister ko kahit nasa malayong lugar sya.. Kaya agad agad kong tnxt yung agent na kumausap sken at napaka swerte ko dahil yung nag interviewed pala sken ay yung branch manager ng cocolife sa sm marilao.. Maayos naman kausap. Then kinaumagahan tumawag ako sa head office nila.. Ayun as always saying puntahan ang branch na inavailan ng plan at makipag usap sa agent about that thing.. Pero tumawag muna ko sa bangko ko.. Floating pa yung 14k na di pa debited sa CC.. Kailangan ang mismong merchant(cocolife) ang magpafile ng cancellation about dito sa transaction.. Kaya ang ginawa ko nagipag coordinate ako sa Insurance Commision..aba! Napakagaling sasabihin ko palng ang concern ko bungad sken ayan ba yung cocolife sa mga malls? I answered yes.. At may kumausap sken agad agad Ms. Edna.. then binigay nya sken ang contact number sa head office ng cocolife at hanapin ko daw si ms. Lisa.. Grabe answered prayer talaga..tinawagan ko agad c ms lisa regarding sa pangyayari at ayun ginawan ng action.. At kilala naman nya yung kumausap sken..right away ng email sya sa manager na nakausap ko.. At nung nagkita kami ulit kami nung branch manager ng cocolife sa sm marilao binigay ko na ang cancellation letter.. At ang daming nya pang option na baka kahit anong plan na lang..talagang pinanindigan ko na AYOKO.. Maswerte ako kc di pa nila na sesettle yung POS nila kaya ayun pina void nila yung transaction.. Kaya di na nacharge yung 14k.. To God be the Glory! At thank you narin kay Ms. Edna ng Insurance Commision.. Takot lang nila.. :))

    • I just paid today around 23k and it’s really very convincing, i hope if it is not a scam. Whatever it is i think, getting the money back is very hard. Here are my suggestion:

      But before the suggestion here are the infos that was discussed to me
      1. Pay the first payment now for one year;
      2. Pay the subsequent payment after a year, but if you dont have funds you can pay it on the next year but dont pay it more than two years from first year of payment because it is going to be closed;
      3. If you dont have enough funds you can pay less than you annual savings;
      4. Upon disability or death you will get 400% of your policy;
      5. Hope these are the rules written in the policy that they are going to give me.

      1. For the credit card holder do the following;
      A. If you are really in doubt even if they got the money from you already, and youre going to be afraid for the next payment, please change your credit card by calling your credit card company, one reason you can say that you use it for one transaction and you are afraid that it might be used for fraud;
      B. if ever they are still there, go to them and tell them that you want to convert the payment by cash because you lost your credit card and you report it lost and they might not get the money for the next payment;
      C. If ever they are not there anymore, i think they will contact you if ever they will not get money from you, then thaths the time you tell them that you lost your card and you change it, but decided to go for cash payment;
      D. If ever they will not contact you, and in all cases for the policy not to expired as per above discussion, just pay 100 pesos evry two years begore the expiry, atleast the hurt happened on the beginning if ever it is a scam, and at the end, if ever not.

      2. For debit card;
      A. Please change your pin right away, or if you have time please ask the bank to change your card, or if you dont have any important transaction with your account, closed it. If ever you have important transaction, please arrange to transfer it to your other account, after transferring close your account
      B. just apply point D the same with the credit card for the minimum payment.

      Hope this will help to ease all of your minds, but please remember there are no fools, stupid, or any bad words you want to say to yourself for investing on this, it just mean your a risk taker, and included in that risk is winning or loosing, just choose if you are a winner or looser. SO DON’T PITTY YOURSELF AND BE PROUD BECAUSE YOU ARE A RISK TAKER NOT A FOLLOWER.

    • Oh my!dami pa lng nbiktima ng mga agent ng cocolife.pare pareho LNG ng mga nangyari skin.sapilitan LNG at biglaan ang desisyun.panu kya ang Gagawin ko mbawi ko pa kya un pera na nkuha sa ATM?almost 4k din un.kaso un skin almost 3 months na.pde ko pa kya mbawi un ?pls help me po kung maihabol pa cancellation ng saving future platinum ko.tnx and god bless us!

  2. Hi Lady, You should get your ID back because someone might use it or the information in it on some dirty transactions or something.. And just say no if they insisted when you go there. : )

    • kanina lng po ko nakuhanan ng 3,309.00 can you help me pano ko marefund at macancel yung future savings gold? @jobrosario please help..

      • hopefully ma balik na ung pera ko., pinrocess ko kanina., dumaan ako sa Insurance Commission na nasa UN Avenue., hinanap ko si ma’am EDNA and seek for advice told her about sa system ng approach for application for insurance doon sa iba-ibang branch ng coco sa mall, i wrote a CANCELLATION LETTER., and she endorsed me to Ms. LIsa Bartolome of Coco Life Main Office na nasa Ayala Ave, and ask her also to cancel na ung transaction ko for insurance coz kelangan ko ung amount na nkuha sken., and pinrocess nmn agad ung cancellation., actually guys mababait ung tao sa main office nila sa branch lng talaga nila, hindi maliwanag ung approach nila., and minamadali nila ung cliente., and sa pag process ko never akong tumuntong ulet sa branch kung saan ako nag avail trauma na,, tinext ko nlng ung agent ko na pina cancel ko na ung transaction ko right after nanggaling ako sa Insurance commission at cocolife main office, kase for sure kung sa branch ako pupunta., papatagalin lng nila ung process hanggang sa mapagod ako., kaya un ginawa ko., and mind you guys., buti nlng nabasa ko agad tong site na to and laking pasalamat ko kasi 4 days plng mula nung ng avail ako kaya pina cancel ko na agad2x.,

        actually guys ok and legitimate namn ung offer nila kaya nga lng ung approach ng branch ung mejo may diperensya., kasi hindi malinaw ang pagkakaexplain kasi ang main goal nung mga agent is mkahire cla ng client which is not good hindi nila kinoconsider ung reasons ng cliente nila bakit ayaw nila mag avail., wala nmn ako dispute sa insurance nila coz certified nmn cla ng Insurance Commission. for me., its not a scam guys., but still i need to cancel it., kasi d ko maintindihan ano pinasukan ko which is mali ko rin kasi nagpauto ako sa mga agents nila., but they took advantage ehh.,” i try daw if maaprove ng banko para mkaavail sa insurance nila un pla pag swipe sa atm card ko bawas agad ng 18k, approved agad anu un.,?? may pinapirmahan sa akin un pla authorization un para ma charge via debit sa atm ko, wow ha., tska ko lng nalaman un sa main office nila., pwede magtaka ng konti bago ma shock ng malaki., ??..

        sa ngaun inendorse na ni maam lisa ung cancellation letter ko sa branch and waiting for them to take action about it and if ever d p cla ng paparamdam inquire lng ulit kay maam Lisa.,

        Hopefully masauli ung pera kong un., pray lng po ako ng pray na sana masauli., and here pla ung sample ng CANCELLATION LETTER.

        Dear Sir or Madam,

        I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my insurance policy effective this day October 21, 2013. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation within 30 days that the cancellation has been put into effect.

        Please refund my initial payment that had been charged to my debit cards last week October 15, 2013 amounting to P15, 283.21 for my FSP plus P4, 000.00 for my GPA, and please cease charging my bank accounts for premium payments.

        Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



        kau na po bahala magchange ng details po., ung dates, amount and sana mkatulong ito.,pinost ko po ito kasi ung concern ko lng po ung napilitang mag avail na wala sa plano kung saan ung pera nila ay may pinaglaanan na or ung pera nila ay may pagagamitan, na napunta sa insurance ng wala sa oras., god bless to us and sana nga mabalik n ung pera ko.,

  3. Hello. SAme thing happened to me to… Unfortunately i was too dumb that they were able to convinced me to shelve out a significant amount of money on the same day.. Do you have any idea if i can still get it back? Thanks

  4. @lloyd, Too bad you were convinced by their scheme. Have you gotten your certificate? As what they have said that they would send certificate or policy. If not, and you have used your credit card, you may call your credit card service hotline and asked if you can file a dispute over this.Keep everything they gave you, it’s your proof.
    If worse comes to worst, ask some advice from a lawyer. Ask a lawyer from a Public Attorney’s Office, for it’s free.
    Good luck.
    Keep me posted.

  5. hello dis happened to me today in SM North the bad thing is I give money worth 4,461.29….how can i get back my money pls advice….

  6. Hi Vanessa. As what I have said to Lloyd, you can try to call your credit card service hotline for dispute. That is, if you have not received the policy or certificate and let’s hope that the merchant will reply. Or you can ask a public attorney for an advice.

    Did you get anything when you paid the said amount? What else did they said that you will receive?
    Keep me posted.

    Thanks and Good luck.

      • Hi Barry Medina, there are many Cocolife branches in different malls all over the Philippines. So just be alert.. not just to Cocolife but to any other scheming and scamming company.

    • good day jobrosario, i paid 16002.40 pesos thru my credit card… as i check the net this morning due to doubt on the said cocolife insurance…ive read this blog of yours i panic due to i was being scammed by those agents… ive paid the said amount last march 15, 2013 @ 1652H ive read your blog March 16, 2013 @ 0300H…ive immediately called my credit card banker to cancel my transaction yesterday…the banker told me that the transaction im referring is for approval, so she advice me to personally cancel my transaction at cocolife branch where ive transacted it…so this morning i would cancel my transaction hoping it wont be reflected on my credit card….thanx to your post,

      • @jayr

        wat is the status dun sa pinacancel mo,.same situation din kz sau un nangyari sa bf ko but the sad part is ako un primary nun credit card n ginamit nya sa cocolife but my bf already send cancellation letter to cocolife last march 11,2013 and til nw nagiintay prin kami ng result 2 weeks dw kz for evaluation.


    • hi ms.jobrosario aq po last April 2 lang po nabiktima with an amount of 21k and still di ko pa narereceive ang policy nila na ime-mail daw po… gus2 ko din po ipacancel at makuha un pera ko

    • same happend to dis afternoon naloko rin ako nakabigay ako ng 2k cash po ang nabigay ko panu kopo makuha yun help me naman pambili ko sana yung ng gamot ko for my cough help me sirr need ko imung answer sir katulrong lang po ako yon lang po ang sahod ko for thi

  7. Hi! I think it’s a scam too ‘coz they said that iy depends if the bank will approve since “trust funds” costs 1 to 5m.I declined a lot of times and I even stopped the charge because I really felt something’s wrong.They offered me a cheaper policy and when I declined,the cheapest “kiddie plan”.I paid roughly around 2300 because I thought if it is real then I shouldn’t let it pass and I can always upgrade my plan.Do you think we should report this or something?

  8. Hi Dois, I am not sure if I should initiate the reporting since I wasn’t actually victimized by this scam. But in my opinion, it would be best to have a sufficient proof that you were scammed and have some others victims to complain also. By the way, what did you get from paying 2300? Keep me posted.

  9. May update ba ito? I also gave in to this 😦

    Malaki na-charge sa credit card ko, tapos ang sabi pa monthly daw, eh full amount naman na-charge sa card ko. Diko pa natanggap ang policy ko, but they gave me a certificate and a provisional receipt.

    Kaso, i want my money back kasi they lied to me on the charging part.
    Wala bang option ang customer to cancel the policy?
    I emailed cocolife, my credit card company and PDIC kasi sabi sa UCPB yung savings.
    Pero today lang so wala pa reply.

    I am really worried. I feel so stupid giving in, but they really have a way to manipulate you. Bigla kunin card mo for approval pa daw pero yun pala i-swipe na, then bigla tatlong tao na yung kausap mo. Hay….

      • Minor correction the 15day free look period starts from the policy issue date, so better act now to get your refund.

      • same thing with me. So when I reacted the sales person gave the official receipt. I just took it. have them signed with my cancellation letter.I made it 3copies-one for me,for them and for my witness(I bring someone with me,just in case)

        Sabi 30-45 days bago makuha yun refund.

    • haaay,. same here! sken P8k + and ung frend ko na 2k+ ung n swipe,. na over charge p nga ung card ko.. pinapa dispute ko sa bank ayaw nila, dapat ung magcancell ung cocolife. Tumawag aq sabi hnd nraw pwede lagpas na 15days,. Naun close na ung cocolife sa sm noth,. how sad! dami nila cguradong nalokong tao! sana makarma cla sa ginagawa nla.

      • tlga.. close n ung sa sm north.. hay.. but y they txting me p.. bayaran q n dw ung premium q. kc due date q nung june 11.

  10. It is also happen to me last sept. 22, 2012. You cnt get out their office until they dont get what they want to you. It is a kind of hypnotism my problem is how to get bAck my money?

  11. @ cmaniwan
    since you have contacted (thru email) your credit card, just wait for their reply. Or maybe you can call their hotline number and asked for any advice on what you should do, or asked how to file a dispute.
    Regarding on what you have in hand, the certificate and the provisional receipt, according to a BIR representative a provisional receipt (or acknowledgement) is not acceptable. Any establishment- may it be non-vat or vat registered- official receipt should be issued.
    Just keep the certificate- it is your proof.
    Have you called Cocolife? Have you asked for the policy?
    Please update me.

  12. @ vhim
    I just made excuses so I could get out of their office. Lucky me because i have some knowledge on insurance and its policy because I used to be an agent. And it came to me that whenever I ask questions regarding the product they always try divert me and my questions are unanswered. I am not really convinced, so I just left.
    Have you called your credit card? Have the company charged you already? Talked to them and asked for an advice.
    Update please.

    • Same situation jobrosario, It happen just this July 02, 2013 Im telling them to cancel everything and i want my money back the same day after i got home but they don’t have any answer regarding the matter.. I dont have any policy term yet, what should i do to refund my money??

  13. i have experienced it yesterday….but i did not give in. they offered the 20,000 free accident insurance. The agent negotiated with me for almost an hour, trying to make me pay the 4000 plus premium plan. I am just wondering why the offer is only give for one day, they want you to make an instant decision,and let you pay for a long term plan. I really think something is wrong with this marketing strategy if that is what they are doing. And attention SM malls, they are using an SM i.d. as proof that you authorized them. Does SM have any idea on this? I think they are operating in SM stores. Is there anyone here from COCOLIFE or SM that can say something on this matter.

  14. @jobrosario

    Hnd ko nga alam kung pano gagawin ko gusto ko kcng icancel eh.. may nkausap n ko s main office last monday email ko dw ung letter of cancellation and state the reason.. . pero kc wla p kc akong nare2ceived n any document.. ang naka2inis kc they lied tht sunday i already call my agent to cancel the transaction hanggat wla p ang policy savi b nmn wts my reason, savi p hnd n pwd kc nga n process n dw.. . then monday ive tried to txt her again to get the policy number itxt dw nia wla nmn tnxt at ang hinihingi ung isa ko png beneficiary sa isip ko why do i need too eh im applying for a cancellation bt she ignore my request.. debit kc ung payment

  15. @vhim
    I suggest that be consistent and persistent to get a cancellation from them. You should be the authority over them- because it is your money and you are the client. Call your credit card service hotline and asked for a dispute over Cocolife because they charged you already but did not received what they have promised you.
    In the case, Cocolife asked for a letter of cancellation, ALWAYS have an extra copy for yourself and have someone sign it and write down the date, ID number and the full name of the person. It is your proof.
    Have you sign any contract from them? What does it says?

  16. @jobrosario
    The agent txt me and said I go to their office tomorrow should i go there or i just send my cancellation letter to the main office..

  17. hi! this was happened to me last sept 23, 2012 at sta lucia east grand mall. since that night until today, bothered nako, i feel na talagang may mali. bad thing, I was stupid to be convinced by that agent, i feel harassed. i really wanted to cancel this application. i dont what to do first, please, please help! i’m in a bad situation right now!

  18. i called my credit card hotline and the agent said that i still need to coordinate with cocolife dahil sila ang magcancel. I also called cocolife call center and sabi, ifoforward ang concern sa agent ko and still need to talk with the agent. are there any other options?

    • As far as I know, that is the way the credit card would do for dispute. I suggest if nothing happens after you file for dispute, ask an assistance of a police or call the media`s attention. I bet Cocolife wouldn`t like that.

  19. Hello nangyari din sa akin to last september 30, 2012, ang laki ng money na binitiwan ko without asking my husband permission. I gave 22,720.53 ang laki. inaaway ako ng husband ko kasi na scam na naman ako. ang dali kong mauto. so ngayon october 2 dahil ngayun ko lang sinabi sa kanya, nagpunta ako sa sm consolacion to get my money back. when i got there, nakasmile sila lahat sa akin kung kukunin ko na po ba yung policy ko, sabi ko hindi, kasi my husband did not say yes. I want to cancel it and want my money back. kaso wala dun ang agent naka day-off. so ganun balik daw ako bukas, pray nalang ako na makuha ko yung money dahil kung hindi, naku malaking gulo to sa amin ng husband ko. ang laki ng pera na yun 22k plus. God help me with this….hindi tuloy ako makatulog…

    • hello po @gwapinka ask lang po ako kung sino po ang naka hundle sa inyo, ako din kasi naka bigay din ng pera at that time na napasok ako sa office nila gusto nyo po sabay tayo papunta doon. paki email nalang po ako gusto ko lang po talaga makuha yong pera ko sayang ehh

    • Ngyari dn skn nung jan 9 2013, ngbgay ako ng 23,749 gusto ko dn ipa cancel pero sbi skn ng opis mgantay daw ako ng one month pero duda ako kc pra d cla ngssbi ng totoo. Pd b me 2lungan s problema ko. Tpos sbi p nla kng maiiblik ay cheke n daw. Pero chinarge nla ako s debit card ko.pls help

      • oo gnun tlg. cheke m n mkukuha un, ang gwin mo gumawa k ng cancellation letter, then papirmhan m skila, 2copies un h, ung isa pra sau. after 2 months bgo q nkuha ung cheke e. kylngn kulitin m lng cla, s cocolife k dn b? twagan mo c ms. gladys bonifacio, s head office ng cocolife un, dpt ngaun p lng mgpsa kn ng letter wag m n patagalin p, debit din ung skin e

      • Yes hindi sila nagsabi ng totoo. If after a month kana magpasa ng cancellation letter, hindi mo na maicancel yun. Sa website nila within 15 days only from the date of application. And if You already have the policy, get Xerox from that as Your copy sakali mang sabihin nila na hindi ka kumuha. Kasi ibalik mo sa kanila lahat including the receipt and of course with your cancellation letter. I got my refund din after 1 month and 3 weeks. And Yes cheque na ang matanggap mo pag debit transaction. Pag credit card, ewan ko. Debit yung sa akin. Hanapin mo teresa bossy. Basta tawag ka ng tawag para asekasuhin nila. Ipakita mo na seryoso ka kasi baka balewalain lang nila. Keep calling as much as You can. Pag sabihin nila call again after 2 weeks. Don’t! Call them every 2 or 3 days.

      • Jean napacancel mo ba litong lito na ako.i gave them 20k.i went to insurance comission last week they advice me to go to their head office directly in makati and give the cancellation letter which is i did..but until now i am still waiting for the disposition coming from cocolife branch in robinsons place..i really want to cancel my application.according to insurance commission i have 15days free look period either i will continue or discontinue the application in cocolife..please share

    • @gwapinka: pwd patulong naman oh? sa sm consolacion din aq. may policy number na aq, kanina q pa nakuha. gusto q na icancel ung plan kasi ang dami ng bad comments about this

  20. tapos na yung policy ko pero hindi ko kinuha kasi gusto ko icancel…may documnets ako here debit receipt, official receipt for deposit on application, confirmation, authorization to charge debit form. at saka papel na andun nakastate yung future savings platinum. sabi din sa akin na savings mo lang to maam, tapos magkaroon kana agad ng free life insurance at saka one day offer lang,…

      • hi leizyl, d ko npcancel, wala kc me time na pumunta pa sa cocolife . I called them up sbi nun manager d daw pwede cancel d daw kc un parang damit n pwede isolo then reimburse un amount , it can be cancelled right away but wala daw maibabalik sa akin. or i can wait for 2 years n mag mature ung hinulog ko then pwede ko n daw i terminate ung contract or pwede n daw me borrow ng money. Sabi ko wala na me balak ituloy ang pag hulog kc i paid 6 months total of 8,000+ sabi nya ok lng daw so parang questionable un, ok lang daw basta may hulog n daw ako. so now pa lang hirap n ko mabawi ung pera to use for emergency , e 10 yrs un db? i tried to call the credit card company and they said they cant do anything about it the cancellation needs to be coming from cocolife. i am palnning not to pay the credit card kaya lng maganda record ko don. i heard that some one here successfully get her money back hopefully we could know how she did it .

    • ms gwapinka ano po sinabi mong reason kung bkit kinacancel mo n ung application kz un lagi ang tanong nila eh..taz parang ayaw naman nilang tumulong na macancel ung application

    • pde patulong din kmi sa sm cebu nmn kami nabiktima ung asawa ko yung kinunmbinsi nila. ano ba ang dapat gawin…

      • SM cebu din ako kumoha ng future saving platinum.. Nakuha na nimo ang imong money? I just open up recently April 7, 2014 and mingbalik ko sa akong agent sabi niya di na macancel. ano ba yon..

    • last may 30,2013 pa kumuha ung kapatid ko and ung friend nya nsa 10,000+ ung nakuha sa kanila, ngayon june 21 na wala pa rin dumarating na policy, bumalik pa nman sa dubai kapatid ko, pwede ko pa kaya mahabol na ipa cancel at mabawi ung binayad nila… pls txt me 09468590044… salamat

    • miss,pwede po ba na ipo-process ko sa ate ko.kac yesterday april 12 2014 ako nag apply.monday pa daw ung policy ko.ipapa cancel ko nga din tomorrow ung sa akin pag punta ko dun.after nun pwede po ba na ung ate ko na lng ung mag follow up.kac i was scheduled to go onboard april 19.plz help naman po..thank you

    • gwapanika nag avail ka din ba ng GPA aside nung FSP? Kasi nag avail ako ng FSP + GPA but pina cancel ko din. Kaso yung FSP lng daw pwede ipa cancel yung GPA hindi na. Sa SM City Cebu na branch ako nag avail. Tumawag ako sa main branch nila pero yun din ang sabi.

    • ung saken po hindi na nai-charged sa credit card ko, nakipag coordinate ako sa cocolife main ofice at sa credit card hotline ko..pero hindi nag lang din ganun kadali dahil pinapunta pa ulit ako sa cocolife sta lucia kung san ako naloko, taz may pinapirmahan lang saken n mga documents for cancellation nga daw… grabe grabe talaga yung mga halimaw na yun!

    • Helo po.i just applied last july 24,2014 at sm fairview…hnd ko pa nkuha ung policy’s for the fsp po..pwd ko pa po mkuha ung charge sa atm ko..4000+ po un…pls advise..

  21. my friend and I went to cocolife last night with hopes for cancelling our transactions. we were assisted still by the agents who offered us with their “future savings”. as to my experience last night with that agent, grabe, where are the manners?? nakikipag sabayan sya saken kaya lalo ako nainis. she was so boastful and doesn’t know how to respect clients. nung sinabi nya saken na, ok mam wala naman problemang icancel ikukuha ko kayo ng papel para sa letter nyo, I went to her manager and sya na lang kinausap ko. well, as to the cancellation, pwede daw icancel but the initial deposit won’t be refunded. to cut the story short, we were not able to cancel but at least with the assistance of the manager maayos yung transaction unlike nung una na bara-bara ang explanations and pressured ka. we decided to continue paying the premiums, sa tingin namin sa part lang ng agents nagkaka problem and yung style nila but not with cocolife. for those who experienced this, just be sure, you have your official receipt and the policy. ingat na lang po sa ating lahat.

    • Tama guys, ingat nlng and make sure n naintindihan nyong mabuti ung binayaran nyo… Gnyn dn ako nung unang gabi but after a clear discussion with the cocolife manager, wlang alinlangan kong inaccept and willing to pay for the nxt 10yrs… 🙂

      Dpt kc may taga cocolife n mkabasa nito to correct this issue…

    • Hi Pa3k and LC,,how long have you been paying the insurance as of now?…do you know someone who’s done with the 10 years period..was it easy for them to claim the benefits that they are entitled with?

      this is my first life insurance that i had invested with and out of all those complains above, im very confused if i made the right decision…I had my comments as well below for what had happened on my side during the time that i was recruited by some of their agents in SM north (oct 28 2012)…I hope they won’t waste the trust that i’ve given to them. Those agents that i had talked with are not really bad as what the others had..I’ll call their HO in makati tom for clarification.

      Thank you so much for your comments both. Medyo nakakapang hinahon ng least we have positive comments here…wish ko lng both of you are right about this.

    • ayaw naman nila pakacancell ung manager pa ng cocolife ung nakausapa ko..pano po nyo nagawa makuha ung pera aking po 22k po ung nabawas sa credit card ko..1 yr. ung kinuha. ang sabi sa akin pwede ko daw icancell pero ung nabawas na 22k hindi ko na daw makukuha..

  22. i went to cocolife today with my friend and cancel it and the agent who assited me said yes they can cancel it pero hindi daw yun kadali, mga 1 week to 2 weeks pa daw. tapos bakit hindi ako pinapirma ng cancellation letter? Sabi ko paano nila malaman na gusto kong i-cancel ang plan ko, tapos sabi ng agent ko na, ito mam, itong acknowldgement receipt ang ibigay ko sa kanila for cancellation. nang umuwi na ako sa bahay, sabi ko sa sarili ko, how can they cancel if wla akong pirma na ipapakansela ko, kung yung agent lang ang magsbi na gusto kong i-cance, pano sila maniwala.

  23. i went to cocolife today with my friend and cancel it and the agent who assited me said yes they can cancel it pero hindi daw yun kadali, mga 1 week to 2 weeks pa daw. tapos bakit hindi ako pinapirma ng cancellation letter? Sabi ko paano nila malaman na gusto kong i-cancel ang plan ko, tapos sabi ng agent ko na, ito mam, itong acknowldgement receipt ang ibigay ko sa kanila for cancellation. nang umuwi na ako sa bahay, sabi ko sa sarili ko, how can they cancel if wla akong pirma na ipapakansela ko, kung yung agent lang ang magsbi na gusto kong i-cance, pano sila maniwala.


    • Yesterday i went to SM City Cebu, November 30, 2013 @ around 11:45 noon, someone convinced me to avail Future Savings Platinum which was handled an agent Mr. Michael Montero. I have totally doubt of what he explained to me but still I have paying 5,985.27 which covers to FS Platinum for my son of 9 yrs old and for Rider insurance using my personal check and they ask me also to issue 3 PDC for the quarterly payments.

      When I get back home I relayed and told to my husband, and says cocolife have been a scam which was broadcasted the media before. That felt me much doubt and it doesnt help me to sleep last night.

      With all the messages shared here it really helps and enlighten me to call my bank first hour tomorrow Dec. 2, 2013 for a STOP PAYment the check i was issued to COCOLIFE.

      Beverly of cebu

  24. Hi guys, nangyari din to saken last night. Ngdropped by kme ng wife ko s sm calamba then sumalubong agd smen ang ngooffer ng free insurance worth i think 20k then she brought us on their office. To make the story short, i availed the future savings gold amounting 11,782.25php using my hsbc credit card… After that, i cant sleep that night coz im worried.. Bcoz the amount was already charge to me.. So for the benefits of my doubt, nxt day i went back to cocolife office and talk to the manager.. For me the only problem here is kung pano ang explanation nung agent kya madalas ndi clear. Mxado rn kc cla agresibo.. But when i talked to the manager it was very clear and maganda nmn tlga. So in short we decided n ituloy din ung premium. Also, after i read this post, ngtry dn ako kumuha ng advise from hsbc customer service. They said, if ever scum un pwede nmn iblocked then if want nmn ng cancellation pwede dn kso s UCPB manggagaling ung referral n icancel n so meaning we need to talk to cocolife to forward the cancellation to their bank.
    Anyway guys i think totoo nmn to, and kompyansa rn ako kc meron cocolife n almost 10yrs ng nkatayo at calamba.. Ok nmn cguro ang cocolife, ung agents lang ang nde.. 🙂

    If scam to, bhala n diyos s kanila at sabay sabay tyong mgrereklamo after 10yrs..hehe

    • sa sm north close na ung cocolife,. nscam kme ng frend ko.. ayaw nla icancelled kumbaga thank u nlng ung 10k nmen.

    • hello po para po kay pa3k musta po ang cocolife sa calamba?na woworied poko sa nbabasa ko sa blog na ito,nangyari din po kc sa akin ito nung friday lang po..totoo poba sya?

    • sino po kaya ang mka2tulong sa akin about this case..same din kaz ngyari sa akin..gusto ko din ipacancel ung insurance policy ko sa cocolife,..32k pa nman ung binitawang pera ko..sna my mkatulong man lang sa akin..tnx

      • if you guys need assistance, contact me @09176330211 or send me an email at, i’m not affiliated with the company (Cocolife/Cocoplans) but i’m in the insurance business din (Prulife UK.) just text me the details, and magpakilala kayo. Just so you know guys, Cocolife is the insurance arm of UCPB and is doing pretty decent for several years now, legit naman sila but the practices of their sales team is disgusting and naaapektuhan din ang imahe ng mga nasa financial retail industry, for your personal validation i check nyo sa insurance commission website and you’ll see that they are on the list. Contact me and let me know the details on how you got the policy, what type of policy you got, when you got it, and other details.

      • hi nag refund k b.. kc i was victimized yesterday.. i made a cancellation letter already.. the branch OIC told me to contact my agent but my agent is not answering the call. I called the main office and they told me i should send them email of cancellation of insurance policy.. maskit pala sa ulo kc d naman tlaga ako nakaready mg avail nun pero n swipe n ung card ko bgo cnbi n may future savings daw but hindi kundi life plan pala..

    • Ako rin kahapon april 21 2014 lng s SM rosario nmn ako,,bilib nmn ako s agent ko kc magaling syang magpaliwanag naintindihan ko talaga so nag disyd agad ako n sumali,,4,357 binigay ko s kanila s araw n un,, certifcate and resibo ang hawak ko lng aftr 5 days tsaka ko n raw makukuha ung other document,,pero pag uwi ko s haus naisipan kong e search s web,at eto nbasa ko mga comento kaya kanina naisipan kong ipacansel ,,pero mas lalo akong nalinawan nung nakausap ko manager nila,,s palagay ko nmn walang scam dto s cocolife,,kaya tinuloy ko nlng at umaasa n magiging maayos ang lahat..

  25. @ pa3k
    I’m happy you got everything cleared out by talking to the manager. Maybe the agents’ way of proposing it to the client is what makes it look like a scam. Well, let’s see if it is really a scam or not when those who continue to pay and did not get any benefits and we’ll just wait 10 years. 🙂

    • Yup after 10yrs. Pro honestly masakit tlga s bulsa ung binayaran ko pro nangyari n kya ituloy ko nlng.
      Anyway share ko lng dn nung sched ko n pra kunin ung policy ko, unfortunately sarado n at janitor nlng andun. Nkpgkwentuhan ako dun s janitor and nkwento nya saken n nung umaga daw, may ngclaim ng benefit kc namatay ung husband nya. Sbi p nung janitor swerte kc kakaavail plng dn ng premium nung babae, i think around 300k ata ung nkuha nya s cocolife. Chineck lng daw death cert nung husband, ung date pasok s date kung kelan inavail ung premium. Feel sorry for the woman but it feels good to hear the story of the janitor.

  26. Hi guys,kakauwi ko lng.nangyre skn yan knina sa sta.lucia,my lumpt skn gurl tas npa o2 nya ko sumama sa cocolife office.then inwn nya ko dun,my kumausap skn mtbng gurl.tas un nsbi nya na lhat, hndi ako umuo sa huli snbhan b naman ako cge umalis kna nga.tas hndi mu nrn kukunin ung free na bag.dko knuha,.tas bnlikan ko ung gurl na lumpit skn.knuha ko i.d,at sbi ko ba2lik ako 2m.remembr MEDIA ako,.natakot dmay daw sya.umls nko.mag rereport tlga ko dto.scam pla to,.hotline nla hnhnap ko tas eto lmbas mga conversation nyo.salamat..

    • @neytan hi hi po ako po kahpon lng na debit 3000 po pnu un maku2ha pb un ? pde ba smahan mo ko sta.lucia .. kainis eh gusto i cancel

      • hi shy nacancel mo b yung insurance mo & pano yung mode of payment na ginawa mo…same din kasi nangyari sakin last nyt s may sta.lucia mall.. woried lang kasi ako baka icharge sa card ko every year yung 2k..any advice, worried lang kasi ako..

  27. @neytan, since you are in media, maybe you can do something to make the public know what they are doing to get clients. If it is really a scam- let the people know their scheme. If it is not- then Cocolife should change the way they introduce their products.

    • @neytan, tama po gawa ka po ng isang report or investigation about cocolife… bago palang po dto ang cocolife dto sa lucena kaya worried n kame baka bigla nlng cla umalis tulad ng ginawa nila sa ibang lugar…

  28. nangyari din sakin ito kanina… kainis bat kasi napadaan pa ako sa lugar na yun. sa SM North. Ok nman sana sakin kung totoo tlaga cla kc gsto ko din makaipon para may pandagdag sa gastos pag oldie na ko… pero what i’m so worried about now is, ung credit card ko xinerox pa nila front and back… di ko na npansin na kinuha pla nung isang girl ung cc ko para ipaxerox, then pinapirmahan pa sa kin 3 times ung papel n may xerox ng credit card ko. Npaka dumb ko naman, ang dali nila kong napasunod . .huhuhu pano na kya yun, nakuha na nga nila lahat ng info about sakin nung nag fill out ng form, tapos pati credit card ko na exposed na lahat sa kanila. uso pa nman ngaun ung nkkduplicate ng cc.. it’s 3 am na in the morning, hndi tlga ko mkatulog, ano bng mganda kong gawin… help me pls. Ipa cancel ko n b agad credit card ko? pag na hack ako wla akong ibang magiging suspect kundi cla. .

    • alam mu tawagan mu ung bank mo! sabihin mu ninakaw ung wallet mu at andun ung card para mapalitan ng new. kc mag-auto debit kc un lagi kang may bill. if nawala n at ibang number n ng card mu hnd n cla mkkpagcharge!

  29. Same thing happened to me at MOA today. I think desperate yun sales agent nila. meron pa nga pinakita sa akin numbers and pang top 2 daw sila. For sure madami silang nahatak kasi di naman ganyan yun agents sa ibang company. I did ask for brochure and all ayaw ako bigyan lalo ako nag duda. Hindi ako nagbayad kahit anong pilit nila. Kasi sinisilaw ka nila sa numbers and ang hirit pa nila sa akin ay kung scam sila sana may nagwelga na daw sa harap nila. Sagot ko paano may magrereklamo after ilang years pa nila makukuha yun. Tsaka am thinking they give you that free offer ng walang catch? Nagpakita pa nga sa akin ng rank nila nasa pangalawa sila, Eh bakit wala silang ads like ibang company if they are in the top 2? Tapos if they recruit parang mga credit cards. For me I think it’s a scam kasi impossible na walang catch yan mga freebies na offer nila. Bakit di sila makapagbigay ng information regarding the plan if legal. Plus yun promo na free trip walang DTI permit. Every promo has a permit dapat, I check their leaflet wala, xerox lang yun leaflet and yun coupon. Ingat po tayo kasi for sure not all of us maghahabol after 10 yrs.

  30. Hi, I was victimized as well, I paid 8400 kc un lng laman card ko, I read this post and andami pala ntin, oh well what I did is I called my credit card company, status is still floating, so I thought I have.better chance,but they still referred me to d merchant. I called cocolife they said I need to coordinate with d agent, I called personally the agent sbi need ko nmn talk with her manager. I’ll do that tomorrow, mukhang pahirapan magcancel。if anyone successfully canceled their plan pls post here so we know what to do, thanks.

    • ung saken po thanks god dahil hindi na nai-charged sa credit card ko, nakipag coordinate ako sa cocolife main ofice at sa credit card hotline ko..pero hindi nag lang din ganun kadali dahil pinapunta pa ulit ako sa cocolife sta lucia kung san ako naloko, taz may pinapirmahan lang saken n mga documents for cancellation nga daw… grabe grabe talaga yung mga halimaw na yun!

      • hi kang nacancell mo ba yung insurance mo sa sta.lucia? gumawa k pa b ng cancellation letter or sila na nagprovide nun tapos nag sign k lang? plss helpme naman..

  31. hi jobrosario, actually nkpagsign up na ko sa kanila that day, ang hirap na tlaga mkatakas sa kanila once na nahila ka na nila sa office nila :(. i felt.. mtagal na nman ang cocolife sa industry (dati kc. mdalas ko madaanan ung building nila sa makati nung nagwowork pa ko sa ayala mga 10 yrs ago) so itinuloy ko na. Kaya lang ang hndi ko expected tlaga ung ixerox pa nila front and back ng credit card ko,. as ID daw, pina sign pa sakin ung papel na may xerox. sana nman wlang luko-luko sa employees nila.. .kundi npakadali kong ma biktima ng credit card fraud. halos wala na kc akong naitagong info sa kanila regarding my cc :(. Ngaun pa naman na sobrang nauuso na ung pamemeke ng card, di tuloy mawala ang worry ko.
    Right now chinechek ko frm tym to tym ung activities ng card ko, so far wala pa namang suspicious Bale ung amount na binayad ko sa kanila, nag reflect na sa statement ko, worried lang ako na bka may iba pang galing sa iba na pumasok.. Pero cguro para totaly mawala na worry ko, much better kung ipacancel ko na lng tlaga.. pero sa totoo lng gusto ko na rin ipacancel pati ung insurance na un nila,. ang laki ng babayaran ko.. napasubo ako dun, di nman kalakihan sweldo ko :(.

    • I hope you get everything all settled. Good luck to you, Karla Reyes. Remember: Insurance should be helping you in your future needs but also at the present-on how you pay. Factors should be considered.

      • @jobrosario pag po ba sa atm kinuha di nb mba2wasan un monthly ? tpos po ang dme nyang pinapirma sken .. tpos pinagwa nya pa ako sulat na i will pay may premium monthly .. tpos pinapirma nya ako .. tae ngu2luhan ako dme kseng pinipirmahan ..

  32. I called d manager this.morning, sbi pagcancel now d n return money it is considered as terminated, no value ang pera, but if I will leave it there for 2 years I can.get my money back. No need to complete d annual amount daw as long as may hulog n

    • Hi. You should check and read the contract several times. What the agent is saying is a bit different from the statement in the contract. I used to be an insurance agent and I have learned tips from the seminars that I attended to and I would say that contracts are complicated. So better read it carefully.

      • In my case i was not able to read the draft of the policy since Mr Michael Montero an agent told me the policy is not yet available.

    • To Jen f,tanong ko lang kung napacancel mo ba?ganun din k problema ko eh parang me halong pamimilit ang style nila..hati ang isip ko kung gusto ko ba syang ituloy o hindi..:(

      • ung saken po thanks GOD dahil hindi na nai-charged sa credit card ko, nakipag coordinate ako sa cocolife main ofice at sa credit card hotline ko..pero hindi nag lang din ganun kadali dahil pinapunta pa ulit ako sa cocolife sta lucia kung san ako naloko, taz may pinapirmahan lang saken n mga documents for cancellation nga daw… grabe grabe talaga yung mga halimaw na yun!

    • Hey, regarding the credit card charge, pwede mo namang idispute yan sa bank so they can cancel the charge bago pa yan mag-hit sa’yo, pero you have to do this quickly, after 3 days considered na issued na ang policy (this is with most insurance companies) and you have 15 days to cancel the policy with their office. Once you get to the office though magdala ka ng screenshot ng charge from your credit card kung nagpush-through na and tell them that you want to have the charge reversed or issue you a refund cheque. this might take several days if not an entire month. kumuha ka ng proof mula sa credit card company mo na nacharge ka nga para madispute mo yung charges with the merchant company, kahit screenshot lang from your online banking portal or an email from your tele-banker. let me know if there’s anyway that we can help you. I’m sorry that you have to go through this, the insurance industry is an honorable career and we like to keep it that way. Hopefully I can help you para di masira ang imahe ng business namin

  33. same thing happened to me in Sta. Lucia. Same strategies. Until when they realized they didn’t convinced me another guy called “Manager” came and then making me accept the offer. I walked out lol…I hope those things I wrote in the info sheet won’t be use to hack my bank accounts or pretend someone that I am them to deduct something. I researched about this right after i got home and I saw this thread because I am really worried about the infos I gave. But good thing I didn’t give my account numbers only bank names. This make me feel good about the walked – out thing hehe

  34. Yung mga agent scam, sabi sakin para daw malamn kung aapruban banko eh swipe daw ung card? aproval via pag swipe? sino maniniwala ng ganon, pag swipe mo charge na kagad ikaw at obligado ka na na ma enroll sa trust fund na yun? mga scamer agente nila

  35. Hi, same thing happened to me this afternoon (October 28,2012). I was being approached by one of their agents in SM north and then she had started talking about the free accident insurance. After that napapayag akong pumunta dun sa office nila on the Annex side of SM north..New agent had explained everything to me, and on the later part together w/ his senior manager na. After all ng pag uusap namin, due to the eagerness of me na kumuha na ng insurance na ganito because i’ve been approached by to many insurance companies before, pumuyag ako to sign up for future savings platinum amounting to 15, 283.21 Pesos a year. I paid it thru my debit card.katulad ng lahat, meron akong payment receipt and certificate and then ung policy will be mailed nlng after ilang days direct to my office.

    After reading all the complains that you guys have above,,I’m now very confused, if this is really true or just a bullshit scam..I’ll call their main office tomorrow about this.

    I’m just hoping na sana hindi ako naloko..I would love to pay 15K/year for another 9 years for a lifetime insurance/ pero sana wag namang silang manloko ng ganito.. its hard to earn money..

    if this is just a scam, cursed them…I’ll find it out tom.

    • Hi Jason, wat na po nangyari sa enrollment u sa cocolife. Did you proceed on this? I had availed also their gold insurance but when I saw this thread, now I think twice on having been enrolled..

  36. Nangyari to sakin kanina sa One Ecom sa may SM MOA. Nagmamadali ako pamunta ng school ng nilapitan ko ng sales agent, tinanong kung may credit card ako. Sabi ko yes tapos sabi niya di siya nag ooffer ng credit card , ang sabi may promo sila trip to Hong Kong pag nabunot ka sa raffle. Ako, naman inentertain ko kasi promo lang naman so what are the chances na ako yung mabubunot. Dinala niya ako sa office nila sa One E-com tapos may nakausap nanaman akong sales agent. So kinausap ako tungkol sa pag-iipon for more than 30 minutes. Habang kinakasuap ako, kinutuban ako na offeran ako ng insurance neto. Tapos tinanong kung magkano yung limit ng CC ko, kung kelan yung last purchase at kung magkano. Yun nga sabi sakin, one day lang daw yung offer pag binalikan ko bukas wala daw. Inexplain naman yung tungkol sa insurance na inooffer sakin tapos yung payment scheme quarterly.

    Tulad din nung ibang comments, phinotocopy yung ID ko saka yung credit card ko tapos pinafill-out ako ng authorization letter para yung quarterly payment i charge sa CC ko. Tapos sa pagbabayad naman dinala nila ako dun sa cashier nila para sure na sure na nakita ko na sinwipe yung CC ko for the payment. Sa sobrang inis ko dahil late na ko dun sa school, hiningi ko na agad yung policy nung insurance. Naiinis ako kasi inentertain ko pa yung sales agent nila kanina, di na ako nakapasok sa school, tapos agaraan ka nilang papipirmahan para maka-avail ka nung insurance Ngayon gusto ko na agad ipacancel yung policy, kahit di ko mabawi yung chinarge sakin.

    Paano ba siya ipapacancel? Kelangan ba yung letter of cancellation ibigay ko directly sa main office or kahit email or fax? Saka curious din ako dun sa mga gusto ring magpacancel nung policy, ano na pong update?

    • ung saken po thanks GOD dahil hindi na nai-charged sa credit card ko, nakipag coordinate ako sa cocolife main ofice at sa credit card hotline ko..pero hindi nag lang din ganun kadali dahil pinapunta pa ulit ako sa cocolife sta lucia kung san ako naloko, taz may pinapirmahan lang saken n mga documents for cancellation nga daw… grabe grabe talaga yung mga halimaw na yun!

      • narefund muh kang? hay me too sta lucia din aq kabiktima mga halimaw na un sbe nila quarterly dw at take effect neto eh sa april/may 2013 but i receieved yesterday ung billing statement ko na charge aq ng 2k for one time billing tpos dme pang process ng cancellation etc. hayz,…. help nman panuh mapadalali? marefund? hhuhu

  37. actually, same thing happened to me. I was in SM to shop then suddenly one of their agent approached me and said that they would give a free 20,000. accident insurance and a 50% scholarship. I was hesitant at first but since I am familiar with the company, I finally went to their office with the agent.

    When we were inside their office I asked the agent who assisted me, Whats the catch? then the agent said in return for the free rewards that I will get they will offer me something. so, I said lets see.

    to cut the story short, that day I got policy, my annual is 36,000.00 the plan is Future Savings Platinum. then after 3 weeks I received the policy. I think this is not a scam considering that SM gave them license to operate inside the mall.

    If you want to ask some questions I can give you the number of the agent who assisted me.

  38. ako din nag-avail ng future savings-gold.. kami ng pinsan at friend ko.. i paid 3,045 for quarterly and i got 50% discount at interface school and free facial at mary cay.. well, i dont know if it is a scam. if it is a scam there will be no papers to be given, even receipts. and sm is all-known in the philippines. i dont think they will approved the cocolife to rent there if it is a scam.. what do you think?

  39. same here,, im bothered,,, after i got home, i become confused regarding the plan that i got. I want my money back so i try to call but looks like its going to be difficult to cancel. I know that it is a true health insurance or something but after reflection,,, i might find it difficult to pay.

    So,, di ko n lang siguro babayaran yung mga succeding bills,, di me sure since after 6 months p nman ang next. badtrip! Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit di ako makaalis sa office nila at that moment… Some other time n lang siguro ako kukuha ng insurance..

  40. Hi, any updates on this? I also just signed up last Monday sa Sta. Lucia. Reading all the comments here makes me think twice kung itutuloy ko pa. According to their manager hindi refundable yun pera. Gusto dn nila na gamitin ko yun credit card ko pero d ako pumayag, debit card ang ginamit ko. Mukang maganda nmn yun program kaya naging interested ako, pero I am now confused kun itutuloy ko pa yun paghulog ng premium… any advise guys? thanks!

    • @ayame prehas tau sbe ng manager non refundable ung bnyad kainis …sa sta.lucia dn ako eh khapon .. update mo kung anu blita sau ah .. nkuha mo nb ung policy na snasbe nila ? txt mo ko 09333086486

      • hi shy napacancell mo na b yung nakuha mo insurance sa cocolife? pareho kasi tayo nabiktima sa may sta. lucia.. nung nakalabas nako ng office nila inis na inis ako kasi bigla na lang nila iniswipe yung credit card ko for 4k dahil for aproval pa daw, ehh nadeclined, d man lang nila ako tinanong kung pwede b ulit iswipe yung credit card ko for 2k.. worried kasi ako na baka macharge ako ng yearly sa credit card ng 2k.. pahelp naman plsss…

  41. ikinonfirm ko po sya sa customer service meron daw sila talaga future savings na produt, totoo po xa pero sinungaling ung agent na limited for 100 persons. wala pa kase din sa website nila kase new product ng cocolife,

  42. I got to experience this just last Tuesday. Good thing is that what I have on my wallet are old debit cards that have no value and a credit card w/c is maxed out. Hahaha! Lucky me, I guess.

    I just asked to have the plan on another day. He asked me to do a letter. @_@
    Odd thing about this plan, its full of loopholes. And I don’t have any plans of coming back or whatsoever. >_<

  43. This is not scam. Its just there marketing strategy to say that this is for one day. The free accidental insurance is a strategy as well. Actually, I am the one who was approached by these cocolife agent and get a future savings plan.That is the reality na mahirap mag let go ng pera. Its like in business, mahirap maginvest. If you are a risk taker then go for it. This is one quality of a businessman as well. You can call cocolife main office to ask for this if you second thought, Its just the way agents strategized their products thats why it looks like a scam. But be sure you were offered in their small office in SM malls. Baka naman hindi cocolife office yun. If this is a scam then it should been reported in TV patrol or 24 oras and cocolife should already taken action if this is scam because they might loose the trust and integrity if this is scam.

    • I had this experience last sept 30 sa sm north they charged my debit card and until now wala pa akong narereceive na policy, gusto kong mabawi ung binayad ko. Pupunta ako sa ofis nila sa sm north bukas at kapag hindi sila pumayag na ibalik skin ung pera I’m going to see an atty to check what charges I can file

  44. hey guys comment lang po, i got this investment also. and i did not see it as a scam. actually, my husband’s employer already have this years ago. and now he already gets what was really stated in the policy.

    tama po yung sabi nila na it’s the manner how the agents approach the prospects ang di ok. ung nanghaharang sa may entrance ng mall. but when we got in their office yung senior nila ang kumausap samin tsaka it’s not like others’ experience na decide now she even told us na we can go back the other day if we really are decided.

    aftet 10 yrs u will see, we will be richer by the investment we sought

  45. pano kaya un ganyan din ngyari sa akin kagabi.. sa sta. lucia east… hindi ako umoo pero nabigay ko info ko… naisulat ko pa tin number ko and credit card number… umalis ako di ko nabawi ung information sheet ko. pwede kaya tawagan ung banko ko para iask kung sakaling may tatawag at magkakaltas sa akin ng 2k sa cocolife?… nag aalala rin kasi ako..

  46. Nangyari din sakin yan kasama ko 2 kids ko last Nov 24, 2012 sa Sta. Lucia Mall sa Cainta, Rizal. Sabi sakin di lahat maaaprove. titignan pa kung maaprove. Sa buong akala ko na meron lang ahensya na tatawagan. kung maaaprove? sabi ko sa girl pag-iisipan ko at okay lang kung di maaprove. nagulat ako ng biglang swipe credit card ko na charged amounting of P16, 357.52. after ma swipe nagulat ako lahat ng agent nila nagcongrats sakin naaprove dw ako nasabay pa na tinopak anak ko at sinamantala nila pagkakataon ng disturbed isip ako. napapirma ako ng di oras sa lahat ng papels without explanations.. simula ng conversation namin di talaga klaro sakin dami ko tanong sa girl pero nililihis nya usapan. sabi pa nya sakin “mam kahit saan tayo mgkita friends pa rin tayo ha.” ngayon ko na lang narealized sinabi nya. Noong nabasa ko ito lalo ako naguluhan at natakot. paano after 10 yrs. lahat ba ng sinabi nila skin matutupad pa? kung sa simula palang magulo na.

    Binalikan ko office nila sa Sta Lucia para makiusap na icancel at i charge back yung P16, 348.52 sa credit card ko. sa tagal ng argumentation sa wakas pinasulat nila ako ng letter of cancellation at nireceived nila. binigyan ako ng xerox copy. Maghintay dw ako ng 30-45 working days pr mabalik s credit limit ko.

    nagreport ko sa Credit Card costumer service pr madispute at pina fax yung cancellation letter. after 2-3 days ifollow-up dw ako ulit.

    After a few days, tumawag ako sa cocolife Sta Lucia. tinanong ko kung na forward na cancellation letter sa head office ng cocolife? sabi ng girl scan pa lang today tomorrow pa papadala yun original copy at wala dw yung naka assign na gagawa na si teresa bose. nabahala ako agad, Di na ganun kadaling magtiwala sa kanila. kinituban ako na sadyang di i process concerns ko at mabaliwala lang sa lahat.

    Bago ako magpablotter sa Cainta Police Station. Kasama ko ang 2 police pinagharap kami sa Main Office ng Sta. Lucia. 3 babae yung humarap kasa yung matabang girl. kausap ko si Teresa bose tinanong ko ulit kung napadala na cancellation letter sa head office nila. kakapadalang pa lang daw. humingi ako ng contact #s at name ng nagreceived ng letter para masure ko na nareceived nga. paglabas nila ng main ofc ng sta lucia pasimpling arrogant ang mga dati lalo na yung matabang girl. tinawagan ko yung cocolife head office secretary sa makati, matagal bago nya naconfirmed na meron nga cya nareceived. Tinanong ko name ng boss nya? Teresa Bose daw ang name na nasa Tagaytay daw ngayon. Nagulat ako kausap ko lang 10 mins ago yung teresa bose. sino talaga yun kausap ko?? Lalo ako kinutuban na nagsisinungaling sila at natakot na tuluyang di macancel yung nacredit sakin. Pinablotter ko na lahat ng nangyari.

    Sabi ng head ofc sec before mag 15 days paka-avail kailangan maireport agad concerns. Kung hindi maattentionan agad di mo na mahahabol pa.

    • ritz meron ka bang format nung cancellation letter na hinihingi ng cocolife? nangyari din kasi sakin itong scam na to sa sta.lucia din, last night.. worried kasi ako sa credit card ko naswipe nila for 2k na di nila ako ininform agad.. nadeclined kasi yung unang swipe nya na 4k, the second swipe dna nila ko inadvice na mag swipe ulit sila.. patulong naman worried na tlga ako..

      • hi ritz panu nio po na cancell worried lang ako nabiktima kasi ako nagyon lang pag uwi ko I was charged ng 2k sa cc ko tpps pag uwi ko nagdida ako sa reciept. anu ba yan 2k every month o one time lang. pasend naman sa email ko panu nanlambot tlaga ako after. di ko alam panu ako napapayag. pls reply thanks

  47. Same scenario happened to me @Sta.Lucia Mall. Meron ding mga agents na nagpapirma sakin including this “Fat Lady”. Her last word was “Non-refundable” ang perang binitawan ko. What I am worrying about is that they photocopied my company ID and asked me to sign 3 times. Actually I did, but after reading the threads here I got a bit confuse. 10,000+ ung nakuha sakin overall. Scam ba talaga to oh napakalaki ko lng tlgng tanga na ambilis nauto???

  48. gud eve jobrosario nagnyari skin ito ngayon lng dec 11 2012 katulad ng sa lahat napapayag ako n pmnta sa office nila nag balance inquiry sila sa card ko na BPI Express teller card nkita nila n my savings ako taz un nag offer n sila ng kung anu anu nagtaka agad ako kc sbi ng agent na nakausap ko (sexy) kasi kea aka napapayag hehehe FREE daw ung insurance walang bbyaran taz un pla tsk tsk tsk.. luckily nag simula n ako mag dahilan at kinuha ung atm ko… taz ngayon nag search ako about sa cocolife at d2 ako npnta.. salamat at hnd ako naloko… very helpful tong topic mu jobrosario!! 😉

  49. Hi! this also happened to me yesterday afternoon sa Robinsons Galleria. Napilit din nila kahit kiddie lang using my credit card. I’m currently researching about the standing of COCOLIFE and looking for its financial status.

    By the way, here are some of the features na natatandaan ko na sinabi nila:

    1. Future savings they offer is like trust funds. the only diffirence is that, you don’t need to have P1M or more to start your savings.
    2. Unlike bank deposits, it is not under PDIC na if na bankcrupt ang bank, you can get only a maximum of P500,000. Yung daw sa kanila is, under daw yung ng government so the risks daw is very low and you have the full assurance on your savings.

    Try nyo din icompare yung rate of return and payback period nila sa ibang Institution na nag-ooffer ng same savings. If it is one of the highest, then definitely. mataas ang tendency na nascam tayo.

    The higher the promise return, the higher the risks. Mas safe sa Insurance companies na normal lang rate of return and payback period.

    Please update me about this. we need an assurance for our investment.

  50. Additional pa pala, kapag nagpunta kayo ng head office, try to look for the most recent audited financial reports of the Company. May rights tayo to know the status ng Institution na pinagkakatiwalaan natin for our investments.

    Some Companies kasi nilalagay nila sa waitng area ung financial reports nila at pede basahin ng clients nila.

  51. Hello…I got my refund by check, but it took almost 2 months. Hindi ako gumive-up, tawag ako ng tawag sa main, and sa branch na kinunan ko. Mabuti nalang ang bait ni Mam Tina, tinulungan niya ako, Mam Tina is the cahsier in Cinsolacion Cebu branch and I think she is the boss there too. She is honest and tinulungan niya talaga ako sa pagfollowup ng cancellation ko para marefund yung money ko. Yes ang bait ni GOD, I got back my 22, 730.53 pesos. Pag debit, check yung irerefund nila, sa debit yung sa akin. I think hindi naman talaga to scam, yung mga agents lang nila ang mali. Sana they will not say 1 day offer. kailangan naman talaga tong pag-isipan ng maraaming beses. so anyway, para sa mga gustong magparefund, huwag kayong gumive-up, marerefanan kayo pag ikinacancel mo bago mag 15days from application.

  52. Gwapinka, What procedures did you do for doing the refund? did you wait for certain days for your policy? i had my application last dec 15, 2012 lang. and now, reading all those comments/post. im worried. even call my cc hotline and said that i should go at cocolife and incase i’ll cancel the transaction, i should have a cancellation memo and dispute letter incase its a scam.

  53. same things also happened to me last week, i am at SM north with some of my friends having a malling time when suddenly a girl approached me and ask if i am working already and i said yes and she gave me a fliers saying that i will be entitled to receive a free accident insurance in their company, out of curiosity i acknowledge their invitation to claim it,, everything goes okay when someone from their office talked to me and talked me about my future and selling me the product that they called-future saving platinum, the product is well good as my agent says to me. i was introduced to avail the plan for the amount of 63,456.89 in annual payment and i avail it, they ask me if how am i going to avail it, since i don’t have ready cash i decided to avail it using my credit card from Citibank, they gave me the authorization to charge/confirmation of plan and some supporting docs since they cant me give immediately the policy which binds my contract. in that time most of my friend also ask what happened to me where just supposed to watch a movie and i say i availed a policy from coco life, they ask me to discuss them how this is going. as i understand the plan according to my agent, i have to pay 10years for the amount of 63,456.89, after paying period i will be able to get 50,000 per year from 10th-14th year of my plan on the 15th year ill get 250,000, and still i’ll be getting 50,000 again on the 20th,25th,30th or every 5years thereafter up to my age of 99, and if I’m still alive at my of 100 i get the 500,000 which they called face amount. my agent also told me that i will also having my insurance coverage from the time i avail my plan up to my age of 99 on top of mentioned benefits. i am covered for 1,000,000-natural death and 2,000,000-accidental death, i ask also my agent what if il get disabled during paying period, what happened? she told me that as part of my benefit of the plan i have waiver of premiums also which mean i don’t have to pay my succeeding payment if in case, i have also 500,000 coverage for a terminal illness ,as i discussed it to my friends they were amazed with the coverages and benefits, and they also wanting to have it for their self, but 2 of my friends told me that this is really good to be true, they instruct me to call they head office and confirm everything if it is really true. as i get home i browse my internet and look for their website and finally get their numbers… as early as morning i called their office and talked to a customer service, i confirmed to them everything, 1st if the sm north branch of their office is really existing and she says yes, most of their branches are in mall since its the new part of their expansions. i verify also if the future saving plan that my agent discussed to me is okay she replies yes it is, and discussed me the benefits again, as she discusses to me the benefits of it i also holding the documents that my agent gave to me for me to confirm also that he is telling the truth about it… every conversations goes well okay until we ended and we drop off both the phone

  54. Oh my God, reading all this scares me.last yr or almost a yr ng maloko din ako nitong cocolife na Ito. Diko alam bkt ako npapyag mag sign up without a consent of my husband. They charge my bank around 35k, a full yr pay. Then I keep it to myself for awhile then bumalik na ako sa US where I am permanently living with my husband and kids,. Sabi nila makukuha ko naman dw ung pera un nga LNG mawawala ung insurance at ung kinita ng pera ko for a year. I don’t care about the interest, is there a way I can get my money back before the due date worried I’m gonna lose that money,.my husband which is American wont gonna trust me for money anymore.

  55. sana nga hindi ito scam. last january 2011 I paid for this insurance worth 60K plus. at may mga kasabayan akong mga balikbayan din from middle east at nagbayad halos doble ng binayaran ko. ngayong january 24, 2013 ay due na nman ang second payment ko. sabi nga nila non-refundable ito if ever gusto ko ipa cancel. i used my credit card also from standard chartered bank (uae) pero for six months wala nman nangyari masama sa credit card ko although naxerox nila both side ang credit card ko. last june 2012 I informed my bank to block my c card and declared lost kc ginamit ko rin to for other online business. pwede po paki Post dito yong mga proof na hindi po ito SCAM. maraming salamat po.

  56. Same here! This morning @ SM somebody called me and ask me if i have a credit card, well sympre at first ayaw ko ipakita kasi some people can easily memorize numbers and as far as i know u can do transaction just putting the costumers credit card number. Pero aun napapayag din ako. Andun n ko sa office and after hearing on what they called future savings they asked me to try my credit card. Sabi nila it is a bank to bank transaction i thought magaapply ako sa bank nila then Monthly need ko magbgay ng hulog. Pero need ko na swipe ang card ko if declined they said na hindi compatible ung bank ko sa cocolife, and then napaisip ako any transaction sa credit card and alam kong ok card ko eh magiging sucessful ang transaction. So basically magbabayad ako kagad agad, I mean usually transactions like this eh need mo ng bank approval db? eh sakanila bayad kagad?

    Well un din sabi ko, i can’t do any commitment whithout my husband’s knowledge. Sabi ko pa i dont know about ur company if i want to invest money or try to save money i will go for a reliable banks that i know and i can trust. I told them give me atleast this night to study about their company’s background but same thing they told me that this can be done only that time coz its their promotion.

    On the spot! Its like purchasing something expensive using your credit card, though they say it is a life insurance. Plus before i went to their office somebody from their booth outside told me that since i have credit card i am eligible for their trip to hongkong raffle draw.

    I mean im only after sa raffle ticket and wala daw ako babayaran eh aba pag dting sa office nila me bbayaran?

    Nag aksaya ako ng oras yun lang.

  57. My gosh! it’s too late for me to read this post. But I hope it is not too late for others. I experienced the same thing. I applied for their future savings plan here at SM Davao and paid 4t plus. I was promised that I will be receiving the copy of my policy after a month. It has been three months since and until now no word from them. Shouldn’t proper authorities be informed about this to protect consumers like us?

    • marianmystery, ibig sbhin wlng dumating sau n khit ano man. kc ung skin tlgang d nmn xa scam kc nareceived q nmn ung policy s bhay nmin after 10 days ksama ng mga form n pinil-apan ko, ang pangit lng dn dun s branch n npuntahan ko e binago nila ung mga sulat kmay ko, binura nila ung ibng info at cla nrin ung ngsulat,and the worst thing p nito e ung dlawang beneficiaries ko e nkabura nrin ung mga pangalan. kya nging desidido tlg ko n irefund ung binyad ko s kanila

  58. hi guys. nangyari dn skin yan last oct.2012. 15,000 something ung naibyad q s knila. anyway ok nmn ang cocolife e. pero honestly, akala q nung una scam dn ito. ok nmn ung company nila. pero tulad nga ng sbi ng mrmi, s mga agent lng tlg ngkakaproblema. pero ngdecide nlng talaga ako n icancel ung transaction ko s cocolife. halos pare-pareho ng transaction khit saang branch, ang bilis d mo namamalayan naiswipe n pla ung card m, debit man yan o credit card..kya un tumawag twag lng ako dun s head office nila s makati at buti na lng my nkpgbgay skin ng contact number s insurance commission. dhil nung una talaga sinasbi nung agent n nagtransact nung card ko e hndi n dw pwde mgrefund. pero wla cla ngwa nung cnbi ko n tumawag nako s insurance commission at pingwa lng nila ako ng cancellation letter at pinasa ko kung saang branch ako ngbayad.dhil sbi skin s insurace commission n kpg d dw aq pinayagan mgrefund e sbhin q dw n mgcocomplain aq s IC.. and thanks God tlg after 2months nkuha ko din ung refund ko thru check.

      • 5238461… e2 contact number s insurance commission. iaacept nmn nila e, ts tuturuan nya kau ng kung anong dpat nyong gwin, mas mgnda ngaun plng macancel mo n, wg m n patagalin p.

      • un din ang sabi sakin nung kakilala ko tumawag aku sa insurance commission,, and sabi nya hindi daw pwedeng mag time deposit sa insurance company ( which is un ang sabi nung agent, time deposit daw un,) kaya eto,, wish ko makuha ko pa ung pera ko,,

    • hi po ms. dimple ask ko lang po kung nabigyan ka nrin po nila agd ng policy number?same dn po kc nangyri sakin here at sm marilao bulacan,naswipe na po nila ung crediat card q last may6, 2014 then pinapacancel ko na po ayaw po nila pumayag.pls. txt me nman po dto sa number q 09493520787.pls help nman po

    • Hi dimple, nagdecide na din ako na magpacancell ng plan ko sa cocolife, ask ko lang if nagpunta ka pa ba sa Insurance Commission office / sa Cocolife main office para ipacancel? Thanks!

  59. Hello same here.. Ngaun lang sa robinson gallerya..may lumapit skn j-r dw pinkta id skn.. Kala ko pa naman agent ng credit card kc ask nya ako if my credit card ako sbi ko meron na ako nyan tpoz ayun sbi my promo kc dw cla anniversary dw kc nla ngaun kya may papromo sila.. May palbunutan cla bumunot ako nbunot ko 20k insurance my free 20k insurance dw ako.. Kailangan ko lang dw ipa activate ung card na ibbgay nla.. Sama dw ako sa office nla for activation ng free card ko na 20k insurance.. Sabi ko bka mtgal yan at bka may byad yan? Sbi wala dw byad free nga eh.. Tsaka 2mins. Lang dw ang activation kya sumama ako.. Pgdting dun pinakilala skn ung manager nla.. Tpoz pinag wait ako sa lbas.. Tpoz tinawa ulet ako para iexplain dw skn.. Pumasok ako.. Tpoz ang ine-expect kong ie-explain skn ay about sa free card insurance ko na 20k.. Di pala.. About savings.. Future savings sa baby ko.. Kung ano ano sinabi skn.. Mga things na nkakaamaze.. After 10yirs dw my 3million dw ang akala ko sa svings nla pd iwithdraw.. Di pala.. Tpoz sbi ko bka may bbyaran ako dto.. Sbi wla dw.. Di p naman dw sure if maaprovan ako ng bangko ko.. Kc pinapili ako kung sang bangko ko gusto mgsave sbi ko sa metrobank.. Hningi nla credit card ko sa metrobank kc sbi nla ipapaaprove dw muna nla.. Ang nsa icp ko tatawagan nla ung bangko metrobank para aprovan ung 15k plus na bbyaran ko for 1yir.. Hndi pla gnun ang gagawin nla eh i-swipe nla credit card ko.. Eh kpg naman swipe mo ung credit card at my laman ng morethan 15k eh sure na approve un macecredit agad un.. Eh di naprove kc ang laman ng credit card ko nlang ay 4k kc ngamit ko na ung ibang laman ntitira nlang nsa 4k kya bngo nla ung 15 k plus sbi nla bbguhin nlang nla sa mas convinient gagawin nlang dw nlang 3700 dun na ko ngdoubt.. Dun ko na nagets ang lahat.. Na sa credit nla kukunin ung byad sinuswipe nla.. Bgo nla iswipe pafill upon k nla ng form na charge to credit or debit pero bgo ko fill upon un ngtnong muna ako if may byad po b ito ang sgot skn wla dw tpoz bglang isuswipe nla credit card ko kya nadecide ako na wg ng ituloy..pero ayaw nla ako tigilan kakaconvince eh sbi ko ayaw ko di ko na itutuloy..until bingay na nla ung id ko at credit card.. Pero woried ako kasi ngfill up ako sa knila di ko npunit.. Kc bka ituloy p rn nla eh cnv ko ng di ko ituloy t puwayag naman cla na wg kong itulo kya cnauli na nla id ko at credit card..

    • ganyan din po nangyare sakin kanina..hindi naman nila na swipe yung card ko kea lng yung pina fill up-an sakin na fill up-an ko..worried ako baka magamit nila yung card no. ko sa ibang transaction.

  60. Hello same here.. Ngaun lang sa robinson gallerya..may lumapit skn j-r dw pinkta id skn.. Kala ko pa naman agent ng credit card kc ask nya ako if my credit card ako sbi ko meron na ako nyan tpoz ayun sbi my promo kc dw cla anniversary dw kc nla ngaun kya may papromo sila.. May palbunutan cla bumunot ako nbunot ko 20k insurance my free 20k insurance dw ako.. Kailangan ko lang dw ipa activate ung card na ibbgay nla.. Sama dw ako sa office nla for activation ng free card ko na 20k insurance.. Sabi ko bka mtgal yan at bka may byad yan? Sbi wala dw byad free nga eh.. Tsaka 2mins. Lang dw ang activation kya sumama ako.. Pgdting dun pinakilala skn ung manager nla.. Tpoz pinag wait ako sa lbas.. Tpoz tinawa ulet ako para iexplain dw skn.. Pumasok ako.. Tpoz ang ine-expect kong ie-explain skn ay about sa free card insurance ko na 20k.. Di pala.. About savings.. Future savings sa baby ko.. Kung ano ano sinabi skn.. Mga things na nkakaamaze.. After 10yirs dw my 3million dw ang akala ko sa svings nla pd iwithdraw.. Di pala.. Tpoz sbi ko bka may bbyaran ako dto.. Sbi wla dw.. Di p naman dw sure if maaprovan ako ng bangko ko.. Kc pinapili ako kung sang bangko ko gusto mgsave sbi ko sa metrobank.. Hningi nla credit card ko sa metrobank kc sbi nla ipapaaprove dw muna nla.. Ang nsa icp ko tatawagan nla ung bangko metrobank para aprovan ung 15k plus na bbyaran ko for 1yir.. Hndi pla gnun ang gagawin nla eh i-swipe nla credit card ko.. Eh kpg naman swipe mo ung credit card at my laman ng morethan 15k eh sure na approve un macecredit agad un.. Eh di naprove kc ang laman ng credit card ko nlang ay 4k kc ngamit ko na ung ibang laman ntitira nlang nsa 4k kya bngo nla ung 15 k plus sbi nla bbguhin nlang nla sa mas convinient gagawin nlang dw nlang 3700 dun na ko ngdoubt.. Dun ko na nagets ang lahat.. Na sa credit nla kukunin ung byad sinuswipe nla.. Bgo nla iswipe pafill upon k nla ng form na charge to credit or debit pero bgo ko fill upon un ngtnong muna ako if may byad po b ito ang sgot skn wla dw tpoz bglang isuswipe nla credit card ko kya nadecide ako na wg ng ituloy..pero ayaw nla ako tigilan kakaconvince eh sbi ko ayaw ko di ko na itutuloy..until bingay na nla ung id ko at credit card.. Pero woried ako bka naiswipe nla at itinuloy.. Eh sbi ko di ko na ituloy ayaw ko na.. Sbi naman nla ok dw pumayag cla at cnauli ang id at credit card ko at hnayaan na nla ako mkaalis..

  61. same thing happen with my girlfriend loko tlaga yan mga agent na yan biruin mo la tlaga kmi mkuha at nag resign pa ung agent na nkausap namin.. hope u can help us if pwede ba talaga mkuha mney..

  62. ingat kayo, titirahin kayo nyan sa mga legalities pag dating ng panahon, basahin nyong mabuti yung pipirmahan nyo and yun contract, and alam ko trust fund is ipapautang nila yung pera nila sa iba

  63. Update: Ngpadala ang cocolife ng bill for this 2013. It is yearly payment, my sister told me that how come they can send a bill while they didnt even send the policy.I was so surprise na wla pa pala silang pinadalang policy sa family ko sa pinas. I ask my sister to go personally at Cocolife office in SM Batangas, I gave her a consent of cancelling my policy due to failed to provide a Policy for almost a year of membership and me not living in the Philippines. They keep giving an excuse that my agent was on leave and manager is not there. Really! if this is not a scam or whatever, they will process or do something if any of their client claim for something. That is their alibi everytime my sister go there for an update. They take my cancellation notice at ibibigay dw sa manager nila. Heres hoping they will do something or I will file legal complain against them. So sad, isang saglit lng nila nakuha ung pera natin, it takes forever bago nila pansinin ang reklamo natin.

  64. April 2011, I also got this policy , Its the good thing I avail only 15k something, the agents insist to me to avail 60 k or more after she saw my savings, I decide to cancel the policy but they insist its 2 years before you can claim , I was so busy and no time to follow up since i decide not to continue and didnt pay anymore, they had a very good return when it comes claiming after 10 years but its like a harrasment and hold up to others, hope they change the strategy and Sm or any other mall dis allow them in their area. its just a waste of time and money. Much better to get other insurance that you dont have regrets paying it

  65. Kinakabahan naman ako sa mga nabasa ko ngayon. Ayoko sana isipin pero December 3 pa ako nagmember sa SM Batangas, quarterly payments lang yun, 4k. Then I decided na gawing annually para di hassle ang payment. It means dinagdagan ko pa ang ibinayad ko ng 11k the following week. Then hanggang ngaun wala pa din ang policy, sabi ng agent dumating na daw un policy kaya lng quarterly pa ang nakalagay. Ibinalik daw sa Head office para palitan ng annual. Then dumaan na ang pasko at bagong taon, wala pa din un copy ko na revised to annual payment. Sabi ko sa agent isusumbong ko sila kay Ted Failon at Mike Enriquez. Saka lang nagtext back ung agent na available na daw ang policy pero quarterly pa rin nakalagay pero sa database daw nila ay annual na. Sabi ko di ako papayag na maling document ibibigay nila samantalang kinumpleto ko naman bayad ko. Ngaun pinareciv nila sa akin un maling document at ibabalik daw sa head office para ulitin at nagpagawa na naman ng letter request for change e samantalang may ginawa na ako dati pa. Sabi ng agent request for amendment lang un, naisip ko naman ano ang pinagkaiba ng “amendment” sa “change”. Kapag di ko pa rin nareciv ang policy within the week, mapipilitan na akong magsumbong sa kinauukulan.

  66. My God, this happened to me just the other day at Cocolife SM Davao branch. they said sandali lang daw talaga & absolutely free ang promo “Just for today kasi 36th anniversary ng cocolife”. But when I looked at their website, 30 years sila hindi 36 and it’s NOT their anniversary on Jan. 21, 2013 ! Hindi nga sila tumigil hanggang hindi ako napa-sign up with an annual premium na malaki-laki na rin for me, masakit na banggitin. I realized when I got home they made me give in sa pressure in a “pleasant manner”, human psychology, made people feel “lucky” and made them feel that they are missing out on a very important and positive life decision if they do not decide TODAY. Coz “TODAY ONLY” nga lang daw opportunity. May sabi pa na don’t worry I’ll give you a brochure of the promo after we talk para mabasa mo uli sa inyo and you can tell people about this. Hindi sya namigay, dinaan na sa pagmamadali kasi lampas 5pm na when we were done sa dami ng sales talk nya.

    Mukhang legit naman talaga kung ang plan lang ang pakikinggan mo. But the way they made people sign up is not justifiable. Gaahhh. I realized I have better use for my money right now and in the near future and not wait for my supposed “time deposit” after 3 years. If I want additional insurances and if I decide theirs is good I will go to their office myself. Sabi pa nila it’s a bank account na instead of interests, you get Life, Hosp & Pension insurance. and I just choose between UCPB & PNB their partners in the “Future Savings Platinum” plan. Pero hindi naman bank deposit ang transaction but a direct payment to their pension company after swiping. It all happened fast in between sa dami ng details binigay sa yo. I’m sad nag-sign up ako na usually I’d like to think over things ng mabuti before making a final decision.

    Thank you for this blog I now have an idea what to do. I will really request for cancellation, sana i-grant nila kaagad like with some of you here, because their promotion style really misrepresent the actual plan. It’s not the insured’s savings acct, it’s their insurance company’s trust fund you are contributing to. MISREPRESENTATION po on their part. Sana the Insurance Commission is already doing measures to stop their promotion in this manner.

    Please share more helpful info, let’s hope everyone gets their money back very soon.

    • hi shee, parihas tau sa davao dn ako.cno nakausap mo na agent?nakapasa na ako ng cancellation letter pero d pa dw sure na mabalik yong pera.kakainis talaga.

      • hi nies. sa davao din ako nag avail. sino agent mo? nag pacanacel ka ba? are you successful with it? thanks.

  67. ang masasabi q lang po n ang company itself ay totoo at STABLE…HINDI po ito isang SCAM..nde nman po cguro kami iaaccommodate mag office s mga Malls kung hindi credible ang company…..nde nman po nmen masisisi ang iba kung ganito ang mga reaksyon nila dahil sa mga na experience nila with their agents..nkakalungkot lang po isipin n may mga client kami n nadadamay dahil s experience ng iba..pero aq mismo..s two years q n po na pagtatrabaho s company n to so far may client na po akong nakatanggap ng benefit. nung May 2,2012 may naging client po aq..pangalan nia Efren Enriquez,50 yrs old,businessman,pero after one month June 2,2012 po..nabaril po cia..nawala po po s part q nagulat talaga aq kasi nde q nman talaga cguro nde nman nia ginusto n mawawala cia after 1 month..pero kahit n isang buwan p lang po cia,STILL nkarecieve p rin po ang asawa nia ng benefits s amin.. nalaman lang po namin na namatay cia sa naging client din namin na kakilala cia. actually kami ang kumontak sa wife na may dapat silang i claim sa cocolife. at sobrang thankful ng wife ng client namin sa amin. Again, hindi po ito isang LOKOHAN o isang SCAM!..gusto q lang po sana iparealize s inio n wala po s company ang problema..kundi nasa mga agents n nag assist po s inio..

    • In that case, then the company should assess how their agents conduct business with potential clients because what they are doing is pressuring them to sign up for a plan. And stop making it sound like they are signing up to earn more money. If that’s not a scam, then I don’t know what is.

  68. Hello, same thing yung nangyari sakin last sunday lang january 20. Grabe pare-parehas yung experience natin, nung time na lumabas ako ng pinto nila, in just few minutes bumalik ako pra e cancel yung application ko pero ayaw pero ayaw nila e cancel, anu daw reason ko, sabi ko ang laki naman ng 6k plus na bayaran ko for nexth month. Saka di ko na realized na meron din pala kami sa company namin. Ayaw nila talaga e cancel, tapos tumawag pa ako sa office nila sa makati, sabi sakin mag email daw ako kung panu nangyari at nakailang tawag ako pero wala feedback, ginawa ko binalikanko nalang ang cocolife sa may sta. Lucia mall
    para personal pa cancel ko with my sister, tapos pagdating dun tumatawag din ate ko sa DIT at binigyan cya ng # ng para sa insurance comission. Kahit malate na ako work ko need ko cya pa cancel, pinasulat ako ng cancellation letter at para ma charge back yung iniswipe nila sa card ko. Guys takutan lang naman gusto nila eh, magsumbong kau sa insurance commission at wag sila tigilan hanggat di mabalik mga na charge nila. Balik kayo sa agent kung san kau napamember, wag kau maniwalang di pwedeng ma chargeback, kasi wala namang nakasulat dun na non-refundable siya.

    • hi nhet same din nangyari sakin kagabi lang sa sta. lucia east mall din, worried kasi ako naswipe nila yung credit card ko nung una for approval pa daw yung 4k after na d maaprove yung 4thou nagswipe ulit sila for 2k naman.. nagwoworied ako kung pano ko ipapacancell yung isurance & para ndi ako macharge ng 2k sa credit card ko?? help naman bothered na talaga ako..

  69. lori..
    anu ba ito, ang dami kung nababasa, natatakot aq kc baka hindi cla magrefund sa akin… sa akin naman dito sa sm cebu, sino ba ung c theresa bossy, gusto ko rin makausap yan kc daming excuse na sinasabi nila sa akin, kc daw day off c rufi at c jonah.. cocolife naman sana mabasa nio ang mga concerns at comments ng mga tao, hindi naman kc dapat 1 day offer, dapat bigyan u ng time ung prospect nio na mag.icip mn lng kc hindi kami namumulot ng pera sa daan pinaghihirapan un, tapus sa inyo, within one day lng? laway lng puhonan? sa totuo lng lng perang pinangbayad ko ay pambili ko ng gatas ng mga anak ko.. maawa naman kau.. tapus ung pera na na communication error sa atm ko, hindi pa naibalik… tawag aq ng tawag balik aq ng balik wala parin nangyayari..

  70. i think hindi nman po sla scam. kasi hindi bsta bsta mgtnggap ang SM kng hnd reliable yung company. siguro sa agent yung my problema hindi nla n-explain ng maayos sa customers ksi nghabol lng sila sa commission nla. siguro hnd lng mgnda yung strategy nla s pg-approach ng customers kya mnsan mg-doubt tayo.

  71. Hi. I paid a 3k+ na quarterly deposit last November 16, 2012. The next payment will be this February 16. But I’m planning to stop depositing na. Tama na yung naloko ako 3 months ago. What’s bizarre is nagtext yung agent ko today lang para sabihing dumating na ang Policy ko and I have to get it in their office, then a follow up text na magbayad na daw ako. TSK! Sabi after 2 weeks darating na ang policy eh almost 3 months na. TIming pa na magbabayad na for the next quarter yung text. Has anyone tried na nagstop na ng deposit ng hindi pinacancel? Maghahabol pa rin ba sila sa if ever?

  72. me too naka experience din ng ganyan sa robinson lipa my offer nga na 20k na accident insuarance for free yearly 30 pesos daw kun gusto ituloy atfirst background check daw atm creditcard checking account then invite kasa office paliwanag ang free insurance yun pala oofer sayo ng savings daw future savings platinum parang savings na my insurance ang pag kaintindi ko wala naman nakuha saking pera pero yung id ko sinerox at pinapirma ako ng 3times tas yung application for the slots ko daw para magkainsurance at for the health record na katunayan ala ako sakit dahil sa kapos nasa oras sabi ko balik nalang ako bumalik naman ako para pacancel yung 2documents na pinirmahan ko nagtanong naman ako kung kelangan kopa gumawa ng cancellation letter sabi naman ni yumi hindi nadaw kelangan kase application daw naman lang yun and i thank her for that for me confuse ako anyway magdecide nalang uli kami pagdating ng husband ko

    • it happened to me also in Robinson Lipa… At first, i refused na agad… They were not able to convince me to go to their office nor sign any documents… Worried lang ako sa info na isinulat ko sa sheet of paper na ibinigay nila, though I did not write there my card number.. only my name, address and cp number… hope they cant use those against me…

  73. Kahapon ganyan din nangyari sa cousin ko @ SM CALAMBA kaya lang di nila na convince cousin ko, initial deposit na hinihingi nila is 12k na pilit na pinapa swipe cousin ko.

  74. grabe pala to…kanina na experience ko sa sta lucia mall..ang mali ko lng nakapag fill up ako sa pina fill up-an nila..pati card no. ko nailagay ko dun..kea lng hindi nila naiswipe kasi tumangge ako dahil tatawagan ko pa ang asawa ko..nung my kausap ako sa cp ko bigla nilang pinunit yung papel na finill up-an ko..tanong ko lng baka magamit nila yung card no. ko?help me naman po…worried na talaga ako..

    • wag u mag-alala once na ndi mo nai swipe cguro un card mo ndi nila magagamit un # mo pero update u din lagi account mo at pg ngyari un kinatatakutan mo eh pwede mo cla ireklamo agad, maswerte ka pa nga at d end eh naka move out ka db

  75. sumbong na yan sa DTI ..daming ganyan kahapon lang yung bf ko inooferan nila buti ala yung atm nya nasa akin hhhhh…alamin nyo yung rights nyotawag n lang kayo DTI

  76. Please help me what to do I want my money back. I went to cocolife office Feb.14,2013 and return feb.15, to clarify if they could refund the amount they swiped for my credit card. The Agent is not there so the manager accomodate. The agent told me na pweded i refund ang na swipe sa credit card within 30 days pag d ako makabayad so I agree. I was so shock sa sabi ng manager na hindi na pwede. So I answered him na hindi nman ganyan ang explanation ng agent nyo. Ang sagot b nman sa akin d nya narinig at d nla alam na ganyan pla ang sabi ng agent nila. Anu to Lokohan. When I insist na ang gusto ko lng i refund nla. Aba, nag offer n nman ng ibang options….This coming monday mgharap kmi ng agent at ng manager tapos gagawa pa ako ng cancellation letter. I asked a brochure pero d cla ngbigay. I was so stressed at d ako naka2log buong gabi.

  77. Hello. Kumuha na po ko nung insurance. Mag 1 year na sya sa Feb 28. Yun pong future savings platinum. Tapos gusto ko na po ikansel ng less than a year. Me mababalik pa bang pera sa akin. Hindi ko napo kasi mababayaran. Nagkaroon ko ng probelma financially.

    • actually, you have a point however, its still possible that its a scam. I’m totally confused about this and I don’t know what to do coz I signed up for the plan as well.

  78. dis also hapen to me nakuha sa atm ko10 thousand something.after 1 wek i went to the mall where i was victimized,i told them i want to cancel my plan but they told me di na pwd kc may policy number na pag uwi ko ng bahay i called the insurance commission,sabi ng nkasagot sa call ko they dont have d record of cocolife kc nasa regional trial court may kaso daw cla.dis statement alarms me.
    bumalik ako sa mall kinaumagahan at dala ko demand leter ng abugado to cancel my policy and to withdraw the amount dey get at my atm.and wala na clang ibang sinabi kundi makuha ko refund ko after 21 working days tatawagan lng nila ako kung nandun na refund.hintayin ko pa 21 days after i pass the leter at hintayin ko pa f totoo ba sinabi nila na mag refund cla.

    • Victim po ako yesterday. I hate myself for being so gullible. Yung ATM ko po ang naswipe nila and humingi din po sila ng ID. Paano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

  79. I am having doubtful with regard to the Life Insurance (FS-Platinum) that was offered to me by an insurance agent here in Coco Life -SM City Cebu Branch. They said it’s a promotion and they have raffle Trip for 4 in HongKong and 20K accident insurance. It feels like I am forced/scammed to get the insurance/policy when I was brought with them in their office. After I have paid for the P19,283.21 as the 1st year payment I felt like being unease and doubtful until this time. I need your help if I can terminate the insurance plan and if they can return the money I paid from them. I have applied last Feb 23, 2013.

  80. I have submitted my cancellation to cocolife’s branch in the mall where I signed up. Less than 15 days after I received my policy. It turned out yung ibang pinagsasabi nila sa promo hindi mo naman mababasa sa policy. At kung susumahin mo, that “future savings platinum” is not really worth it. Ayaw din naman nila akong bigyan ng ibang klaseng insurance if they don’t want me to cancel. Nagmamaang-maangan pa nga yung manager nila na si griffton na iko-compute pa raw yung makukuha ko sa “termination”. Para bang hindi nya naintindihan ang CANCELLATION, hindi termination. But I still insisted on cancelling. They received my letter and told me to wait for a call from their main branch. It’s been almost 3 weeks pero wala pa rin silang tawag. Hindi na ako tumawag sa agent or branch manager kasi ayoko nang makarining ng kung anu-anong baloney talk. I called up their hotline 810-7888 3 times already pero panay “we will call you back po after verifying.” I called up Insurance Commission kung ano na ang dapat gawin. They advised me to file a complaint against cocolife. I am filing and I expect them sana naman to respect the Insurance Commision code.

    Respetohin naman kasi nila perang pinaghirapan ng mga kliyente. Madalian lang nila kaming napagbentahan ng walang tigil sa malls. Respetohin naman nila ang karapatan naming mag-isip kung anong gagawin sa pera namin pagkatapos nilang makapagbenta. Hindi ako makapaniwala ganito na pala ka garapal ang ibang lumang insurance companies sa pera ng mga simpleng tao.

    • ano na pong action ang ginawa nyo? victim din po kasi ako, same story, pero wala pa po akong action na nagagawa, I emailed cocolife, insurance commission, and imbestigador. kung hindi ko man sana mabawi yung pera, at least man lang di na ulit sila makapanloko diba?

  81. very lucky if you get you’re refund, like me I wasn’t able to file my cancellation after I called they said forfieted na cause di ko na raw nabayaran, Yung pong me time pa if your not decided take your refund kc if you paid already and doesn’t want to continue unrefundable na po.

  82. sabi nila sa akin tatawagan nila ako pag nandun na refund,totoo kaya iyon?di kc nila sinabi na tatawagan ko main ofis 4 verification.sabi nila 21 working days makukuha ko refund at tatawagan nila ako pag nandun na

  83. jobrosario and others who posted…. help me naman please =(

    1) I got mine March 6, 2013 and just realized that I did something verrrrrrrrrrrrry wrong after I got home

    2) March 7, 2013 I called my credit card hotline and asked if I can have the transaction canceled. At sobrang paranoid ako, pina deactivate ko ang card at sabi ko palitan nalang nila ng card, yung may iba nang number… Kasi naman naswipe ang card ko na wala sa paningin ko, matagal na hindi ko hawak ang card ko, napaparanoid ako na baka magamit sya nang dko alam or whatsoever…

    3) Nung tumawag ako sa HSBC, they said that cocolife’s bank must coordinate with hsbc to do that; it’s easier pa since hindi pa posted ang transaction sa account ko pero once posted na daw yun, kailangan ko na magfile ng dispute para macancel yun which is a longer process

    4) And then I called cocolife and they said, kausapin ko ang agent

    5) So I called the agent and the agent said na hindi pwede magcancel via call so dapat pumunta ako dun

    6) Pumunta ako dun sa mall kung saan ako nag avail at sandamukal na sales talk nanaman ang inabot ko, at napa weak ko parin pala pagdating dyan…. and since pumirma nga ako kaya nagmumukha talaga akong talo

    7) Sumunod don sa mall ang aking tagapagtanggol na boyfriend and mabuti naman nauwi dn kami sa paggawa ng cancelation letter dahil si boyfriend magaling makipag argue

    8) Pero ang sabi nila hndi daw madali magcancel at baka daw mas malaki pa ang gastusin ko dahil ang steps daw para magcancel ay conference tapos investigation tapos may approvals pa from cocolife na kailangan etc at baka ma disapprove pako in the end

    Question: Totoo ba ito? Kapag ba nagcacancel to get your money back possible na gumastos ka pa? Tapos sabi pa sakin wala daw ba akong awa, ung agent daw ang magbabayad ng charge sakin na gusto ko ipacancel… totoo ba ito o nang-uuto lang ulit sila?

    Payuhan nyo naman po ako, lalo na sa mga nakapag-refund na nacharge-an via credit card…
    Pahingi naman po ng advice on what steps to take
    Malaki po ba ang chance ko na manalo dito? =(
    This is so stressful, daig ko pa ang sick neto eh huhuhu

    • Hahahha.. Ngyari sakin to, same. Ang problema di nila kinancel ang transaction ko thru credit crd. And wag kang maniwala na magbabayad pa at malaki gstos kung tutuusin marami akong ibdensya dahil may kausp ako n isng agent sakanila.. D ko lng masabi dhil bka mtanggal sa trabho isang malaking kalokohan daw n di pwde magpull out ng insurance. depende daw sa agent yun. Hahah.. At malaki din daw kasi cmsyn nila sa dndwn natin 50% halos.

      • Commission lang naman talaga ang habol nila eh hmph, ang hirap talaga magpaloko nakakapanlumo =(

        Ibig sabihin nicancel nila ang policy mo pero yung amount hindi na? So binayaran mo?

        Ayoko bayaran yung akin! Kapag hindi nila nicancel ang amount sa credit card magffile ako ng dispute, bahala na kung san mapunta… pwede din isumbong ko sila sa DTI or sa media

        Kaya mas mabuti pa na ibalik nalang ang 37k kaysa mapaTV pa ang cocolife or umabot pa sa mahabang demandahan

      • No, that day nung pinapacancel ko transaction ko thru credt crd and yung insrance, they told me that the policy no. Was already done at pede na daw nila ibgy sakin ang nkakatawa lng nung hinhingi na namin sabi mamayang hapon daw ibibigay alm mo pang 4th day n ngyn wala pa din. Hahah.. Ayaw tlga nila pacncel insurance mo, un lang un. Hahaha

      • @carmz, wala naman problema sa legallity ng cocolife o kahit nung future savings na yun, ang problema is kung pano sya pina-avail sa tao, kaya napakaraming nagrereklamo na commenters sa blog na ito dahil sa paraan kung paano sila nabentahan

        @ruth, actually nung bumalik nga ako dun para magpacancel, sandamukal na sales talk ang inabot ko. Muntik pa nga kami mauwi sa bababaan nalang ang package (which is pwede ding hindi ma-approve) or ipapa-monthly nila para hindi isang buong payment babayaran ko nxt billing. Buti nalang dumating ang aking tagapagtanggol. Sabi niya sa akin, magaling daw ang mga salestalker (pero mas magaling parin daw yung nasa Astoria lol) kaya buti nalang daw aggressive na sya kaagad nung pagdating niya.

        So dapat kahit ano sabihin nila, o kahit sa paanong paraan nila iliko ang usapan para di ka magcancel, o kahit pano pa sila magpaawa sayo o manakot na magastos o mahirap magpacancel, just tell them na —

        “Kahit ano pa ang kapalit ng pagpapacancel ko, gaano man yan kahirap or whatever, gusto ko po magpacancel at itutuloy ko po ang pagpapacancel. Pwede po ba ako makihingi ng ballpen at papel para maisulat ko na ang cancellation letter at pls pakireceive then pakixerox, give me a copy and pls bring your original copy to cocolife.”

        Pero the following day, call cocolife customer service and submit ka din ng scanned version of your copy to cocolife para lang mapabilis.

        Hindi bawal magcancel kaya dapat pwede and dapat bumalik ang perang nakuha

  84. Hi sir, nangyari din sakin to. But the problem is they don’t want to pull out my insurance. They keep on telling me about the reality etc. Pero ang isip ko ay iclose n tlga. Napressre lng kasi ako sa shrt tym n bngy nila sakn na snsbing promo. At ang nkakainis lang ayaw nila icancel ang insurance ko which is my right k nmn tlga mgpull sa isng insurance cmpny kung ayaw m na? Ano po b kelngn ko gawn?:(

    • Nangyari din sa akin to last march 15,2013 dito sa SM iloilo i paid 2k instead of 4k kasi di afford.At the you paid andami nila ngsasalita para hindi mo maisipan na istop ang payment mo.I mailed my cancellation letter directly to their main office in Makati and hopefully maigrant ang request ko.

  85. @Mel, any update? kung gusto sa SM batangas din ako, try mo kaya isumbong yan sa channel 2 dun sa Bistado o kay failon. Ung kapatid ko kc pinaasikaso ko at till now waiting pa rin.

  86. Sa mga successfully nakapagpacancel, gaano katagal bago ninyo tuluyan nabawi ang pera or napacancel ang transaction sa credit card?

    Today is March 10, nakapag avail ako March 6, nagpacancel ako March 7 (Friday na), then sabi sa Cocolife head office, tuesdays pa dadating sa kanila ang pinagawang letter sakin ng galleria kaya im planning to go personally sa cocolife main office or email the letter to them…

    Which is better kaya? punta nalang ako sa cocolife bukas, March 11 (Monday)? 8-5 ofc hrs nila at sa ayala ito

    Plus another question, sa mga nakakuha ng policy nila, nakalagay ba talaga dun na kapag wala pang 15 days pwede talaga macancel? at with money back ba ito? wala pa kasi ung policy saken at hndi ko sure kung ipapadala pa since ngpacancel ako kaagad

  87. Hi Guys! Nangyari din skin yan skin s SM CALAMBA noong kumuha ako ng OEC isa kc akong ofw. i just want to tell you n hindi scam yan kc nong pumunta ako s manila sumaglit ako s main office nila s ayala ave. makati city just to make sure n hindi scam to. ng mgtanong ako kung pwede ko m refund ung pera ko sbi skin hindi daw marerefund un kc nga insured n daw ako at 6 month n nakakaraan. s totoo lng ayoko talaga i refund gusto ko lng malaman n hindi scam e2. nang icheck nila ung policy ko s data base nila s computer don ko npatunayan n hindi scam e2 kc ung name at policy number ko ay ndon at isa p alam nila n my agent tlga n gaya s maliliit n branch nila s SM kc una palang tinanong ako kung cno agent ko. so ung iba dyan n hindi makatulog wag n kau mag alala hindi cya scam. kinabahan din ako dati pero ngaun hindi n kc my napatunayan n ko.

    • Hi Jack sana nga hindi scam yung Cocolife sa SM Calamaba kasi natatakot ako nagfill up din ako ng application last monday April 22 2013. tapos the next nag net ako para mkasure kaso nbasa ko nman 2ng blog n to kayo nagworried talaga ako.

  88. @Jack, hindi scam yung product pero yung paraan nila ng pagpapa-avail sa tao ay matatawag na scam. Saka napakatagal ng binebenta nilang years kung kelan makukuha ang pera, 10 yrs??? 5yrs lang nga sa iba eh at may 5yrs option sa form pero yung 10yrs ang ibebenta nila

    sabihan ba naman ako na hindi daw ba ako naaawa sa agent na ginagawa lang ang trabaho tapos sya pa ang sasalo ng pera na gusto ko irefund? according to other people (pinoyexchange forum and friends) walang ganon, commission lang nya ang di nya makukuha, Tsk makacommission lang mang-aabala pa ng iba

    @nc Magpacancel ka na kaagad, issalestalk ka nyan ulit pero maging agressive ka, sabihin mo, gusto mo na ipacancel para pasulatin ka na nila ng cancellation letter na kailangan i-receive at pirmahan ng agent na kumausap sayo kasi yun ang cancellation letter na kailangan ng cocolife. Ipa-scan mo yun at iemail sa cocolife plus 2 IDs. Tumawag ka sa customer service nila at sasabhin din naman nila kung san mo dapat iemail or ano ang next na dapat gawin. After mgpass ng letter for evaluation pa daw yun, so ang wish ko ngayon ay maging successful na ang pagpapacancel ko

  89. Call Cocolife Customer Service: 810-7888

    Sasabihin nila na puntahan mo at kausapin ang agent na nakausap mo. So babalik ka sa kung saan ka nasalestalk at issalestalk ka nyang mga yan ulit

    Wag na wag na wag ka na papa-salestalk ulit! Kailangan humantong ka sa pagsusulat ng cancellation letter na dapat ireceive at pirmahan ng agent

    After nyan, wag mo na antayin na maidala nila ang letter sa cocolife kasi hindi naman araw araw naghahatid dun ng letters ang messenger. Tumawag ka na sa customer service para masabihan ka kung san ka dapat mag email ng scanned copy ng letter at kung ano pa dapat i-email

    Then ieevaulate yan ng cocolife, tawag ka nalang everyday, mangulit ka at magtanong ng status
    Dapat macancel kasi may N-day return policy daw yang mga insurance na yan

  90. Or maybe, i can try calling DTI Call Center (751-3330) to ask to for some advice =)
    Checking their website, I found lots of warning about scam –
    This is a learning the expensive way for me but it isn’t too late, my cancellation is in progress and I pray that the amount swiped in my credit card be canceled

  91. In my case po, this Feb 2013 po ung application po nung skn, and I decided po na icancel ung application. Before po ako nagpunta sa agent ko tumawag po muna ko sa Customer Service to check if my policy na ba ako, and they said po na wala pa.So pumunta po ako sa agent q 4 days after ng application q,sinabi ko po na gusto ko na nga po ipacancel, pero sabi nya po d na daw pde kz kung icacancel ko, considered as terminated na daw and wala din daw po refund. Then sabi ko, wala pa nman ako policy (since tumawag nga po ako s customer service nila) , tapos ang sabi nya, ay wala po tlga cla kopya kz d2 po pinaprocess un sa branch, un ung sabi ng agent ko.So nagtaka po ako na bkit ndi magkakacopy ung main, at ang pinagtaka ko pa po lalo is yung pinapagawa nya ko ng letter na kinocontinue ko pa rin daw ung application. So, hindi po ako pumayag kz naicp ko po bakit pdeng gumawa ng letter na icocontinue, pero ndi pdeng magpacancel. Kinabukasan po, tumawag po ulit ako ng customer service to confirm f san ba tlga gngawa ung policy, ang sabi nman sa akin sa main daw po un gngawa, kaya mas lalo po ako nagduda sa agent ko. To make sure kung pde tlga icancel ung application, tumawag na po ako s insurance commission, and naconfirm ko po na pde pa po ipacancel and may refund pa rin na mkukuha. Pinagawa nya po ako ng letter of cancellation. Tumawag po ulit ako sa customer service na ipapacancel ko na nga po ung application and binanggit ko po na may nkausap na rin ako sa Insurance Commision regarding dun, then sabi nila mgsend na lng daw po ako ng letter through email, ngbgay po xa ng email address and mg-attached din daw po ako ng copy ng 2 valid id’s and ung confirmation na papel from cocolife. 2 days after ko pong mgsend saka lng nila nreceive ung letter,knokonfirm ko po yun araw2 through fone call, taz ang sabi po sa akin,,ibbgay po nila ung letter sa concerned department. Then nung araw din pong yun (Wed), my tumwag po sa akin from main din po na nforward n nga daw po knya ung letter, and pinkawento nya po skin ung ngyari and cnv po nya na iuupdate nya ko not later than Friday kz icoconference pa daw po ung agent na kumausap skin. Thursday, tumawag na po ulit xa skin, to confirm na approved na daw po ung request ko and need ko lng daw po isurrender ung ibang docs na galing sa knila sa branch kung saan ako nkapag-apply. After daw po nila mreceive ung docs na un sa main, mag-antay pa daw po ako ng 21 days for the processing daw po. About po sa refund, mrerecv q daw po xa thru cheque, since nkapagbayad po ako gamit ung atm card ko po.

    Simula nga po pla nung ngpacancel ako, d ko na po kinocontact ung agent ko, dumederetso na lng po ako sa main, kz tngin ko ung agent ko lng ung ayaw pumayag na ipacancel ung application marahil dahil sa komisyon nya dun.

    Twag lng po kau sa insurance commision tuturuan po nila kayo f ano dapat gawin.

    Mag-update po ako d2 once mreceive ko po ung refund.

    • waaaw! amaziiing! ibig sabihin may pag-asa pa ako na ma-cancel ang naswipe sa card ko weeks ago!

      Full refund daw makukuha mo? wala naman other charges ang pagpapacancel? Tumawag dn ako sa insurance commission eh, at ang pinagawa sakin eh mag email daw ako sa kanila so inemail ko sa insurance commission ang concern ko. Last kong balita, finorward din daw nila sa cocolife yung reklamo ko

      Last friday (march 15) di ko alam kung aattend nga ba ako ng conference na sinasabi ng agent sakin which is ang dating is requirement daw sa cancellation procedure. Later nung afternoon, tnext ako na no need na daw umattend ng conference at ipproccess na daw cancellation ko

      Grabe super thankful ako nun! Sana macancel yung full amount na nacharge sa card ko or basta marefund ko nang full yung amount like you…

  92. Kung ok talaga yang product na yan ng Cocolife, kung puro positive reviews halos ang nakikita ko ngayon sa internet, hindi ko na kailangan pa manghinayang na naaksaya ang oras ko habang namamasyal sa mall, ako na mismo ang pupunta sa Cocolife para magpaabala at mag avail nyan

    Cocolife, tama na, itigil nyo na yang pagpapabenta na yan sa mga mall =(

  93. no need to attend the conference. all u need to do is to go the office where u wr being pressured to get the insurance then informed them that u would like to cancel the insurance. dr u will write ur cancellation letter.

  94. pwidi dn kayo magsumbong sa SM Management office to report the incident. para mabulgar ang kanilang modus!! laganap na to sa halos lahat ng SM branches.

    • hello po ginawa ko n po khapoon ngreport n po ako s sm costumer service po tpos dun kmi ng abot sa agent ng cocolife.dun nppyag nmin cla n macancel wait lang daw ng 21 days f ma approve po n mcancel kaso wlng assurance n macancel tlaga hay….nkkpgod…to support me kung cno man dyan ang my problem sa cocolife punta n lng din kau sa sm costumer service d2 pla s sm davao ako ngpmember ng cocolife

  95. Read this blog last February 2013 after I paid initial deposit for Cocolife Future Savings Platinum via BPI debit card at Cocolife – SM Cebu. I admit, this blog made me rationalize if the whole Cocolife plan was a scam or not but in the end chose to believe that it was true. Kasi, part of investing is patience and not being afraid to take the risk. I was not forced by my SM Cocolife agent. In fact, she would always emphasize na “extra money” ang gamitin sa pag-invest. I guess, because it was an extra money, the fear of being scammed on my part was not that huge. But money is still money, so I played safe and paid only the amount due for the 1st quarter of my chosen face amount.

    I got my policy certificate on the day that I paid my initial payment. Unlike most of you, I did not get the chance to follow-up my policy statement because of my busy schedule. Pero, kahit hindi ako nag-follow-up, natuwa naman ako na pinadala nila sa home address ko ang policy statement. It arrived ~3 weeks after I paid my initial payment. At, di po ito pinadala via “snail mail” but through a credible forwarder — LBC. 🙂 I think that important documents being sent via mail is a normal thing and should not be feared. Examples? Philippine Passport, Foreign Visas and documents that may include insurance of a newly purchased cars are sent via mail.

    I think hindi scam ang Cocolife sa SM stores. Di din naman siguro bobo ang SM para i-allow ang ganoong activities na pwedeng ikasira ng good name nila. Plus, the company that I am working with provides Cocolife insurance to its company. UCPB is a good bank. And I know people who were scholars of Cocofed, parang subsidiary or something ng cocolife. But, I agree na dapat careful pa din tayo. Doon lang tayo dapat kukuha sa credible agents, and I think that the Cocolife in SM can be trusted.

    Money is important kasi mahal na ang mga bagay-bagay ngayon. So, siguro, maging wise lang tayo sa investments. Wag mag-invest nang masyadong malaki if di mo kayang panindigan yung pwedeng mawala sa ‘yo. And, sa banks or cooperatives naman, do not invest more than the insurable amount.

  96. dami namang nega d2..alam nyu,,hndi matitinag ang cocolife khit anung gawin nyu d2..tsaka sa mga nag sasabi na scam ang coco..manahimik na lang a first place..lahat nang pinirmahan nyu is legal document..may authorization na pini fil-upon bago e swipe ung card..kasalan nyu na yun kung pumayag kayu na labag sa loob nyu..:)

    • taga-cocolife ka noh? =P

      hindi naman namin gusto matinag ang cocolife eh, gusto lang namin mabawi ang pera namin at oo, kasalanan talaga namin dahil nagpaloko kami.

      We are learning our lessons the hard and expensive way
      Pero siguro naman hindi ito “wala lang” sa cocolife, sabi ko nga sa insurance commission, icheck nila itong blog na ito at makikita na nila na sandamukal ang reklamo dito

      Nifroward na din daw nila sa cocolife ang concern ko na inemail ko sa kanila kung saan nabanggit ko na sandamukal ang reklamo sa jobrosario blog… siguro may mga tga cocolife nang nakabasa nitong blog after that… isa ka siguro sa kanila noh? =P

    • let us say it is not a scam but they must respect their customer and if the client doesnt want to buy an insurance then they should not insist let the client come to them and buy their product.right?

    • G*** ka luffy!!! Bull**** saka ang cocolife!!!!
      Patuloy namin ikakalat ang blog na ito para mababalaan yun iba!! Bahala na ang Diyos sa mga gaya nyo, may karma din kayo!!!

      Nakikipag coordinate na rin ako sa police para masurveilance ang cocolife sa mga mall, next week magsisimula na ng operation anti scam sa mga mall n my cocolife offices

    • @ luffy, If you really are an agent of Cocolife, don’t you think the client deserves some thinking before signing some documents? And are you guys really into pressuring people just to get your commission? And instead of being defensive of your company, why don’t you help those people asking for ways on how to get their refunds? Earn your money the hard way….

  97. I had the same experience, but after verifying everything with COCOLIFE head office in makati, I was convinced that this is not a scam. This is a legal business. The only wrong thing about this is how the agents approached us “customers”. Maybe due to some quota or something , they tried to get as much people as they could to sign the contract and avail any of their insurance product.

    The product is good,but the customer approach process is not good. I hope cocolife management would do something about this. I think they should give some sort of seminar to all of their agents and teach the right way of approaching us “customers” or else, this issue may ruin cocolife’s reputation in insurance industry.

  98. sa mga nabiktima at gustong magpa-cancel at magpa-refund ng pera, bumalik kau sa cocolife branch kung saan kayo nag-sign. Pero bago kau pumunta dun maghanda na kayo ng cancellation letter, ipareceive nyo sa kanila, make sure to get your copy. Ise-salestalk ka lit nila, wag mo na lang sila pansinin. Kukunin sayo yung mga docs na binigay sayo ng cocolife nong nag-sign ka, including the receipt of payment. Ang gawin mo ipa-photocopy mo muna ung mga docs tapos ipa-receive mo sa kanila, yun magiging copy mo. Kukunin kasi nila yung mga original copies at yun ang isa-submit nila sa main office.

    Most importantly kelangan mong mag-follow up sa main office nila kung nareceive na sa main yung mga cancellation docs. Contact Sir Felix Allipio of Marketing Dept: 8129015 loc. 114. Pag nareceive na ng main office ie-evaluate pa yun, tapos pag na-approve yung cancellation they will tell you to wait for 3weeks for the refund process. mag-follow up lang ng mag-follow up sa main office, mababait mga tao dun, iga-guide ka pa nila kung ano gagawin, feel free to ask questions to them, they are very much willing to help, unlike sa mga tao sa mga branch nila na masyado aggressive. Sa sobrang aggressive nila nagmumukha na silang desperado at mukhang-pera. ^___^ Just sharing my experience, sana makatulong.

  99. good day! pwede ba yung sariling gawa ko na cancellation letter yung iforward ko sa main nila? kc nag bigay ako cancellation letter sa agent ko tapos ni received nya. pwede po ba malaman yung email ad ng main office para ma pa cancel kasi i have same experiences with you na ayaw naman ipacancel ng agent ko telling me na di daw maapprove na sigurado yung plan na inavail ko at di rin daw ma chacharge back sa credit card ko yung na swipe nila. please help po kung ano dapat gwin. thank you.

  100. im jiwel 23 years old house wife..

    my god kaya pala yung agent kahapon sa SM sta.rosa halos ayaw ako paalisin hanggat di ako nakakapag oo sakanya. first time ko feeling ko na hypnotize ako at mag tataka kayo sa loob nang office nila one on one ang kinakausap nila ibig sabihin sa labas palang nang mall pag nakita nilang nag iisa ka dun ka nila dadalihin. biruin mo sa libreng bag nagpa uto ako samantalang 35 pesos lang halaga nun shit talaga. tapos credit card ko back to back na na xerox ang dami nang nag lipanang credit card na kakambal ngaun.. ang nakakainis sabi ko kailangan ko muna magsabi sa asawa ko alam mo sabi sakin di mo naman kailangan na ipaalam pa yan sarili mong disisyon dapat atsaka kakarampot lang naman yang isesave mo shit talaga.. !!!! after ko makalabas sa loob nang office nila para akong nag lalakad sa buwan hindi ako mapakali pag uwi ko sa bahay kaya chinek ko sa net at talagang nakakabwisit 9,641.86 kukunin nila sa credit card. gumawa nako nang letter for dispute sa credit card atsaka letter of cancellation sa cocolife shit na yan… bakit ba mga tao ngayon pag dating sa pera nang haharas na at kayong mga agent mag hanap kayo nang matinong trabahao dahil kahit anong gawin nyong trabaho sa mga katulad nito hindi kayo pag papalain at aasensyo. mamalasin pa buhay nyo at pamilya nyo pag na karma kayo kapwa nyo ginaganyan nyo..

    • hi sis, jiwel sa cocolife sm sta. rosa din ako nakabli ng product na yan last march27. please help. pano ba ipacancel? nakausap q na kc ung agent and pinipilit nia na d daw tlga pde icancel kc nagawa na ang policy etc. kainis na. please help ;( sino agent mo don?

    • @ jiwl? sino agent mo sa sta. rosa? ako din, nahatak eh,,pero balak ko bawasan ko yung premium ko, magririsk na lang siguro ako, pero liitan ko na lang, style ng mga agent yun na holdup style ang pagbenta nila, 3 kakausap sayo, lilituhin ka for the sake of the commission nila. hays! di man lang tayo pinagisip ng mabuti sa pinasok natin

  101. Same yung nagyari sm sta rosa last march 22,2013.ang CONCERN ko kung totoo ba na legal ang insurance na to?FUTURE SAVINGS PLATINUM?
    Marefund ko ba yung pera ko pag I cancel ko yung application?at ano dapat kong gawin?pls.answer me honestly..

    • jm, galing ako kanina lang sa sm. sta.rosa nakapag pasa nako nang letter of cancellation.. basta whatever na sabihin nila sayo marami silang kakausap sayo. whatever na sabihin nila manindigan ka na di ka lalabas dun hanggat di mo na papa cancel xerox mo yung mga pinang hahawakan mo ngaun na galing sakanila dahil isusurender mo yan kapag nagpasa ka nang letter of cancellation. wag ka magpapadala sakanila… ang pera natin pinaghihirapan yan hindi dapat in just one hour magbibitaw tau nang malaking halaga.

    • jm, march 22 din ako.. naku bukas pumunta kana kasi 15 days lang ang pag papa cancel bukas half day sila tapos the next day holy week na. lakarin muna kagad yan para may chance kapa na macancel kung gusto mo.

  102. thanks for being “wais” this time. same thing happened to me yesterday at sm north. the agent even showed me a contract signed by her previous client a while ago. inspecting on the penmanship of what she called “client”, i just noticed that it was the same penmanship of her. that was the time na nagduda n ko. i even asked her if i can come back for the reason that its my mother who i want to have those “life insurance” she has been offering to me. but she answered me “sorry mam, one day day offer lng po ito” OMG, san ka naman nkakita ng insurance na one day lang pwede mgdecide if u want to have their policy. i also asked the girl if they have their tables or computations if ever ill be choosing what type of plans i need. wala silang maipakita. all that matters to them is kung magkano laman ng savings mo. buti na lang sinabi ko 20k lang laman ng atm ko. kung gusto nya ng mas bigger digits, then ung savings ko from bpi passbook ang may laman n malaki. hndi daw pwede un.lalo tuloy ako ngtaka. buti na lang malakas instinct ko at sinabi ko na titingnan ko muna s net kung ok ba ang cocolife baka kako kasi scam lng to. that was the time na parang nanghina na loob nung agent na ipressure ako, siguro nafeel nya na hindi nya ko kayang utuin…. kailangan tanggalin n ng sm management s vicinity nila ung mga ganung panloloko. nakakahiya nadadamay p sila s kalokohan ng ibang tao. nkakadala na tuloy pumunta s SM

    • The whole company is not a scam..ang problema lng po ay dun s mga agents n ng assist s inio..lahat ng papers ay legal..ang nde lng ay kung panu cia iexplain s inio ng agents nio

  103. hi muntik n ako yesterday buti nlng sa sta lucia east naman ito. nakakabwisit hndi ako nakapag shopping dahil sa pang aabala nila na mental blocked ako after nung presentations nila….

    . ang approach kc nila haharangin k …

    agent: “sir may credit card k ba ?

    ME :sabi sorry no need meron n ako!

    agent : hndi po ako mag offer ng credit card.. need ko lng ng survey please sir ….

    me: ok cge pero 2 minutes lng kc nagmamali ako

    while signing the survey form the agent gave me 2 raffle coupons …

    sabay sabi ng agent sir may free bag ako for cocolife akyat k sa 3rdfloor…

    agent: sir thank you so much for the survey need ko lng maka survey ng at least 5 people.

    me : i said its okey … pag kuha ko ng bag aalis n ako

    agent: sir wait tawagin ko lng manager ko

    … i said to the agent nagmamadali ako 8:00 pm may activity ako.. sa sabrang asar ko sinabi ko n work ko ayun lalo ako hndi pinakawalan . I act professionally ang attend parin ako ng presentation
    pero good thing hndi parin nila ako nadala ng mga pang sales talk nila.

    testing testing pa sa swipe haha lol ano ako tanga pag na swipe yung card automatic may transaction k agad…

    sabi ng agent for approval p daw.

    me :i said kelan p nag delay ng transactions ang credit card ?

    agent :hndi sir for approval p yan….

    akala cguro ng agent n yun kaya nya ako madala sa sales talk nya haha
    thank God nuti nlng if ever durog ako sa 90k n CL ng card ko huhu. beware guys maging wise tayo.

    payo lang guys for longterm insurance try prulife UK medyo mahal pero cgurado k

    • mas maaga, mas mataas ang chance makapagpacancel ka
      also may 15 day return policy yata w/c starts from the day na magkaron ka ng policy number
      una sa lahat, tumawag ka sa cocolife customer service
      well sasabhin dn naman nila na kailangan mo pumunta sa branch kung san mo nakausap ang agent
      so babalik ka dun, makikipagsalestalk ulit sila sayo pero make sure na this time makakarating kayo sa cancellation letter. Tama yung suggestion ni gewann, na may letter na kayo agad pagpunta dun para no pressure sa pagsulat ng letter (ako kasi dun pa mismo nagsulat may halong pressure and everything pa) anyways, irereceive nila yun dapat, then one copy for you, original sa kanila
      issend nila sa cocolife yun pero best is, i-scan mo copy mo at tumawag ka sa cust. service, itanong mo san pede i-email ang letter mo

      tapos tawag ka sa insurance commission, sasabhan ka nila na iemail ang buong details at issend din nila yun sa cocolife
      yan ang ginawa ko and i guess nakatulong yan

      During the cancellation evaluation time “daw”, sinabihan pako na may conference daw pero tawag dn ako nang tawag nun sa cocolife at sa insurance commission at in the end sabi nila sakin gawin ko nalang ang conference kung yun ang kailangan para magproceed ang cancellation.
      sabi ng kakilala kong pulis, just make sure may evidence ako na nagconference at kung ano ang pinag usapan

      ang huling usapan namin ng agent is, sabi ko pre-requisite ba ng cancellation yang conference? then matagal nagreply, ayun di na daw ako kailangan umattend, ipprocess na daw.. super saya ko nun! at least ipprocess na!

      March 6 ako nagkamali sa pag-avail,
      March 7 nagpacancel na ako.
      March 8 hapon ko na nalaman via cocolife cust service na tuesday pa maidadala lang etter ko so mageemail sana ako kaso hapon na eh at friday pa, kaya the following week ako ng-email ng scanned copy ng letter ko sa cocolife.
      So nag weekend pa…
      March 11 ang email nako, Sa email ng cust service representative lang ako ngsend.
      March 14 pa ako nakapag email ng concern ko sa insurance commission.
      March 15 sinabihan ako ng agent na dko na kailangan magconference at ipprocess na ang cancellation.

      Kakatawag ko lang kanina (March 25) at canceled na daw, pero ang charge back nung nadeduct sa credit card ko, in-progress pa~

      • sorry sa abala nakapag send nako nang letter kanina for cancellatio. tanung ko lang anung email nila para dun ko nalang isesend yung scan ko na letter at pahingi nadin nang no. nang insurance commission..thank you very much

      • 523 8461 ang number ng insurance commission, talk to your agent first pero from what ive been hearing and from the people that ive helped, mdyo pahirapan ang refund process, contact the IC to get immediate response kung yung agent mo eh magfafail na kontakin ka about your refund

  104. Mukang pera tlaga mga agent nila.. Gnagawa lahat ng panloloko para mkabenta lang! Nkakahiya sa image ng SM! Nang nabiktima ako sa knilang panloloko hndi na ako ginanahan pumunta ng SM..

    • pls help me naman po pano ko mababawi yung money ko.nasalanta kmi ng bagyong glenda and sira na ang bahay nmin,wala naman kasi silang calamity fund.pano q gaganahan pa sumali

  105. @huhu thank you po. atleast my idea na ako sa dapat kung gawin kasi sbi ng agent ko sila na daw magpapadala ng letter sa main at no need na daw ako. nag tanong ako sa agent ko March 20 ata yun, ang sabu under investigation pa daw. pero until now wala padin sila new update..maraming salamat po. this would be a big help sa steps na gagawin ko.

    • Ano ba to? Iba iba ang mga pasakalye nila pag ikacancel mo na.
      Para sa mga magpacancel, hindi totoo na may invetigation pang gagawin at wala ring conference na yan.
      Ganun din ang sinabi nila sa akin nang nagcancel ako. Pero wala naman talaga. Sa akin sa SM consolacion cebu, nang bumalik ako after 1 day sa pag avail ko para magpacancel, sinabi din nila na sila na ang bahalang magpacancel, pero after 3 days wala pa rin. Kaya nagresearch ako sa internet kung paano ipacancel. At yun I found out sa cocolife website na after 15 days from availment hindi na pwede icancel so I call main office manila and ask to cancel it. And the lady said have to go back to branch I availed and make a cancellation letter. So I did. BUMalik ako sa kanila at sinabihan na mga sinungaling kayo, sabi nyo sa akin na kayo ang magpacancel pero hindi pala. I have read on cocolife website, I have to make cancellation letter,at sinabi lang nila sa akin na hindi namin alam yun ma’am. Sabi ko sa kanila, anong hindi alam, imposible hindi nyo alam, ginago nyo lang ako para pag after 15 days hindi ko na pwede icancel.
      So I got my refund after 1 and half month.

      • @gwapina what are the steps to cancel my policy?? I was a victim by this also at sm city cebu.. can you advise me please… thanks

  106. hala pano po yan.di nila kinuha yung mga documents ko sa pag avail kasi daw hihingin daw yun sa kin pag nag investigate na? dapat po ba balik ako sa agent at ibigay ko yun? please help.tnx.

    • Ginago ka lang nila. Balik ka dun pero paxerox muna yang lahat na hawak mo para hindi sila makapgdeny na nagavail ka. Kailangan ipa receive mo sa kanila ang cancellation letter na may pirma mo at may pirma sa manager sa branch na yan. Kailangan may copy ka din. With Your cancellation letter , ipareceive mo sa kanila
      lahat na documents na binigay nila sayo pati credit card receipt at of course yung policy.
      Show them that You are the boss of your money and not them.

  107. nakapag file din nang cancellation letter sa SM STA.ROSA tatwag nalang ako sa hotline nang cocolife kung narcv naba nila. hay salamat.

    • Hi jiwel, sis taga sta. rosa din ako and mkakahiya man aminin na ngpaloko din ako sa cocolife na yan dhil lanh s free bag, grabe ang modus nila, para ako nahpnoyize! Mukhang ok nman tlga ang cocolife pero sobrng nadepressd ako kakaisip kng tama ba gnwa ko, without my husband’s permission e naglabas agad ako ng pera. Buti 5k lang un kc nadecline ang atm ko dhil maximum withdrawal na yata ako. Nkakatawa nga, sbi kc kelangan full amount na almost 20k daw dpat bayaran at for approval pa nman un kng mag-ok ang pagswipe sa atm ko, kung decline daw e sorry nlang daw. Duh? At first doubt n tlga ako sa for approval na yan kng mag-ok ang pagswipe pero nkakainis kc maggive-in pa din aq sa kakasalestalk nila. Gusto ko nag ipacancel na ang policy ko (kahit wla pa sila naibbgay sken policy number kc ibbgay lng daw sken un kpag nafullpayment na aq s knla. Kaso wla ng pasok bukas ;( sat pa ako mkakapunta sa branch na un. Help nman s process ng pgcancel pls ;(

      • hi joy. madali lang naman magpa cancel bago ka pumunta dun dapat may dala kanang cancellation letter para hindi kana mag susulat pa dun. tapos kakausapin ka nila hayaan mo silang magsalita nang mag salita.. sasabihin pa nga nila sayo na magbabayad yung agent mo sa cocolife ey tapos baka matanggal pa sya basta wag mo lang pansinin basta pag tapos nya magsalita ipilit mo parin na papa cancel ka wag ka lalabas dun nang hindi nacacancel ang application mo.. atsaka kukunin kasi nila lahat nang nabigay nila sau kaya dapat ipaxerox mo pati recibo.. para may hawak ka padin.. basta wala pang 15 days pwede mupa mapa cancel. kaya nga alam mo ba tuwing pupunta ako sa sm.. na bwibwisit ako a mga pagmumuka nila… magaling cla mang hypnotized kakainis..

    • jiwel pano ka nakapag file ng cancelation ? ano cnb mo? buti tinanggap cancelation mo.. pumunta na din kase q SM STA.ROSA nung isang arw kaya lng ayaw nila tanggapin hnd n daw pwd i cancel kase npirmahan na daw docs.. pano kaya yun?help me nman po… 😦

      • wag ka maniwala sakanila.. sinasabi lang nila yun basta ipakita mo na mas masusunod ang gusto mo kamo di ka aalis dun hanggat di nakacancel.. basta pag punta mo dun dapat may gawa kanang cancellation letter then lahat nang hawak mo na galing sakanila ipa xerox mo kasi kukunin nila yung original na hawak mo.. bago ka umalis dun kailangan may copy ka nung cancellation letter mo na may pirma nila at nakasulat dun yung mga kinuha nila sayo.. pirmado yun nila… godbless

  108. helo job rosario!i cant sleep kc knina ng away kmi ng husband ko bout cocolife and sme thing happen 2 me last monday initial dposit ako ng 4226.87.can i get my money bak?pls reply asap

  109. hi job rosario!sme thing happen 2 my wife.actually last2 wk p kmi hnarang ng isang agent ng cocolife s sm north pero hndi nmin dala atm card kya hndi kmi nya bumlik dw kmi kc my regalo dw xa ibbgay tpos mgdala dw wife ko ng valid id.last mon,march 25 bumlik ung wife ko for ang habol nya is ung gift.knausap p dw xa ng manager dun for basic information taz sbi ng agent sma dw wfe ko sknya pra kunin ung gft.until nkarting dw cla s offce nla s the block.tnanong p dw nya kung ano ung regalo sbi ng agent mdmi dw xa pgpplian.then sbi nya my 45mins dw presentation.tas tnanong nya kung ano tatanungin s loob basic information lng nman dw until d nya nmlyan umbot cla s pgdeposit.cnbi p dw nya n isma ako knbuksan pra mlman ko dn kung magus2han ko pro sbi ng consultant n kumausap sknya promo n dw nla dat day and nagamit n dw nya uns 1slot nya.prang lumulutang dw ung wfe ko pglbas nya dun s offce nla kc prang ayw xa plbsin until d xa mgdposit.knna lng nya naexplain skn and ng away po ko hnipnotize nla wfe ko.please help us 2 get our money bak.tnx!

  110. Hi guys nabiktima din ako nito s SM Davao wen I read ur comments I immediately wrote a letter for cancellation. They told me n hindi nila ipaprocess ung cancellation unless I talk to their manager although nireceive n nila ung cancellation letter ko and the documents n isinauli ko. Anyways I will go meet their manager tomorrow and hope that my cancellation will be processed as soon as possible kc baka makabayd ako s credit card ko ng amount n wla n mn akong nakuha in return.

  111. Hi guys, wag po kayo umasa sa email or tawag lang, need niyu tlaga pumunta kung saang branch kayo ng cocolife nag apply, tapos pilitin niyu sila na i cancel yung application niyu, or else takutin nyu sila. Na cancel ko na yung sakin after 2 months, credit card ung sakin. Kylangan may cancellation letter kayong ginawa at papirmahan niyu sa kanila, then tawag kayo sa credit card niyu kung panu ipa dispute, with cancellation letter. Hanggat kaya nyu pa ipa cancel, e cancel nyu na, pare2has silang manloloko.

    • nagpacancel nako pero di ako nag send nang dispute letter sa credit card ko. sabi kasi nila mga 1 month mababalik yung pera.. na charge na kasi sa CC ko yung amount.. 😦

  112. Hi guys, takutan lang naman yan eh, bumalik kau sa branch kung saan kung napa apply, try to tell them na kung di nila i cancel, sabihin nyu tumawag na kau sa insurance commision at my ryt kau mag cancel, then kung ayaw magparinig kau nag pag di nila e cancel tawag ka ulit sa insurance commision, at kung napirmahan na nila cancellayion letter nyu, make sure my copy ka at kung anung bangko ng credit card mo ikaw makipag ugnayan, email mo sa bank ung dispute form with cancellation letter saka ung resibo nila…ingat nalang tayo nextime, gudluck guys, sana ma charge back din sa inyu.

  113. hi same thing happened to me sa sta.lucia east mall, ask ko lang kung sa cocolife b magproprovide ng cancelation letter or ako ang gagawa ng letter? meron b kayong format na dapat ilagay? and kung paano d macharge sa credit card ko yung 2k .. Thank you

    • atty, ano po email nyo? may group din po tayo sa fb, ang dami ding naloko dun.. cocolife Scam or not.. sa fb

  114. Hi guys I just talked with the Cocolife SM-Davao Branch manager and he told me these things:

    Manager: Ma’am sana next time huwag kayong mag say yes if hindi kayo sigurado kasi maraming
    taong naaabala. Under investigation pa po ung cancellation nyo kasi po baka may
    ginawang mali ung tao namin iteterminate po sya.

    the nerve!!! Tinakot b ako? I told him, am I supposed to be blamed if mawalan ng trabaho ung tao nyo? and he answered hindi n mn po ma’am.

  115. I just experienced the same scenario today! Saying its their anniversary. Same shit! What made me hate it the most is their agent and the manager as well. Parang walang modo. Galit pa nung tinanggihan mo. Bibigyan ka ng free tapos pipilitin ka maghulog ng savings as starting daw. What made me more irritated is that they wont let me go at isang oras naghintay sister ko sakin sa mall.

    • Here’s my scenario;

      April 5, 2013, i got out early from work coz i will meet my little sister and her friends to treat them at Rob Galleria. I arrived at Galle 4:30pm and stroll first since on the way palang sila. While strolling sa ground floor food court, i was shocked when a guy suddenly blocked me and said “hi mam! Nagwwork ka na ba?” I said yes. Tinanung nya if i know coco life i just said naririnig rinig ko lang. Then sabi nya may raffle daw sila at pinabunot ako sa fish bowl. Before i open it, he let me sign a small ticket and asked kung meron ako credit card at magkano ipon ko. I said, wala ako credit card or any means of savings since i only use my rob atm for payroll dahil first job ko palang and 1 yr palang ako at 22 years old palang ako. Then what i got from the raffle is the free 20k life insurance. (Accident/death/whatever) honestly wala pa sa isip ko mag savings kaya i was really not interested and im waiting for my sister.

      He brought me sa office daw nila sa baba ng food court. The girl manager welcomed me and paulit ulit sinasabi “ang ganda ni mam ang puti puti mestiza ekek”. Syempre smile naman ako. Pinag antay ako sa lobby then kinuha company id ko at chineck atm ko. Then the girl agent went out to interview me. Survey lang daw.

      Sobrang nabastusan ako sa agent. Para syang palenkera na pinagmumukha akong tanga. 10times ko paulit ulit na sinasabing i have to go coz my sister arrived already. Sabi ko pag iisipan ko and ni hindi pa nga kasi sumagi sa utak ko na mag ganyan sa edad kong to! 1 day lang daw tlga processing nun. I insisted i have to think first. Pero she didnt let me go. I got so irritated and So i started to ride her. Oo lang ako ng oo with the bland look since hindi ako marunong magalit harap harapan. Then i even signed the conforme of 14k to be deducted on my atm. Finally. 545pm, the manager took me to swiping the card then i was shocked kasi isswipe nga talaga.

      That moment i took my card and said no! I cant give out that amount. The manager said to her agent, “kausapin mo yan!” Napakabastos nya! Nilang dalawa! The agent again took me and offered me even a student plan and the 2k starting plan. Pero hindi talaga ako nagpaloko. Then they let me go. When the agen gave me my id, binagsak nya sa palad ko yung id ko sabay talikod sakin. Ako naman napa wtf nalang.

      And kawawa and little sis ko and her friends at 1 hour sila naghinta sakin 😥

      So guys please never be fooled. Sa simula palang yang mga humaharang na ganyan. Please wag nyo na pansinin. If you have to make sungit or be mean, go! Just to be safe and not be fooled by these kind of scam.

  116. qng alang plano ang agent moh, bkt sknya kp rin lulapit? main office kna nila lumapit, punthan moh sa makati…

    • i cant go to makati, where their main office is located since i lived in davao city and im working here. could please help me what to do..

  117. hello! nakapag-avail din ako ng kanilang Future Savings Platinum last March 7, 2013! pero after 3 days, nagpacancel na ko. Pumunta ako sa branch where i availed the insurance and grabeng salestalk din ang ginawa ng manager nung agent sakin pero di na ulit ako nagpaloko! Take note, during our conversation namention ko na “mag-apply na lang ulit aq ng insurance sa kanila kahit sa 2014, hindi ko pa lang talaga kaya ipagpatuloy this year!” ang sabi ba naman nung manager “Eh pano yan ma’am, WALA NA KAMI NEXT YEAR!” nung tinanong ko kung bakit wala na sila next year, idinivert nya sa ibang topic ang usapan nmin! (Nairecord ko nga pala sa phone ko ung usapan namin kahit na super lakas ng sounds nila sa room!) Then nung hindi na talaga nila aq mapilit and pasara na din ang mall, tinapos na nmin ang conversation. Sabi sken nung manager at agent (pinagtulungan na nga pala nila aq) ireceive ko na lang daw ung policy since ready na. Hindi ko pinirmahan at nung hindi nila aq napilit na pirmahan ko ung policy, nag-iba na ang approach nila sken. Galit na at pinagdadabugan na ko! From that conversation, nagsimula na talaga ako magduda sa kanila!

    THen March 12, 2013, ilang beses ko tinawagan ung number na nilagay nung manager sa cancellation letter nung nagpareceive aq sa kanya pero out of coverage area. Tinawagan ko din ung agent at siya ang nagsabi sken na ipapasa na daw nila ang letter ko sa main office. Next day, tumawag na ko sa main office and ang sabi nila baka MArch 14 daw dumating sa kanila ang letter ko kasama ng pouches from the branch so MArch 14, 2013, tumawag ulit aq sa main office. Di pa din nila nareceive kaya pinapasa ko na ung receiving copy ko through e-mail! After nun, twice or thrice a week nako kung magfollow-up sa main office. Until now for approval pa din daw ung cancellation ko!

    Tumatagal ba talaga hanggang 21days (according to their costumer care service rep) ang pag-a-approve ng cancellation of insurance?! Ang tagal kasi samantalang ung 8k ko ang bilis nila nakuha!

    Nasakin pa din pala ung original copies ng documents and receipt na binigay nila! kailangan ko ba un ibalik sa branch kung saan ako nag-avail? (meron na nman akong copy ng documents). Please help me po, meron pa ba ko kailangan gawin para mas mapadali at masigurado na makukuha ko ung pera ko? HAbang tumatagal kasi, natatakot ako na baka di ko na makuha ung pera! 😦

  118. like everyone else on this thread, na pilit din Ako na avail tong cocolife future savings plan. Dexter yung name Ng agent na kumausap sakin, sa Robinsons Place sa ermita Manila yesterday April 6, they promised a presentation for 30-45 mins only but then it took almost 1 and a half hour I was with may friend and yung friend Ko pinagantay lang nila sa labas. During the discussion sabi skin patingin daw Ng card Ko then pinakita Ko both my metrobank and HSBC then sabi sakin ichecheck lang daw Kung is approve Ng bank yung proposal( to me it means it subject for approval Ng bank) tapos kinuha Ko Kung HSBC card Ko kasi mejo malaki pa yung avail credit limit Ko sabi ko wag na itry yung HSBC, yung metro bank lang kasi i know in my mind wala na avail credit dun sa metro bank and that’s what I’ve written on the authorization to charge. But they still took it from me, 3 times Ko kinuha yung HSBC card ko then sabi nila ma’am ok lang itry lang naman Kung iaaprove. Then kinuha both cards Ko pag baliw sakin NA-SWIPE NA YUNG CARD KO AT MAY RECEIPT NA. Nagulat Ako bat ganun di na Ko nakapagreact kasi 3 na sila kumajaysap at nagpapasign sakin. In other words na charge nila Ako Ng 10, 000 sa card Ko na HSBC. After that pauwi Ko nagsearch Ako about the cocolife and future saving plan then nakita Ko ang blog na to. Hindi Ako nakatulog I’ve read every post comment here I was really worried so I decided right after seeing this blog to cancel may transaction. I made my own cancelletion letter. Then today, April 7, I came back with my mom and my friend then my mom was so mad at them. I tried to calm her down muna Baka pwede naman macancel Ng maayos pag dating dun I was immediately entertain by the same person dexter the agent the I was complaining na I realize na I was not saving on this plan kasi they charge it on my credit card and meron po yun interest so instead makaipon Ako nagagastos LNG sa interest charge, tinanong naman Nya Ko agad ano gusto Ko mangyari sabi Ko I want to cancel it then he say ok we can cancel it, I presented the letter I made I’ve written that I want a confirmation letter from them of cancelletion within 15 days. Tapos sabi Ng sales manager palitan daw yung letter pin adult Ako Ng bago kasi daw right at that Time I cancel na daw nila ang gagawan nalang daw Ng request at yung charge back to my card yung 10, 000. Nag Sulat Ako Ng letter then pinarrcieve Ko sa Kanila sa sales manager then I asked na iphotocopy yung original at pina receive din. Mabilis naman nila Ako inaccomodate then sabi 30-45 days daw kasi talaga yung processing Ng cancellation Ng payment sa head office they took the original copies then sabi tomorrow morning na daw nila mapapadala kasi walang pasok today cause its Sunday sa makati walang messenger din. So ok, we agreed na Monday April 8 ipapa dala nila then bibigayan ang Ng leaflet na may contact number and email sa head office nila sa makati to check or confirm Kung nareceive na nila yung docs for cancellation. Sabi yun binigay daw na number yun talaga yung department na nag po process Ng cancellation. 8129015 loc114 or 8640968 those are the numbers with email add din po yung binigay na leaflet sakin. I forgot to mention they photocopied my credit card back and front so I took the photocopy then sabi Ko you shouldn’t have done that, there are delicate information on my card and you copied it back and front sides pa. So binigay naman nila Ng mapayapa so no shouting or huge argumentation na Naganap naman. Tomorrow Monday April 8 I will call the head office through the number they give then I’ll ask for the email address where I can send my scanned copy of cancellation letter for faster processing katulad Ng mga advice nyo po dito sa blog.

  119. Aww. So sad. Dapat talaga late ko mabasa? I just availed of their future savings platinum. I paid 4k++. After all the comments that ive read im asking myself if i did the right thing. Hindi naman kasi biro ang any amount. Nagstart palang ako mag work, hini naman malaki income ko so db, dapat ug napupuntahan nang pera ko, dapat sa tama lang. Kala ko naman credible yang cocolife dahil hello sa sm sila nag ooperate. So inisip ko, hindi scam to. Right at this very moment, mag file ako nang cancellation!

  120. nasa agent tlaga ung prob.. on my case hindi ako ng open sa mga mall lng.. to be sure, dpat sa mga main cocolife branches kyo mg open. i paid 120K then the next day binigay na sakin ang policy. its a good product investment nmn po to for me..

  121. hi, we also joined last friday (04/12/13) in their future saving plan at SM Cebu and was debited a total of 35,608. We decided to cancel the plan but the agent named Rufi told me that we we cannot cancel it anymore. I cant sleep aftr my bdo acct was debited 😦 cocolife is a known insurance company but ther’s something wrong that’s why I decided to back out.
    my question is I’m from Cebu, is it okay if i will just send a fax for the cancellation letter? who will signed the letter aside from me?what other documents I need to give them in order to get my money back? Thank you.

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    • hi carl, pwidi pa ma cancel yan within 15 days from the day natanggap mo yung policy. pumunta ka sa office nla kung san ka dinala ng mga gung-gung na agents na yan. gumawa ka ng cancellation letter. cla na ang mag send ng fax to their main office. but u can also call their head office to check if na receive nla yung cancellation letter. 21 days ang processing.

      • Tanong lang Juna, kailangan din bah nila kunin yung mga original docs ng plan para ma complete ang cancellation process??? kasi hindi nila kinuha ang mga original docs ko nag sign lng ang manager sa cancellation letter ko. Tapos sabi niya e uupdate niya ako within this week.

    • hello carl…..ahmmmp si rufi rin ang agent ko,,,i lost more than 33k rin sa isang umaga. gusto ko rin makuha ang pera q..pwede rin ba mag pa help aq…im from bohol..pero sa cebu aq naloko,,,plss text me in this number 09162813280…..plsss help us guyzzz!!!!hindi kuh pa rin na recieve ang policy…nung april 23 aq naloko

  122. so sad yung akin..hindi daw na pprove yung cancellation..pwede pa ba ako mag habol? they just texted me just now my policy number..pwede ko po ba ipa cancel….help naman poh….thank you.

      • I availed 03/03/2013. I made a cancellation letter 03/10/2013. but the letter was received by my agent 03/15/2013 kasi absent siya nung first ko nag punta. then sabi nila sila na daw bahala ,mag send ng letter sa main.

    • Yup me too.. wonder lng ako kng bakit mobile num ung ngtxt kc computer generated nmn un.. Ang mas maganda gawin u is to verify ung policy number mo kng binigay sau or kng meron ka sa main office nla sa Ayala Ave. kng valid un or not. Tsaka u eh pursue ung cancellation ng policy u.

      • kahit po dumating na yung policy number ko i can still pursue of the cancellation? may mga reasons po ba na siyang ina approve nila for cancellation? or any reasons is valid po for the basis of cancellation? please reply po. thanks.

  123. Magandang araw po sa lahat ng mga blogger specially to Jobrosario. Matagal na po akong naghahanap ng blog na ganito about sa behaviour ng mga AGENT ng COCOLIFE for forcing us to avail their product (Future Savings Gold)

    Last August 24 2012, nagpunta ako sa SM Calamba to buy something and that mall is very far from our house, that day while I was on the mall their’s one Girl came to me and said their company (Cocolife) has an Aniversary today, the girl invited me to their office on the Third floor of the Mall and said (Magpapapoints lang po ako at wala kayong babayaran na kahit ano dahil my promotion lang po kaming product) nung nasa loob na ako ng office nila meron kaagad na binigay na forms and you have to fill a;; your information na nakasulta sa papel, I ask them what is the purpose of this thing and why should I wright all the asking information written on the paper, sabi ng employee dun na ok lang po yan walang babayaran hanggang sa umabot na my dumating na representative na iniindorse na yun product nila na Life insurance (Future Saving Gold) hanggang n discuss na yun dapat ko bayaran, nung una tumanggi ako kasi sabi ko saka na lang pag isipan ko muna, pero parang ayaw ako palabasin ng representative nila dun sa office hanggat hindi ako pumayag na mag signed ng contract at magbayad ng amount P11,300 for Annual payment daw thru my ATM, Paulit ulit lang ako tumanggi hanggang sa maireta na ako kasi medyo hapon at kailangan ko ng umuwi sa kasi malayo pa ang biyahe ko yun bayan namin kung saan ako nakatira. Pero nakapagbayad din ako ng amount na P11,300 for annual payment, kasi kailangan ko na talagang umuwi. Parang nanghina na ako at nanghinayang dahil sa perang naibayad ko sa kanila, dahil isa akong ofw na hindi na bumalik sa Saudi kasi dahil sa liit lng ng sweldo. Tipid na tipid ako sa Saudi Arabia just to save more money para pag uwi malaki ang maipon ko at maiuwi kong pera, halos tinapay na rin ang kinakain ko dun araw araw para makatipid lang.
    Alam ko na hindi na cguro ma rerefund yun pera kasi almost 8 months na rin ang nakalipas, Ang gusto ko nalang mangyari ay wag na sana makatulad yun ibang pinoy sa atin na makapagbayad ng pera at maka signed ng contract for same happen to us. Hindi maganda ang marketing strategy nila dahil sa pamimilit nila sa mga customer nila.

    Wala din nakalagay sa policy na terms of condition or cancellation ng product nila. Ask ko lang po sa lahat panu yun cancellation kahit almost 8 months na yun nangyari? What will happen if I did not pay the said annual amount? My risk po ba? Ano po ba ang pwedeng making risk nito.
    We have to fight them against what they are doing just to sell their product, so nobody will experience the same thing for what happen to us. Ito po contact number ko 09173825153. Admin Jobrosario sana po meron tayung Private group sa fb para dun tayu magkaroon ng magandang conversation laban sa ginagawa nilang marketing strategy.. Maraming salamat po.

  124. sana po magkarun tayo ng private group sa FB para dun tayo lahat makagawa ng magandang conversation kung pano natin ma cancel ang product nila. salamat po ulit..

  125. Magandang araw po sa lahat ng mga blogger specially to Jobrosario. Matagal na po akong naghahanap ng blog na ganito about sa behaviour ng mga AGENT ng COCOLIFE for forcing us to avail their product (Future Savings Gold)

    Last August 24 2012, nagpunta ako sa SM Calamba to buy something and that mall is very far from our house, that day while I was on the mall their’s one Girl came to me and said their company (Cocolife) has an Aniversary today, the girl invited me to their office on the Third floor of the Mall and said (Magpapapoints lang po ako at wala kayong babayaran na kahit ano dahil my promotion lang po kaming product) nung nasa loob na ako ng office nila meron kaagad na binigay na forms and you have to fill a;; your information na nakasulta sa papel, I ask them what is the purpose of this thing and why should I wright all the asking information written on the paper, sabi ng employee dun na ok lang po yan walang babayaran hanggang sa umabot na my dumating na representative na iniindorse na yun product nila na Life insurance (Future Saving Gold) hanggang n discuss na yun dapat ko bayaran, nung una tumanggi ako kasi sabi ko saka na lang pag isipan ko muna, pero parang ayaw ako palabasin ng representative nila dun sa office hanggat hindi ako pumayag na mag signed ng contract at magbayad ng amount P11,300 for Annual payment daw thru my ATM, Paulit ulit lang ako tumanggi hanggang sa maireta na ako kasi medyo hapon at kailangan ko ng umuwi sa kasi malayo pa ang biyahe ko yun bayan namin kung saan ako nakatira. Pero nakapagbayad din ako ng amount na P11,300 for annual payment, kasi kailangan ko na talagang umuwi. Parang nanghina na ako at nanghinayang dahil sa perang naibayad ko sa kanila, dahil isa akong ofw na hindi na bumalik sa Saudi kasi dahil sa liit lng ng sweldo. Tipid na tipid ako sa Saudi Arabia just to save more money para pag uwi malaki ang maipon ko at maiuwi kong pera, halos tinapay na rin ang kinakain ko dun araw araw para makatipid lang.
    Alam ko na hindi na cguro ma rerefund yun pera kasi almost 8 months na rin ang nakalipas, Ang gusto ko nalang mangyari ay wag na sana makatulad yun ibang pinoy sa atin na makapagbayad ng pera at maka signed ng contract for same happen to us. Hindi maganda ang marketing strategy nila dahil sa pamimilit nila sa mga customer nila.

    Wala din nakalagay sa policy na terms of condition or cancellation ng product nila. Ask ko lang po sa lahat panu yun cancellation kahit almost 8 months na yun nangyari? What will happen if I did not pay the said annual amount? My risk po ba? Ano po ba ang pwedeng making risk nito.
    We have to fight them against what they are doing just to sell their product, so nobody will experience the same thing for what happen to us. Ito po contact number ko 09173825153. Admin Jobrosario sana po meron tayung Private group sa fb para dun tayu magkaroon ng magandang conversation laban sa ginagawa nilang marketing strategy.. Maraming salamat po.

  126. Magandang araw po sa lahat ng mga blogger specially to Jobrosario. Matagal na po akong naghahanap ng blog na ganito about sa behaviour ng mga AGENT ng COCOLIFE for forcing us to avail their product (Future Savings Gold)

    Last August 24 2012, nagpunta ako sa SM Calamba to buy something and that mall is very far from our house, that day while I was on the mall their’s one Girl came to me and said their company (Cocolife) has an Aniversary today, the girl invited me to their office on the Third floor of the Mall and said (Magpapapoints lang po ako at wala kayong babayaran na kahit ano dahil my promotion lang po kaming product) nung nasa loob na ako ng office nila meron kaagad na binigay na forms and you have to fill a;; your information na nakasulta sa papel, I ask them what is the purpose of this thing and why should I wright all the asking information written on the paper, sabi ng employee dun na ok lang po yan walang babayaran hanggang sa umabot na my dumating na representative na iniindorse na yun product nila na Life insurance (Future Saving Gold) hanggang n discuss na yun dapat ko bayaran, nung una tumanggi ako kasi sabi ko saka na lang pag isipan ko muna, pero parang ayaw ako palabasin ng representative nila dun sa office hanggat hindi ako pumayag na mag signed ng contract at magbayad ng amount P11,300 for Annual payment daw thru my ATM, Paulit ulit lang ako tumanggi hanggang sa maireta na ako kasi medyo hapon at kailangan ko ng umuwi sa kasi malayo pa ang biyahe ko yun bayan namin kung saan ako nakatira. Pero nakapagbayad din ako ng amount na P11,300 for annual payment, kasi kailangan ko na talagang umuwi. Parang nanghina na ako at nanghinayang dahil sa perang naibayad ko sa kanila, dahil isa akong ofw na hindi na bumalik sa Saudi kasi dahil sa liit lng ng sweldo. Tipid na tipid ako sa Saudi Arabia just to save more money para pag uwi malaki ang maipon ko at maiuwi kong pera, halos tinapay na rin ang kinakain ko dun araw araw para makatipid lang.
    Alam ko na hindi na cguro ma rerefund yun pera kasi almost 8 months na rin ang nakalipas, Ang gusto ko nalang mangyari ay wag na sana makatulad yun ibang pinoy sa atin na makapagbayad ng pera at maka signed ng contract for same happen to us. Hindi maganda ang marketing strategy nila dahil sa pamimilit nila sa mga customer nila.

    Wala din nakalagay sa policy na terms of condition or cancellation ng product nila. Ask ko lang po sa lahat panu yun cancellation kahit almost 8 months na yun nangyari? What will happen if I did not pay the said annual amount? My risk po ba? Ano po ba ang pwedeng making risk nito.
    We have to fight them against what they are doing just to sell their product, so nobody will experience the same thing for what happen to us. Ito po contact number ko 09173825153. Admin Jobrosario sana po meron tayung Private group sa fb para dun tayu magkaroon ng magandang conversation laban sa ginagawa nilang marketing strategy.. Maraming salamat po…

  127. in my case, complaint letter(stating qng anong nangyari from the beginning and I want my refund) ang isinubmit q sa main office nla sa makati, 2 copies un, at ipinareceive q sa office nina Teresa Bose @ Felix Alipio, tpos tig-1 kmi ng copy. After 3 days nla q pntwag kc iimbestighan p dw nla un at ippdla p nila sa agent nla ang complaint q, 2mwag aq sknla after 3dys to follow up regarding sa complaint q, knuha nla ang email q at dun q nlmang approved ang complaint q at after 21dys mqqha q ang refund q…After 21dys, 2mwag ulit aq sknla to follow up bout sa pera q, at cnb nia ntransfer n nila sa account q…

  128. tumwag lng kau or pmunta sa head office nila sa makati pra mlman nio qng anong dpat niong gwin…approachable nman cla eh…

  129. in my case, complaint letter ang ipinasa q sknla, inistate q dun from the beginning qng pano q nqhnan @ niloko ng agent nla…

  130. pano ba pagna 8 months na? my maclaclaim pa ba pag pina terminate yun Future savings gold sa cocolife? may any risk po din ba kung sakaling hindi mo na ipagpatuloy yung paghuhulog? sayang kasi 11300 persos din yun nawala sakin eh, sobra naman yun mga agent iindorse na life insurance nila from cocolife

    Yun sa ibang SM ganito na din ang ganigawa ng mga cocolife agent for selling their product, ang dami kasi nabibiktim, pipilitin ka nilang magbayad thru ATM or Credit Card, pero nakakaduda hindi cash ang hinihingi nila. Sana malaman ito ng mga StaFF ng SM para matigil yun Marketing Strategy na hindi maganda.

  131. haha. natatawa ko sa blog na toh. lahat ng nangyare sa inyo nangyare sa akin today. and guess what after saying NO! for a million times dun sa agent at dun sa manager na nanghusga na ng pagkatao ko dahil ayoko nga ng coco lumber este ng insurance na ngayn na kailangan din maghulog at magsign ng contract w/o giving me time to think and letting my partner know 1st. 3 hours pa din ang tinagal ko sa office nilang napakaingay sa loob. i already told the agent that i can’t decide today, then he called her manager. thats the time that got really pissed. the manager is asking whats my problem about their plan. i said the problem is i cant really decide today cause this is new to me and i need to tell my partner 1st cause where getting married and we need the money. the manager is attacking my personally after that. sobrang dame kong kwento about my conversation with the manager. na offend talaga ko sa kanila. antok na ko kaya hndi ko ma kwekwento lahat. bukas nalang ulit hehe. pero sobrang bastos nama. nila na gawin sa akn ito porket hndi ako nag yes… coconut nalang ipangaln nila sa company. mga bastos. pati ung babaing humatak sa akn sa office nla. isa pa yan… hinila pa kng mag check ng balance sa atm para may maipresent daw akng recite. tapo. ittng kng magkano savings ko. hello?! cnu ka ba pra sabhn ko sayo. bukas ulit hehe

    • Nagshare ako ng page na ito sa fb para mababalaan yun mga pupunta ng mall,.
      Pag hindi ako bc gagawa na rin ako ng private group sa fb para sa pahat ng nabiktima ay magkausap usap sila dun,,, salamat po ulit..

      • Hi. As much as I wanted to create a page for this, time is very scarce for me right now. But Niko12, thank you for doing this. Kindly put the link in here, so we can update ourselves with what others have experienced with the Cocolife agents. 🙂

  132. Same thing happen to last August 2012, their’s a girl came to me while im in sm calamba mall just to buy something, nag offer din sila ng my promo daw sila at wala daw ako babayaran, tapos sumama ako sa office nila, them 1 of their agent came to me and she started to indorse and offer the producr, cocolife future savings gold, nung una ayaw ko talaga pumayag na mg signed ng contract at bayaran yun inoofer nilang life insurance pero parang ayaw nila akong paalisin sa office nila, naireta ako at bigla ko nalang binayaran kasi naiinip na ako sa loob.P11,300 yun binayaran ko, kaso now gusto ko na ipa terminate yun contract na yun, sa totoo lang dapat malaman ito ng insurance commision itong ginagawa nila sa mga customer nila just to sell their product (life insurance)
    Sana po maggawa tayo ng group s fb para makapag conversation againts sa marketing strategy nila para wala ng mabiktima pang iba, ito po contact number ko sa mga interesado 09173825153-Jay

  133. Gago talaga ang mga Agent ng COCOLIFE, dapat dyan pinapa TULFO or XXX, para malaman nila yun Modus nila just to get Customer..

    Meron po ba kayung Group sa FB? yung Conversation Agains to the Agent of Cocolife on they are Indorsing their product.

    Bahala na ang DIYOS sa mga ginagawa ninyo, Pangloloko ang gingawa ninyo may Karma din kayo.

  134. Cocolife penetrates even in provinces, they have rented spaces in SM malls specifically.
    Two days ago, (18.04.13) the same scenario i dealt with when i roam around SM City in Iloilo. A very polite guy or i would say gay (because he looks and speaks like one) approached me and offer me a free insurance worth PH 20,000. When they realized that am quite interested, two more agents joined the team (of course who will say No if its really free) but when they’ve asked if i had a credit card, right there and then i knew something is not right, but just to proved what i felt, and out of my curiosity i went with him n CocoLife office which is located in the ground floor of SM City in Iloilo.

    A guy was assign to do “Company Introduction” in exchange of the free insurance. He first asked me how am i, where i live and then started mentioning some names that i dont even know. I told him to get straight to the point, then again he asked me if i have a credit card. Upon hearing my answer he hand over the form that i should fill in with some basic details and another question hit me when i read “Estimated yearly income”.. Oppss, at the back of my mind they wanted to assess how much they rob from me..

    To cut the story short, its not easy to run away when you are already inside their office as they’ll do everything for you to give in, but its also not hard to say No, as i did.

    @Jobrosario – many thanks for the post. God bless You! Keep the eye..

  135. I was browsing DTI website and found this… I hope it helps all of us.


    Do you know any other forms of scams? Are you a victim of any scam? If you think you know everything about these deceptive tactics, think again. Ask the following questions to yourself once a tempting offer comes to you. If your answered YES to all or most of the questions, then… most definitely, it’s a SCAM!

    1. Are you asked to pay a certain amount to claim a prize?
    2. Are you required to pay right away?
    3. Does the caller or salesperson refuse to provide written information?
    4. Does the offer promise sizable returns with minimal risk?
    5. Is the company or salesperson persistent in the pitch or sales talk?
    6. Are you asked to keep the offer a secret?
    7. Are you promised large sums of money for little or no effort on your part?
    8. Are you requested to provide money for a processing fee to expedite the process of claiming your prize?
    9. Are you requested to provide your bank account number where the sender can deposit your prize money?
    10. Does the request contain a sense of urgency?
    11. Does the sender offer to send you proof that their activity is legitimate?
    12. Does the sales person pressure you to make a decision as soon as possible?

    Scammers are often very persuasive. If you don’t listen carefully to the things they say, you can be a victim. Here are some lines you should watch out for. If you hear these lines, STOP and be firm in telling that you will first study their offer. Better, just ignore them.

    “Your profit is guaranteed.”
    “It’s an amazingly high rate of return.”
    “There’s no risk.”
    “You are stupid if you let this opportunity pass.”
    “This offer is only available today.”
    “I’ll get you the paperwork later.”
    “Just make your check out to me.”


  136. And also this… it might help someone who are scammed (i mean scammed- those who are taken money from, who signed documents by force, etc.) and bold enough to file a complaint against the agents of Cocolife.

    Consumer Complaints

    For Consumer Complaints, kindly fill-up the Complaint Form (download it here) or you may prepare a complaint letter addressed to and with the following information:

    Officer-In-Charge, Consumer Assistance and Protection Division (CAPD)
    DTI – National Capital Region
    12/F Trafalgar Plaza 105 HV Dela Costa Street
    Salcedo Village, Makati City

    1.Complete name, address and contact number of complainant and respondent.
    2.Narration of facts
    3. Demand
    4. Scan and attach proof of transaction and any government issued ID of the complainant.

    and send it via email to

    or you may personally visit and submit it to:

    Public Assistance Desk (PAD) at the DTI-Head office:
    Ground Floor, 361 Trade and Industry Building , Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Philippines 1200

    Department of Trade and Industry – NCR Regional office:
    12/F Trafalgar Plaza 105 HV Dela Costa Street Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines 1227

    and you may call:

    DTI-Direct – (632) 751-3330
    DTI-NCR, CAPD (National Capital Region clients) 811-8231 to 32

  137. oh my! just last sunday i encountered the same experience at SM – Davao :(( though i only payed 1,000 just to stop them. but i was asked to go back and pay the full amount of 6, 091Php. I thought of going to BDO and UCPB to clarify/ inquire on this…and i come across your account. thank you

  138. thank you jobsario for the details. sana mlaman ng cocolife head office kung ano pinagagawa at pinagsasabi ng mga aswang na agents nila.. ganyang sila magaling sa pangloloko. sana makarma sila sa kanilng ginagawa. nkakahiyang tumanggap nang swildo o commission na galing sa mga taong niloko nila. sana maisip nla yun..
    Iniiwasan kuna pumunta sa SM kc na trauma ako dun sa Cocolife! Such a shame on SM na pinayagan nla mg operate ung manlolokong cocolife agents..

  139. ask lang po if kinuha ko yung policy ko sa kanila hindi na po bah pwedeng mag cancel ako sa availment?please help. thanks.

  140. for delivery na daw ung cheke ko, text na lang daw nla ako kung pwede na pick-up sa branch nila.. wag po kayo papadala sa sinasabi nila na di pwede magpa-cancel at magpa-refund. Mas maaga magpa-cancel mas maganda.

      • nag-avail ako ng plan nila March 15 sa SM Sta. Rosa. Napa-cancel ko agad sya MArch 16. Kinulit ko sila nang kinulit. April 25 ininform nila ako na pwede na kunin cheke ko sa branch nila.

  141. ako din ganito nangyari s akin sa cebu they get may atm check f i had more than 15,000 den nung nakita nila pinasok ako s loob ng room..thank god m friend called me and not to entertain their doings…di ako pinapalabas kz i committed daw to listen for 45 mins…but i insisted and get out…

  142. Hi guys, I recently got the refund check yesterday. After 1 month and 3 weeks since nag submit ako ng cancellation letter.Thanks God! If u wanted to cancel the plan..make sure u cancelled it within 15 days starting from the day u received ur policy. Ingat nlng tayo nxtym.. Lesson learned: if ur not sure about spending ur money on an investement just say NO. Dont be too nice. Ask somebodys opinion like ur friend or family member if ur not sure before u make a decision. Dont bring ur atm savings card, debit card or credit card with u if hndi mo ito kailangan sa mall or in any place. Godbless us Guys!


  143. na experience ko rn yn yesterday april 25 2013. mag meet kmi ng ate ko sa robinson’s ermita. biglang my lumapit sken na chubby na girl name DAISY. she asked me kung may credt card dw ako sbi ko yes, and then sbi nya mron dw akong free shopping bag tpos dun ko dw i-cclaim sa office nla, nung ngllakad na kmi bnigyan nya ko ng leaflet/brochure na mkkasali raw ako sa promo nla na trip to disneyland hongkong at kung mananalo raw ako pwde dw i-coonvert sa cash. so habong papunta ng office nila tinanong ko na sya kung may babayaran ba ko sabi naman nya wala so derecho kami, nung nandon na kmi sa office may pina-fill up sken na form, confidential pa nga raw kung ano man info ang isusulat ko, nung natapos nko mg fill up, text na ng text na ate ko dhil ng aanty na sya sa meeting place nmin, ngreply ako skanya na meron akong i-cclaim na free bag from cocolife, reply kagad sya i should get out there at manloloko dw yun dhil muntik na rn sya maloko sa SM san lazaro naman yun. nung pgkatext nya na gnon, agad akong ng dahilan pra makaalis dun, sbi ko ng aantay na yung ate ko at babalikan ko nlng, sbi ba naman sken na mag iwan ako ng i.d. hindi xerox kundi ung mismong original na id ko, hindi ako pumayag, talagang ngpupumilit sila na tapusin ko raw yung presentation tapos dalawa na silang ngtataray sken ung isang girl ung isa naman bading, mga naka taas na yung kilay, biglang sumulpot ung ate ko sa pnaka loob ng office, at niyaya akong umalis na, nagsasalita pa sila tinalikuran ko na sila at sumunod sa ate. nagulat nga raw ung receptionist dahil wlang sabi sabi, dire-direcho sya sa loob. buti nalang malaks loob nya pumasok sa loob kundi bka andun pa din ako at ngtuloy- tuloy ung transaction. and i thanked her for that.

  144. I was harassed by their pesky agents as well. I was initially offered a chance to win a trip for four to Disneyland Hong Kong, then I was told that their drop box is right at their office, and that I will listen in to one of their agents, which will take 30 minutes, but I can make it as short as 10 if I don’t ask any questions. Then, I was pulled in to the room at the back of their office, and I was given the specifics with their sound system blaring all over the room (which I think is there to keep you from concentrating and to just say yes). Afterwards, I said I will study their offer, then she said that it’s only good for today, and that’s where she really got pesky. She never let me stand up and leave, claiming that I must be given “proper exit” before I can leave, and kept on insisting the offer to me. Eventually, I stood up, took the paper which I was asked to fill up earlier, walked straight out the door and tore the paper.

    Definitely a scam. They’re trying to pester you into getting their policy, and eventually you’ll give in and pay up. Don’t be fooled by them, they’re out to get your money.


  146. I availed last Saturday lang may 4, 2013..actually..after reading all the post here im not sure kung icacancel ko kasi my friend’s bf worked at cocolife and he assured me na maganda talga yun FSP. it is true daw na mas mataas ang interest nila well I cannot say po na it is true kasi after 2 yrs pa malalaman haha

    but my sister is strongly encouraging me to cancelled it same reason with you guys..manloloko sila..

    up to now im undecided.. cause I really want a time deposit acct. it is just 6k..

    pls help me decide on this guys

  147. nbiktima din ako naw lng mppblik p kya pera ko hai 2k din un
    savi after 3months saka mghuhulog ng 2k ulit dun daw sa knila sa robinson ortigas

  148. 😦 …hello po sa inyuh pwede po bah aq pa hELp na maibalik money ku worth 33,588.55 sa cocolife kc nabiktima aq sa SM sa cebu,,,,huhuhuh maawa po kau sa akin,…kaka graduate q lang po ….na luko aq akad huhuh plsss po..txt me 09162813280….pls po maawa kau….nasa BOHOL na kc aq..sabi nila with in 10 days dadating yung policy pero wala pa rin…nung april 23,2013 po aq naluko

  149. dapat ma ereport na ito kasi madami na tayong na victima ng scam na ito… at baka madami pang madadagdag..
    pls post it @ face book

  150. Same with me… super late to read this post also. I am from Cebu. They called me up in our office and told me that I have to claim something very important daw in their office. They said it is a certificate na proof daw na ginagamit ko na daw young card ko. 1 month pa lang nasa akin ung card ko that time. i ask them if pwd bang di ko na lang e.claim but then they told me at kinukulit ako kasi nga daw tumatawag na yong bank sa kanila. I am not familiar dun sa place nila sa may Robinsons Cyber Gate sa Cebu tapos first time ko magkaroon ng credit card and hindi ko naman alam na wala palang certificate na proof na ginagamit ko na ung card ko. So, pumunta naman ako. That was March 5, 2012. Sabi nila punta daw ako sa 2nd floor ng bldg tapos may tinext sila sa akin na verification code. 1 pm daw dapat andun na ako. hindi ko alam kung bakit ako napapayag pero naibigay ko yong card ko. Akala ko 1k+ lang yong kukunin nila pero 16k+ pala. Pag.uwi ko sa bahay tiningnan ko lahat ng ibinigay nilang papers tapos yong certificate pala eh scholarship lng pala sa DATAMEX na school eh madami na ako nun eh from DEPED. so nagtext agad ako sabi ko ipapacancel ko na lang. PERO sabi nung MRS REYES na katext ko eh sa makati pa daw ipa.process at NON REFUNDABLE na daw yung binayad ko. Lagi ko silang tinatawagan pero on leave daw yong in charge pati ung Mrs. Reyes. Pinaalam ko sa Bank pero wala na daw silang magagawa. Kaya yun nahihirapan na akong bayaran ung card ko hanggang sa di ko na lang xa ginamit. Ano ba yong pwd kong gawin? or may magagawa pa ba ako??? Nasa akin lahat ng papers nila. At pinadalhan pa nila ako ng letter na DUE DATE ko na daw at kailangan ko ng magbayad ulit…. 😦 Sayang yong Card ko… Hirap pa naman mg apply… Yong freind ko muntik na din mabiktima sa SM Cebu buti na lng daw at naalala niya yong nangyari sa akin.

    • Ms Geraldine, tawag ka muna sa CC mo at iapply mo for deffered payments kamo, tapos mamili ko anong terms.. habang asikasuhin mo ang cancellation mo.. email ka kay tapos sasabihin sa yo ang gagawin.. Hope makatulong to sa u, on d way pa cancellation ko.. ibabalik ng CC sa yo bsta na cancel n ng COCOLIE…

  151. I think this is not a scam. The problem is the way agent do the offer. Future Savings products is actually a Pension/Retirement Plan and the insurance associated with is only a benefit.

  152. Sa sm city cebu coco life branch madaming aswang na agent jan.. lalo na manager nila c Junalyn Pio mukhang pera at c Ruffy mukhang aswang! Professional manloloko sila.. Akala mo kung sino peru kapatid lng nyan sa mgnanakaw!, they get their money sa panloloko.. Ma KARMA sna sila!!

    • Hi bakit ka galit sa kanila..c ruffy din ang nag assist sakin nun weird nga.i dont know kung naloko ako kinuha sakin 30,500 sa debit card ko kc nag apply ako 200000 face amount sa future savings account..can you help me give me some ideas i want yo cancel pero nasa labas pa ako ng bansa msg 6 mths na kc makancel pa kya yun.

  153. papano po icancel pls help me.. kahapon lng ngyari …
    reply po kayo kung papano nyo na cancel.. pls po,, bblik kasi aq ngaun s branch

  154. Hi po same din ng nangyari skn yesterday sa cocolife SM Manila..akala ko raffle entry lng and then ngulat nlng ako nung dinadala na ko papuntang office nila sa taas..Tpos may isang sales agent dun na babae na nkipag one on one talk skn pinapapayag ako mg invest sknila pero thru credit card..Panu po kaya un nkapag filled up ako ng form nila including my name address,contact details pero hndi ako nkpagbigay ng credit card details ko kase at the end hindi nila ko napapayag..Pero ung credit card ko tinigan lng sandali..May mababawasan ba un sa credit card ko kht ndi na swipe?

  155. Hi all, same thing nangyari din sakin to kagv lang. May 16, 2013. may chance pa ba marefund ko ung pera ko and gnu katagal bago makuha hindi pa pagpnta mo ulit dun sa opis nila eh makukuha mo na. potek kasi namimilit sila and nangprepressure ung tipong lalapit ung ibang agent para lang svhn na ituloy ko. tumawg na ko sa cocolife sv sakin kausapin ko nga dw ung agent na kumausap sakin. so need ko bumalik maya. may chance pa macancel ko and marefund pera ko. tnx!

    • ma re-refund po yun basta asikasuhin nyo lang po agad ung cancellation. ung saken ndi na na-charge sa credit card ko, mag 2 days process ko din ginawa, nagtatago na kase ung agent na kumausap saken eh. goodluck

      • Hi, pano nyo ginawa? I paid thru credit card… And I am really devastated. Bumalik ako sa branch and then sabi hindi ko raw marerefund! Liars! How do i do this? Pls help 😦

      • gaano na katagal since you’ve signed up? if beyond 15-31 days (depende sa cooling off period nila) then you can cancel your policy with them. Paano ka ba nagbayad? credit card? autodebit? check? or cash?

      • Hi! Panu po hndi ncharge sa credit nyo? Ano po ginawa nyo? Napilit nila q sumali nung May 20, 2014 😦 they swipe my card they said ttry lang qng pde aq dun sa plan qng maapprove 😦 gsto q marefund ung 21k q.. Wala pa skin ung policy tnxt q ung agent q sabi nya hnd daw pde kc on process na daw ung policy.. Ano ponh dapat gwin?

  156. Good day..can anyone answer my question na pag nag pa cancel ka khit any type na reasons ay pwede para maging grounds na ma grant yung cancellation mo? please help me po to be enlighten. thanks po.

    • hi yan.. ako hndi ko alam ang sagot pero much better kung sabihin mo it was not explained to you properly..i cancelled na my fsp..for processing daw

  157. ringo..u don’t need bumalik sa branch..mag email ka ng cancellation letter or iparecive mo sa head office..ang advice saken ng insurance main office aq pumunta..di na ko babalik sa branch ..mapipikon k lang dun..

    • pmnta ako sa branch nila e. pinasa ko laha ng docu pero pinaxerox ko muna pati ung cancellation letter ko. pinirmahan nmn kgad ng branch manager. tinatawagan ko nmn parati e para paala2 sknla sumasagot nmn sya. pati sa headoffice tumawag din ako on-process na dw ung cancellation ko. sana makuha ko kagad ung refund ko. ok nmn sila kausap e. basta sa tamang pakikipagusap lng.

  158. ok ang service ng insurance com…nagemail pa sila ng letter sa cocolife attention to the president..indicating to process may cancellation.. signed by their atty. mismo.. 2 thumbs up for dti and insurance com…fast assistance

  159. uo join kayo fb group ntin.. mas madali dun e.. sabi ng Management ng mall pag naka 5 dw magco complain e aaksyunan n ng mall un…

    • Ok klng do u thnk kaya mag ri risk c henry sy xa cocolife kng alam ya scam.mag ibap ka nga bgo eh put up ang business ini evaluate yn ppara d mkcra xa dignidada ng company or mall

    • Anu po b dpat ilagay s cancellation letter..kailngan po b ilagay dun n alm n na scam ang gngwa nila?kc po ako khpon lng nbiktima..d ako nktulog ng maaus..pls help me po.

      • Nagpunta ako kaagad khpon ngfile ako ng cancellation letter at kinuha nnman bblik akos thursday for approval at ng mprocess n..after dw kc nun s cocolife makati n ko mg ffollow up..maibblik nman dw pera ko..and for now still waiting..

  160. gnito kasi yan db nkainsured ka?
    panu kung my sakit ka pla? d mablis kng mamamatay kpg ngktaon, mlu2gi ug comp sau…

    • Kya nga my investigation eh. Tinatanung kng my xakt ka pg nangyri at nlman nla decline ka xa cocolife.pero pg ngkxkt then cover ka nla

  161. Read this blog last May 23 2013 after I paid initial deposit for Cocolife Future Savings Platinum via BPI debit card at Cocolife – SM Cebu. I admit, this blog made me rationalize if the whole Cocolife plan was a scam or not but in the end chose to believe that it was true. Kasi, part of investing is patience and not being afraid to take the risk. I was not forced by my SM Cocolife agent. In fact, she would always emphasize na “extra money” ang gamitin sa pag-invest. I guess, because it was an extra money, the fear of being scammed on my part was not that huge. But money is still money, so I played safe and paid only the amount due for the 1st quarter of my chosen face amount.

    I got my policy certificate on the day that I paid my initial payment. Unlike most of you, I did not get the chance to follow-up my policy statement because of my busy schedule. Pero, kahit hindi ako nag-follow-up, natuwa naman ako na pinadala nila sa home address ko ang policy statement. It arrived ~3 weeks after I paid my initial payment. At, di po ito pinadala via “snail mail” but through a credible forwarder — LBC. I think that important documents being sent via mail is a normal thing and should not be feared. Examples? Philippine Passport, Foreign Visas and documents that may include insurance of a newly purchased cars are sent via mail.

    I think hindi scam ang Cocolife sa SM stores. Di din naman siguro bobo ang SM para i-allow ang ganoong activities na pwedeng ikasira ng good name nila. Plus, the company that I am working with provides Cocolife insurance to its company. UCPB is a good bank. And I know people who were scholars of Cocofed, parang subsidiary or something ng cocolife. But, I agree na dapat careful pa din tayo. Doon lang tayo dapat kukuha sa credible agents, and I think that the Cocolife in SM can be trusted.

    Money is important kasi mahal na ang mga bagay-bagay ngayon. So, siguro, maging wise lang tayo sa investments. Wag mag-invest nang masyadong malaki if di mo kayang panindigan yung pwedeng mawala sa ‘yo. And, sa banks or cooperatives naman, do not invest more than the insurable amount.

  162. guys, phelp nmn po. knna lang ako pay 8139 as quarterly payment plus 2 personal accidents. actually ok nmn ung life insurance na 4139 (yung 4000 npunta sa 2 personal accidents na d nmn inexplain). wla pa kong policy number ksi wla akong ID kanina. As i’ve read this blog, ntakot naman ako bgla. Pero I heard good feedbacks din about coco sa mga kakilala ko, Pero nmamahalan ksi ako. savings account ko ang gnamit as mode of payment tpos 5-6 times ata ko pinapirma sa receipt. possible ba na marefund ko pa pera? khpon ko lang ksi inavail.

  163. Nag-give in din ako sa tactic nila, 4560/quarter, I’ve already paid 2 quarters, and that’s 9k..Sayang din yun. di ko na binayaran yung premium for January, is it possible na makuha ko pa yung 9k??? july 20, 2012 pa effective yung contract..Ano ba yung non-forfeiture agreement????

  164. Na invite then akn dati kxama ko ung pinsan ko nag present cla xkn ng future savings reality naguztuhn ko then kxo nga lng kulang ung pera ko for initial pero pinakita nla xkn ung two thousand pesos na group personal accident kya kumuha then ako pina insured ko papa ko the xame then xa pinsan ko.after two months na car accident ung father ng pinsan ko ung nkuha ng pinsan ko worth of one million.minsan na realize ko ma appriciate mlng pla ang ixng bgy pg my nangyri pero pg wla pa.puros nega. Kc ako dpt negative then acpt ko yn pro pla mali ako

  165. Sa barya or sobra na.naipon ng karoon ka ng.future savings…
    Sa.40 pesos na isang. Araw.. Kaya mka morethan ang.kapalit ay isang magandang bahagi ng future just incase something happen.sayo protected ka…accidental.death..natural death plus burial…i know.yung iba sabi nila nila.kailangan pero pag dating ng.araw na masabi na kailangan mo.sya. Talaga…hindi ko sinabi. Na ikakayaman. Mo to.pero atlest pandagdag Lang kung anong meron ka ngayun…thanks.Godbless

  166. actually hindi naman to scam, they even reversed my payment through credit card upon my request of cancellation of their Future Savings Plan. They charged it back worth 12K, pero naisip ko we can’t predict the future, and just incase may fallback. So I’ve decided na kukuha na lang ako sa kanila ng Personal Accident Insurance maximum insured amount of 1,000,000 for the whole year, it would only cost you a premium of 1,250 per year. Good investment na rin para sa unforetold circumstances *knock on wood* if something will happen at least no worries pa yung loved ones mo.

    Pero sa cases nang refund or charge back sa credit card mo. I re refund nila yun as long as mag request kalang ng cancellation mababait naman mga tao dun sa head office nila, tsaka i aassist ka.

  167. nag avail naman ako ng future perfect(gold) last yr 2010 worth 34,535 per year ayaw ko kasi sa platinum habol ko insurance coverage malaki face amount around 400,000 thousand kasi i have 2 kids… anyway… share ko lang last march 3 2013 na diagnose po ako ng cervical cancer… pero pasalamat nalaang ako na covered pala yun ng terminal illnes living benefit so kahit paano naka tulong yun sa pag undergo ko ng chemotherapy nakakuha ako ng cash asistant… 400,000… anyway kahit di ako gumaling JEFF and TINA mahal na mahal kayo ni mommy jen… alam ko kahit paano may maiiwan pa ako… i just want to thank my agent… alam ko kung sino ka… basta maraming salamat…. thank you bakla na approach moko ako sa mall of asia..

  168. Wah!!! navictima ako ngayon lang, , now ko lang nalaman after reading this blog, Just texted the marketing assistant, I told them to cancel the policy preparation and return my money.

    • SAme old story, yung mga na post nyo yung mga sinabi nya, had only 2 hrs to decide, when I read this blog, just realized, super laki nabigay ko na good for 1 year na tapos ang fsp ay 200K lang, na ang paymanet ay 15,212.53 x 10 years. I will go back again to SM Santa Rosa ang prepare my cancellation letter, i have not received the policy yet, just the confirmation and some docs, Just realized I signed 3x on a paper, lam ko ID yon,He debited it my account. Now after reading all your storie, ayaw ko na, mabigat yung 15.2K/month, at nabigla ako na ginawa nyang whole year. nanghihinayang ako sa money.

      sinc according to this blog, have 15 days to process, I hope I would be able to get the money na and cancel all. Thanks

  169. Omg! Pareho tayo parang pareho lang ang strategy ginamit nila sa atin. Ako kahapon din naswipe sa credit card 20, 023.00. Ewan ko nga namanipulate ako at piangtulungan nila ako pati yong manager nila. Tinanong nila ako if my cc ba ako at magkano balance tapos kumuha na sila ng form at pinapirma sa akin. Sabi nila for approval pa naman daw ng banko ko tapos ayon bigla na nila swipe ang card. Kainis talaga yong scam here sa office nila nagpasama ako sa kapatid ko papacancel ko din yong sa akin. Imagine nyo naman 20k swipe sa credit card for savings daw natin. Pangsave natin na utang sa credit card tapos sabi nila ok lang naman daw na magfix payment ako sa cc ko. Tinagawan ko provider ko floating pa naman daw at upon approval pa kaya pwed ko pa daw pacancel sa kanila. Loko din tong mga taong to 10am pa ako dito andito sila lahat pero daw 12pm pa sila magentertain kasi 12pm pa resume ng work nila. Bakit sila maaga kung 12 pa duty nila. Basta by hook or by crook dapat ecancel nila. Hirap nga ako magbayad sa cc ko e.swipe ba naman ng 20k. Nakakainis talaga..mga scammer nga!

    • Hello
      Nakakuha din ako dyan sa cebu this may 2013 gusto ko ipacancel pag uwi ko.nag open ako ng future savings account which is 200,000 face amount babayaran ko 10 yrs daw.tapos i just wonder 30,500 yung kinuha sa card ko pang open lang tapos im going to started to pay by next year to the face amount..malabo yong agent nakikipag usap sakin..need help pls….i dont understand pwede pa kya makancel yun almost 6 mths na kc .out of the country pa kasi ako now.

  170. I’ve been in SM cebu to cancel my FS platinum kasi nga yong reason ko parang nahypnotized ako. Ayon yong agent ko pinagawa ako ng cancellation letter para e.cancel. Sad to say yong Php4,000 di na raw pwed kasi daw insurance ko raw yong for whole year. Ayaw ko na maginsist kasi nakakapagod narin. Actually di naman talaga scam ang Coco life ang mga agent lang talaga the way they drag us to fall on their net is yon ang scam. Sabihan ka ba naman na di pwed bumalik kasi on that day offer lang sya at kahit babalik ka the following day magdadala ka ng 1,000,000 di nila tatanggapin kasi daw they dont need your money. Kaya ayon sana lang ecancel nila. Sabi nila they will going to send the cancellation letter to head office in Makati. Pero ang ginawa ko I sent back up copy through LBC sakali di nila gagawin agad ang cancellation. tapos tumawag ako sa customer service nila. Pinaemail sa akin lahat ng nangyari para naman daw aware sila sa mga agent’s strategy in detailed daw kasi nakatawag pansin narin daw ang insurance commission. I still insist na ecancel nila kasi the transaction was made just yesterday. Wala rin akong copy sa policy nila. If I am ready for future savings pwed naman tayo bumalik sa kanila eh pero hindi yong e.swipe ang credit card natin. Cash is good yong extra money natin hindi yong uutangin natin sa credit card na labag sa loob natin naswipe na pala..ingot din tayo noh biglang pumirma pagkalabas ng resibo as they said upon approval of the bank daw.OMG! as if naman first time tayong nakagamit ng cc natin..yong resibo paglabas non approved na hay nako. Sana lang macancel nila. Pero to sum it up coco life is not a scam. Sa akin lang papacancel ko kasi saan ko kukunin pambayad ng credit card na full charge naman pala. Yong sabi nila na montly daw naku yon ang lokuhan..

  171. last may 30,2013 nabiktima rin ng mga ito ung kapatid ko and ung friend nya, dun nman kmi nabiktima sa robinsons galleria, 10,000+ ung nakuha sa kapatid ko and dun nman sa friend nya 12,000+ nman. ngayon june 21 na wala pa rin ung policy na sinasabi nilang ipapadala raw, tanong ko lang po, pwede ko pa kya mahabol ipa cancel at mabawi ko ung mga binayad nila tutal wala pa nman binibigay sa amin na policy… salamat po…

    • dapat ngbigay sila agad na cancellation letters kc based s mga nabasa ko meron lang tayo 15 days period from opening ng account. Pero itry nyo pa din gumawa ng request at mkipagcoordinate dun s agent nila at sa customer service ng cocolife.

      Nbiktima din ako nung june 08, 2013. naibalik lang ung portion n inapply s future savings last july 15, 2013, pero ung portion n inapply sa insurance indi pa.. You may check ung details ng kwento ko below.

  172. you were undoubtedly misled into believing its a kind of savings offered by the banks. i dont think its a scam though. policy contracts can be mailed if the planholder resides in an area very far from cocolife office. however, it is important to explain its content to the planholder. cocolife is an insurance provider not a bank. they ought to offer insurance not an ordinary savings.

  173. hi,, panu po makukuha or ma cacancel yan,, kanina kase nakuhanan ako ng 6000, for savings daw, sabi i aaprove pa daw, ehh di nila sinabi na kukunin na nila ung amount sa atm ku,, ayun,, parang na hypnotize ako,, di ko alam kung anung gagawin ko. pls help.. or pls pm me in

    • nangyari na rin sa akin yan, nung sinwipe nila cc ko, 12K+ ang nakuha nila. The next day na basa ko ang mga post sa blog na to kinabahan ako, right after work sinugod ko yung office nila then nag pasa agad ng cancellation letter. I coconvince ka pa nila tas mag peprevaricate pa yang mga yan isu sway ka nila sa panibagong sales talk or sasabihin na bawal na mag cancel. Huwag ka magpadala, kasi wala namang ruling na di pwede mag cancel be insistent and be firm kelangan pag alis mo sa office nila me copy ng na receive nila na cancellation letter mo, pa photo copy mo na tapos papirmahan mo sa kanila yung receiving copy mo. Then tawag ka sa main office follow up mo dun sa marketing dept. nila, mababait mga tao dun don’t worry. Kelangan lang ma assure mo na na receive na nung marketing dept. nila sa main office na nakuha na nila yung pinasa mong cancellation letter then yung copy mo nung receipt sa cc or debit card. May waiting period yan, yung sa akin na charge back sa cc ko after two weeks. Basta wag mo lang patagalin pa cancel mo na agad kong decided ka talaga na ipapacancel mo.

      Anyway di naman scam tong cocolife kumuha na nga lang ako sa kanila ng personal accident insurance worth P1,250.00 maximum face amount P1,000,000.00 good for a year just in case. Pero yung savings? itatime deposit ko na lang pera ko at least nag eearn pa ng interest, savings na rin yun para sa future di ba?.

  174. Ako I am really working on it, time to time almost everyday tumatawag ako sa head office ng coco life. I filed my cancellation the day after nakuha sa akin yong exact Php20,023.00 through my credit card. Mababait naman ang mga taga head office ng coco life yon nga long distance talaga ang tawag ko because I am here in Cebu. Yong SM cebu coco life branch sila daw yong magsusubmit ng cancellation letter ko but to make it sure nagpadala ako ng photocopy of my letter sa head office nila through LBC. After tinawagan ko pa yong customer service nila- head office of coco life, nag.aassist naman sila. Pina email nila sa akin yong cancellation letter ko as scanned copy. Para sigurado nagpatulong ako sa IC through email lang kasi ang hirap pasukin ng telephone nila panay busy pero nagreply naman yong taga IC at nagemail narin sila sa coco life regarding my cancellation. Tinawagan ko yong coco life head office for approval na daw ang cancellation ko which I am hoping na ASAP siya.

    Anyway, hindi naman talaga scam ang coco life. Nagkamali lang talaga sa mga agents na hahatak sa atin tapos parang namimilit na sila sa atin dahil habol nila commission. Pero kung may proper explanation lang tagala like the customer service in their head office explained to me okay naman sya, yon nga lang since investment and monthly payment up to 10 years kailangang pag.isipan hindi tulad ng sinasabi ng mga agents nila na on that day lang ang offer at di na pwed bumalik the ff. day. According to head office of coco life e.explain lang dapat sa atin if we can decide right away mas okay pero kung hindi their office is always open for us. Yong sa akin lang I want to cancel it kasi hindi tama yong ginawa nila sa akin na swipe na pala ang credit card ko. So i told their head office I am willing to invest soon by cash not in credit card, mas maganda kasi yong magiinvest tayo using our extra money hindi yong uutangin din natin ang pang invest natin.

    For overview lang:

    You will invest good for 10 years like for example 100k. On the 11th year may 10% monthly ka na makukuha out of the face amount. Para kang may pension na matatanggap every month. Then I am not sure after how many years or 16th years ba pwed mo makuka ang 50% non. Or kung hindi pa aabot ang 10 years sa investment mo and you need the money pwed ka magloan sa kanila.

    Yon ang explanation ng head office sa akin, pero yong agent ko sa cebu parang aatend kami ng geyra hindi ko sya naintindihan kaya parang scam tuloy.

  175. Hello fellas, same thing happened to me yesterday at Robinsons Galleria Ortigas.. May isang guy na pasimpleng lumapit telling me that it’s their anniv and that they’re giving free gift. I don’t usually entertain mga lumalapit na ganun, inisip ko talaga sabihin na di ko dala atm ko na lagi kong sinasabi, i don’t know why that day napakagat ako sa scheme nila, knowing that I am in a hurry that time coz my parents are waiting for me inside the mall. To think, malapit lang talaga ako sa jollibee where my parents are pero di ako nakaalis sa bitag ng bwisit na guy na yun. How I wish I entered another gate or umuwi nalang deretso. At napasama nya pa ako sa office nila, dun na nangyari ang kamalasan sakin. Kinukulit na ako ng papa ko through call kung san na raw ako at uuwi na kami, takot ako sa dad ko pero ba’t di ko masabi kung san ako that very moment. huhu i was out of my senses.. sa pagmamadali ko dahil inabot na ako ng 1 or 2 hours na dun at para makaalis na, di ko na binasa yung contract, pirma all the way nalang ako which is a big mistake. ni hindi ko nga naintindihan yung presentation sakin ng agent kasi worried na ako at gusto ko ng umalis agad.. grrrr yes I am weak but I’m not good at making decisions, nakakainis at napapayag nila ako na iswipe yung atm card ko eh sabi iverify lang daw kung papayag ang bank ko.. yun pala naminus na 3, 870 sa atm ko, timing pa talaga na 16K laman ng atm ko nun. hayz di na po ako nakatulog kagabi at ewan ko kung makakatulog pa sa mga susunod na araw, I am really a worrier, sooooo disturbed kahapon pa, para akong lumulutang and I’m out of my mind. Di ko pa po ininform parents ko or anyone about this.. I was thinking of processing it on my own first then saka ko na iconsult sa aunt ko na taga media(newspaper) and friend ko na atty. Nakakahiya kasi nagpaloko ako, ang tanga2 ko. Now I don’t know where to start. huhuhu actually i went back sa ortigas branch kanina to get my documents kasi di ko na nakuha kahapon sa pagmamadali ko.. and they gave me the receipt of my payment and confirmation cert. plus yung isang paper with personal accident card no.worth 20K. Yun lang ba talaga yung ibinibigay? I asked how about the papers that I filled out with all my personal data, sabi nya ipapadala daw yun with the policy. Waaah should I wait for that or what I have with me are enough as proof to process my cancellation? Di ako nagpahalata kanina na I’m planning to cancel my application with them. Totoo ba yung 15day free whatever na pwede pa magcancel? (wala talaga akong alam sa insurance ekek. haha) What should I tell them? Ano2 po ba yung mga valid reasons na kinoconsider nila to cancel your membership? Pwede pa ba marefund pag atm yung ginamit? Halos lahat kasi nabasa ko dito, puro credit card yung ginamit nila? And if I don’t continue paying kung di man macancel, pwede ba sila magfile ng legal charge against me? Winithdraw ko nalang yung remaining balance ko sa atm para di mabawasan. Pwede ba nilang gawin yun dahil sa pagswipe ng card mo? Parang naibigay ko kasi yung account no. ko. Pero di naman siguro nila malalaman yung password ko, posible ba yun? I have no idea. I will call first the insurance commission tomorrow and the customer care service of Cocolife. Tama ba? May format po ba kayo ng cancellation letter or any idea how to do it at kung kanino iaaddress? Sa main office ba o sa branch nila at pwede lang ba handwritten? Sino po papipirmahin ko, yung agent or the manager of their branch? Kindly help me what to do, i would really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Truth is I have already resigned from my work in Zamboanga City because I am applying for abroad as a nurse.. Nakikipagsapalaran na nga, naloko pa. Tsk Help us God. Muchas gracias! Godbless everyone. Hoping for a positive response from any of you. Thanks 🙂

  176. Huhu, nascam na ata ako.. last june 30, till now pnabalik balik lang ako.. nkpgbayad na ko sa future savings kuno, pero wla kong hawak na kahit ano.. policy at ung pasbook daw.. ano mga dpat una ko gawin?

  177. bwiset tlga ang mga agents branch nla d2 sa sm dasmarinas,bwiset tlga i need my money back,d barya ang nkuha skin mga manggagantso kau!!!

  178. Hi, it also happens to me..good thing I didn’t provide my credit card details to them but I actually paid 4K, and haven’t heard anything from them..can you guys help me to cancel it and how can I get my money back.. 😦

  179. Nkapg cancel ako, may 18 q nsend yung letter tas june 5 na approved yung cancellation ko, 30working days pa hinintay ko, yesterday july 9 ng txt n skin si sir felix na pede na mkuha yung refund dun s branch,. Mtpopost aq ulit kung mkukuha tlga un refund .

  180. hello, na loko rin ako nang cocolife na yan ang laki ng pera kakuha nila from bicol pa ako di ko alam kung ano ang gagawin ko.pls help me

  181. last july 20,sa my sta.lucia branch,my agent din po lumapit sakin my offer na maganda ako nman parang nahipnotize,nahiram yung cc at id ko,ang ask ko po nung pinapirma ako sa kanilang aproval,indi po ako pumirma kaso nga lang yung mga personal na information nabigay ko.indi ko lng din po alam kng na swipe yung cc ko,my mababawas ba dun sa cc ko monthly?ty

  182. Hi everyone count me in. I must say magaling talaga sila mgsales talk. This happened in Sta Lucia East Grandmall last June 08, 2013. Ang bungad ng bading, meron n po kyong “credit card”? When I answered yes, congrats meron kyong free bag, free accidental insurance at chance to win hongkong trip. Ay un na. human nature tlga ncurious ako.

    Sa dulo nakapag open ako and my partner ng tig isang account same day (kc nga today lang daw ung offer). skin 6K+ knya 12K+(Magkahiwalay kming kinausap)

    During the discussion gusto ko tlga ung idea ng future savings. Sinabi ko din nmn s agent ayaw ko ng insurance, which ok nmn kc nga sbi nila free nmn daw ung insurance.

    During the process, madaming pinapirma n documents pero isa lang ung authorization to debit n pinalagay skin ng ung FULL amount na 6K+ pra s platinum savings plan. Tapos pinapirma nya din ako s mga BLANK documents n hindi ko n nabasa kc madaling madali sila. ewan ko strategy tlga yata nila un pra di ka na mkapagisip.

    Nung mgswipe n ng card, pinaswipe ng agent mgkahiwalay n amount, 4K+ & 2K, sbi ko bkit mgkahiwalay? sbi pra daw s OR, di ko alam kung ano process so ang short cut n tanong ko, mgkano ppasok s investment ko 6K+ pa din? sbi nya “OO”.

    Pagkita ko s copy ko ng mga documents, ung 4K lang pumasok sa investment tpos ung 2K s insurance. Remember ung authorization to debit n FULL amount sinulat ko, altered n un nung bumalik skin! nging 4K nlng.

    Inis na inis tlga ako. kya tha following day June 09, 2013 bumalik kami at ngdala ng cancellation letter, where I indicated everything ng reklamo ko. Hinahanap nmin ung mga agents: LORNA FERNANDEZ (for me) and ANNALYN DE ASIS (for my partner). sbi b nmn skin nung ANNALYN, non-refundable n po yan. Sinagot ko sya “NO” against the law yan. Di n sya nkasagot. Eto pa dun kami dinala s kbilang side ng room ung pra s reklamo at sobrang lakas ng sound!! Pano nya maiinitindihan ung reklamo ko.

    Sunday un, wala daw ung manager nila kya ayaw nilang ireceive ung cancellation letter! Sbi ko pede kayong mgopen pero ung cancellation ayaw nyong ireceive. So iniwan nmn ung letter tpos bumalik kmi nung Monday. At dun lang nreceive, tpos pinagawa uli kmi ng letter n hand written pra daw sure n kmi gumawa. Tanga ko kc indi ko nilagay ung amount sinabi ko lang n I wanted to cancel my account.

    Ung mga sumunod n days, tawag n kmi ng tawag s customer service ng cocolife to follow up. Nung July 15, nkita ko ncharge back lang ung 4K+! ung s partner ko din 8K+ lang. Ndi naibalik ung 2K at 4K n nilagay s insurance.

    Tinanong ko ung s customer service, indi daw nirequest ung 2K at 4K. at indi din nila nareceive ung detailed letter ko ng mga reklamo, ung simpleng letter lang ng cancellation ang pinadala. So inemail ko sa knila ung letters ska ung charge slips and authorization to debit (na inalter nung agents). Sana maayos n agad.

    Ung credit card nmin ncharge n din ng interest. So tumawag n din kmi s credit card provider nmin pra ipawave ung interest, which nging ok nmn.

    Pinapallow-up nnmin ung remaining amounts n indi pa naibalik sa amin at di tlga ako titigil hanggat di maibalik lahat un.

    Naisip ko lang ung ibang indi alam psikot sikot s ganto. Sna they can read everything in this link pra mgkaidea sila pano malusutan ang gusot n ito.

    Moral Lesson: ISIP ISIP muna pag may time. =)

    Thank you po! Good day!!

    • ang investment type po where you signed up is called a Variable Unit Linked Insurance, kung saan nahahati ang premiums nyo or savings into an investment portfolio and and insurance policy, which is pretty good. Ang mali lang siguro ng rep na kumausap sa inyo is di nya pinaliwanag ang policy na kinukuha nyo. Maganda naman ang concept ng Variable Unit Linked dahil in the even na may mangyari sa inyo, di nyo na kailangang galawin ang ipon nyo whether it’s because of disability, accidents or critical illness. Pero Misrepresentation is Misrepresentation, kahit gaano pa kaganda ang policy na inooffer sa inyo, kung hindi naman maayos ang pagpapaliwanag ng ahente, then may right kayo to cancel the policy. Ang masakit kasi ng ganito nasisira ang imahe ng mga insurance agents kagaya namin na maayos na nagpapaliwanag ng matino sa mga kliyente namin kapag nagooffer kami ng securities sa mga kliyente namin. Magandang produkto naman ang insurance, advocacy ko pa naman yan sa mga kakilala ko, kaso ang mga ahenteng mga kagaya nila ang nakakasira sa industriyang ito.

  183. It happened to me just today. they are promising an accident insurance coverage worth 20k. And they lead me to their office…the agent explained details and she pursuaded me…she would ensure that i have credit card with me…when ask her about her company such as asset and liabilities she just said that it was in their website…or where are they investing…she said some company affiliated to San Miguel Corporation…so i doubted her claims…and i didn’t like the pressure she was giving me…she was about to swipe my credit card when i suddenly stopped her and told her that i would study their proposal first. She gave me her number…and the proposal….She told me that my accident insurance will be emailed to me…She took some basic info about me when i was signing the application for the free insurance…i just hope those infos will not be use to any scam-like activies…

    It happened in sm dasma…do SMs not monitoring their activity?

    • Hello po! Same thing happen po sakin. Sa sm manila naman po! Di ko po alam ggwin ko. Gamit po yung credit card ko e 2k po yung swinipe sayang naman po! Pniplit po kasi nila ako. Every year na po ba yun bbwas sa credit card ko? Thank you! Sana someone could help me.

  184. naaakzzz nman!!!naguguluhan 2loy ako..ngaun ko lng tlg nabasa lahat ng mga comments nyo bout cocolife..ang bc ko kc sa work ko kya ngaun lng ako nagkatym n magsearch bout cocolife..
    last may13,2013 pa ako naconvince at naloko pro my nareceive n mn dn ako n policy contract from cocolife thru LBC..but im still planning to cancel this plan…pwd pa kya kht mtgal n ako naregister s
    knla?pwd pba magpacancel kht almost 3mos n ang lumipas???pwd pahelp??
    thank u po in advance!!

    • @scar: yes you can cancel, regardless whether it’s traditional plan (whether it’s an endowment) or a variable life, di ka na makakakuha ng refund though. pwedeng partial lang ang maredeem mo though, pero it would be based on the fund value of the investment and not the premium paid (kung variable life yung policy mo). Everyone needs insurance though, try to check with them and ask about modifying or updating your plan to a cheaper one or into something that fits your needs.

      • @gianjoaquinpru 30-45 days b tlga ung transaction pra macharge back yong pera? is there other way na mas mapaigsi ung transaction? I’m leaving the phils. sabi nila keep me updating sa main office nila through e-mail or call. ano pd ko gawin incase na d pla cla kumikilos para mtapos n ung transaction?

      • unfortunately the 30 banking day rule is iron-clad, di lang naman sa insurance ang ganyang policy kundi sa lahat ng charge disputes and charge back whether damit or cellphone ang binili mo with your card, kapag di sila kumikilos isa lang ang rule ko dyan “Don’t talk to the little indians, talk to the chief”

      • @Krizzy, yes it’s quicker with credit cards though, the turn-around for the charge back is 30 banking days upon approval of the refund. Be vigilant, call them on regular intervals to be sure

      • Sir gian what if lumagpas ng 30-45days bago machargeback sa cc ko yung nakuha sa akin??? Ngayon kasi kailangan kong bayaran muna yung 15k na ncharge nila saakin… Processing pa daw kasi yung pagreverse sa card ko…

      • call your bank and tell them na under dispute pa yung charge ng cocolife and that you cannot make a payment yet, they can make arrangements with you regarding the matter

      • Kahit po nakapost na po sa bill??? Nasa akin na po yung copy ng bill ko at kasawian palad andun na po yung charge ng cocolife… Sinabi ko na din po sa bdo na ididispute ko po yung charge ng cocolife pero pinagpapasa pa nila ako ng dispute form at cancellation memo from cocolife… Pano po yun???

  185. please help me rin po, anyone? the same thing happened to me @ SM sta.rosa last march 2013, kung scam man ang cocolife n yan gusto ko n po ipacancel, akala ko kc once lng sila mgbabawas s credit card ko un eh ung day kung kelan ko nila nswipe ung credit card, babayaran ko na lang sana un para ok na taz ipapacancel ko na.. pero according sa mother ko my nareceive cla cc bill, at 2 na ung ngakaentry dun na cocolife ung first n ngswipe sila(yun yung di ko p binayaran) then e2 june which is due ko n mgbayad s cocolife kc every 3mos ung kinuha ko.. panu po nila nagagawa na ibawas un s credit card wihtout my authority? parang ifeel helpless n hndi ko n makacancel un kc wala pa po ako jan sa pinas ngayon,, what will i do po? please help me.. di na po ako mapakali mahirap po kitaan ang pera at magpakatulong sa ibang bansa tapos lolokohin ka lang..

  186. sa akin na charge back yong 16k for the future savings. Pro yong 4k for my death insurance di na kasi pinatuloy ko nalang who knows diba? Pero coco life is not a scam. Maganda naman yong hangarin nila nagkagulo lang sa mga agents na ang habol commission. Yong sa future savings good for 10 years yon tapos may babalik sayo per month na 10% of your face amount. Para kanang may commission non pagkatapos ng 10 years. Kaso kailangan talaga pagisipan imagian mo naman per month may babayaran ka na fix amount until 10 years diba? SO pagisipan kung kakayanin ba..Sa akin lang swipe kasi ng credit card eh wla akong kaya na bayaran ng buo yong 16k kaya pinacharge back ko. Yong 4k nalang for my death insurance ang kailangan ko bayaran sa cc ko.

  187. All products of insurance companies are duly reviewed and approved by Insurance Commission. The IC is concerned with the protection of the policy holders.

    It is obvious that the proposal was presented clearly to the clients and they agreed to it. However after a period of time they may have raised some doubts. Due to this reason they seek some advice from others (not from the insurance company). It is also obvious also that the request for cancellation was granted and not denied.

    Cocolife is 35 years in the industry and definitely there are so many insurance claims already released by them, we haven’t heard of anyone who filed a complaint that they didn’t received their insurance claims from any insurance companies.

    In the end you have to consider taking life insurance because in the worst scenario your insurance is the ready available fund your dependents can utilize.

  188. Nbiktima dn ako nito nkuha sakin 15k+ at 4k

    Buti nabasa ko agd to….khpon nkuha ko na yunng check ng 15k+ yung 4k eh pinaglalaban ko p sa kanila ksi ayaw nila icancel

    Payo ko sa mga nagpapacancel kaylangan mejo takutin nyo sila…in my case sinabi ko na “i alreary consult this matter on my lawyer, i was advise that i can file fraud case against cocolife. Sinabi ko din na irereklamo ko cla sa DTI
    At magrerequest ako ng settlement from them

    Natakot ko yta ang bilis bigla nrelease agd yung check nung 15k….make it english pra mas mniwala cla n sure k sa mga sinasabi mo

  189. Hi there, same thing happened to me just now.
    Since I am on a hurry, I agreed na rin para manahimik na si ate and the bad thing was i got debited not on my credit card (since I don’t have) but on my debit card, is it still possible na madispute un?
    Can you possibly give me tips on how can I get back my money?

    • Actually the moment I saw the authorization form, nag NO na agad ako at sinabing nagmamadali at pagiisipan ko…but then another agent came to me (i think it’s one of the superior) nagexplain n naman, almost the same… since nagmamadali n nga ako I agreed… hayy…

  190. Hi.. Ako din nngyre skn to
    Khapon lang..s sm dasma.. My humarang kase skn khpon, inalok dn ako ng protection insurance worth 20k. Tpos pnpsok kme s loob ng ofis nla.. Ayun,at last ng discussion cnb nya na ung platinum plan naingganyo nmn kme mag asawa.. 16,770 ung nkuha skn.. Debit un.. Sbrang naistress ako ng mbsa ko to.. Anung ggwin ko.. Help me nmn pls…

  191. Hi.. Same thing happened to me kanina lang.. Around 3 in the afternoon.. Dito sa SM City Baguio.. Kakain na sana kami ng mag anak ko tapos biglang may humarang sa amin na babae.. Nagbigay ng raffle ticket daw para sa Disney Land Hongkong… Tapos wala daw ako babayaran na kahit ano.. Hindi ko talaga alam kung anong hipnotismo meron sila sumunod ako sa kanila nakipagusap sa office nila tapos pumirma ng kung ano anong papel.. Tapos pinabayad ako ng 10214 na Debit sa ATM ko.. Ngayon ko lang nabsa mga posts dito… Gusto ko na ipakancel at bawiin yung pera ko… Patulong naman please…

  192. hi.. it also happened to me yesterday, and i really feel so stupid.. parang ayaw ka nilang paalisin hanggat hnd nla nakukuha gusto nila, imagine they even offer me ng piso daw per day?? whatt..?? hnd ko pa dn nakuha na it might be scam, pero para matapos lang nagbigay ako ng 2k from my atm, kc im in a hurry.. i want my money back.. i checked my balance, at nagbawas na.. please help.. mapapagalitan ako ng parents ko..

  193. hello po. my sister apply to cocolife kanina lang po . sm manila. kinuhaan po siya ng 4k po. my promo pa daw sila na isang insurance pra sa kapatid o nanay may free trip to hongkong sila. di ko madetail yung pinagusapan nila kasi nasa labas po ko, bgla po ko pinapsok ng sister ko sa loob pra po sa free insurance na promo nila na nagkakahalaga ng 20k . tinanong ko po ung sister ko wla k n bng kelangan documents na kukunin mo sa kanila at ung rules and regulation nila. sagot po ng sister ko iiemail daw po hanggang ngayon check ko ung email from cocolife sa yahoo mail ng sister ko wala pa din po. so im planning po to accompany my sister tomorrow to cancel it po. paano po ba mag letter ng icacancel mo na ung insurance saknila. ??? thank you..

    • Hi, Prulife UK assistant manager here, para macancel mo yung policy proposal mo kelangan mong pumunta sa office nila with a letter addressed to their new business department, telling them that you have decided not to go with the policy and that you’re requesting to have the full deducted amount refunded as soon as possible. Iexpect nyo na makikipag-haggle ang manager or yung ahente sa inyo regarding downgrading the plan at meron pa silang sasabihin about the risks of not getting the plan. Tell them upfront that the agent was not upfront with her policy and that she felt deceived about the entire deal na di kayo comfortable in continuing with the policy. Paano nagbayad ang sister mo? cash/card(debit or credit)/check? kung cash or debit baka matagalan yan, depende sa proseso nila, typical ang 30 days for any refund, kapag check or credit card, itawag nyo na lang sa bank para macancel ang transaction. Let me know if it works out. Stand firm. Being in the industry, everyone needs insurance, pero kung ipepressure kayo na kumuha hindi naman tama yun. Mag matigas kayo sa office nila. Let me know if I can help and update us on how it turned out.

  194. This happened to me yesterday at around 4:30pm at SM Manila. Nung una it sounds so good. So I told them that maybe they can give me a proposal because we already have some insurance from different insurance companies.. Tapos tuloy pa rin ang explain nung sinasabi nilang savings plan then they checked my credit card and asked if I also have a debit card.. I showed them both my cards although hindi naman naalis sa paningin ko ung mga cards ko. At the very end they showed me different plans so I told them that right now I will not be able to decide because I have to think about it and tell my husband. plus the fact that I don’t have cash kasi I am about to leave and join my husband in another country.. Aba, pinipilit nila akong kunin ung pinaka mababang plan that they presented to me wherein I have to shell out 8+k. Tapos tumabi na sa amin ung manager, telling me na pwede kong gamitin ung debit card ko. Sabi ko no, kasi need ko un pang travel and terminal tax plus hindi na aabot ng 8k ung laman nun. Then she said un na lang pong credit card nyo, pwede rin un. tapos they were asking me how much the limit is. Sabi ko ayoko, kasi 1. international ung cc ko, maraming additional charges na maincur, 2. Extension lang ako, I am not sure magkano pa ang available ng card since husband ko ung primary account holder at cya ang nakakareceive ng mga sms kung magkno pa ang natirang limit and not me. Sabi ba naman sa kin ng manager, i-try po natin i-swipe if i-approve ng bank or hindi. So sabi ko pag swipe mo nyan, automatic na macharge kami tpos pag nag over ako sa limit, malaki rin ang babayaran kong penalty pati conversion ng currency babayaran ko.. sabi ko kung ok sa inyo balik na lang ako with cash. hindi daw pwede kasi one day lang. So that’s it, I told them na sorry but I would never use my CC on these kinds of transaction, and I don’t want to. I only use it on emergencies. tapos sabi ko I have to go, I gathered my things and hurriedly left. Kasi I felt something fishy na kelangan ko magdecide agad agad kasi one day offer lang tapos pipilitin kang magbayad using your card kahit ayaw mo..

    Kung hindi man sila scam, deceptive sila on how they get their clients which is unethical.

  195. good day po..
    ask lang po if may idea kayo kung pwede pa i-cancel kahit 1 yr na po ako nkabayad sa kanila. nag email din po sila sa akin last week. nagremind po na kailangan ko na magbayad this coming October. sana po may mka advice sa akin. salamat po.

    • pwede pong icancel maam pero baka di mabalik yung binayad nyo, kung may fund value na, siguro makakakuha kayo ng small percentage ng inipon nyo pwede ding wala. Punta na lang kayo sa head office nila and magsulat kayo ng letter na you want to terminate your policy and kung autodebit man ang policy nyo or through credit card, irequest nyo na iterminate yung autodebit kung meron man. magreply ka na lang sa comment na ito ifsoever

      • osble papo ba n macansel s bank ung chinarge nila s credit card q? how can i start? panu q gagawin?

      • Hi sir pano ko po ipapacancel yung FSD ko sa cocolife nabiktima din nila ako… Honestly naenggayo ako sa mga words nila then sabi nila iinform daw muna nila sa bank kung iaaprove nila yung account ko sa kanila kasi hindi daw lahat ng nagaaply sa kanila qualified but hindi naman nila muna ininform ang bank ko siniwipe agad nila yung card ko at first decline kasi 21k yung ichacharge nila saakin eh may balance pa ko dun sa card ko so magoover kaya sabi nila bababaan na lang nila nagrefuse ako sabi ko wag munang icharge kasi magsasabay sa mga gastos ko next month na lang babalik na lang ako… Di sila nagpatinag sayang daw ang oppurtunity at di pa naman daw sure kung iaaproved daw ng bank ko… Ayun naswipe na nila nacharge na ko ng 15k… Ayaw idispute ng agent ng bdo yung 15k kahit sabi ko para akong nascam na naforce akong magbayad sabi niya inacknowledge ko daq yung 15k so hindi daw nila maidedespute yun…dun na daw ako magfile sa mismong bdo ng pagdispute ng transaction ko with in cocolife…

  196. 5years na akong member ng Cocolife pero hindi namn ako na scam, kahit 5 years narin ako nag aabroad, nainvte ako ng Cocolife sa moa pero myron na sila sa dasma pero natuwa ako kasi kahit papano pag my concern ako, malapit nlng sya place namin..

  197. other wise nkakapgtaka kasi kung matalino tayo dapt alam natin kung ano yung totoo at mali, infact hindi namn tlga ako dapat member ng Cocolife pero yung kawork ko sa SG nkpagclaim na sya, ipapacancel ko na dapt yun tpos malalaman ko sa knya nakuha nya na pala yung face amount nya.. so nkakapgtaka lng bakit ninyo sinsabi ng scam sila.. Or hindi lng kayo openminded sa life insurance na kayo at family rin ninyo magbebenifits.. Diba kaya nakakadisppoint lng

  198. Hi! Naexperience ko rin ito yesterday at SM San Lazaro. But i just filled up the name, age, birthday, home address and phone number and I kind of changed my mind, the details where in the agent’s hand. Can they use that and create an account without my knowledge? I need to know ASAP.

  199. legitimate p0 ang c0colife..t0o g0od to be true
    hndi cya scam..member p0 ak0 and father k0 p0 s0 far hez receiving na the m0ney yearly fr alm0st 10yrs already kasi retired na cya and he startd w c0colife s0 many years ag0..cgur0 ung agent lng tlg mi pr0blema d way he deliver the pr0duct bt in SM Manila 0k nmn makipg.usap mga agents & heads nla they wl nver f0rce u nga its up 2 u f u’l grab it..kya fr th0se 0f u hre na mi d0ubts abwt c0colife wel its n0t reli a scam..u may free t0 call 0r visit their main 0ffice n ayala..

  200. pina cancel ko n sya dapat after 3 day ang biil ko n nkuha s creditcard ko pero walang ngtumangap ng cancellation letter ko d bumalik ako after 1 wik my ng recieve n sya sabi ccancel n lng dw humihingi ako ng cancelation letter di n dw kailangan intain ko n lng dw ung tawag no agent n ng assist s akin . d umaasa ako n mccancel n un d ko n sya mkkita s bill ko sa credit card kc d p nmn nila pinapasok s bank n pakansel ko n sya . pero lumabas p din sya d pinafollow up ko sya kanina d n dw maccancel s bank un bbigyan n lng dw nila ako ng check for refund . kung kailan yun cla lng nkaka alam. sana masoli ang pera ko . kc ala ako pammbbayad s credit card na nkaltas s akin .

  201. nabiktima din ako…plano ko na sila ipa imbestigador…para naman hindi na makapanloko…imagine 18k din un…at after lang paglabas ko ng office nila narealize ko na bakit nga ba ako nag agree…parang style budol budol…sana may makatulong satin…

  202. adly were victimized by the same group last year… we stayed in mla for 2 days arranging documents needed overseas. On our way home we decided to take our dinner at SM North Edsa. Before we were able to find a place to eat, a guy (agent) approach my bf and asked him if he have a credit card, my bf said yes ( we both have creditcards and were told that were both qualified for the tuition fee discount certificate) and we were told that we jut have to fill up a form and will receive a 50% off tuition fee (voucher is for ACLC) (we both graduated from college already however thinking we could give it to someone else who may need a scholarship and that just filling up a form wont hurt to get the certificate so we decided to grab it despite the fact that were VERY HUNGRY). The agent guy then told us that we need to go to their business office which is located just on the ground level of SM North to claim the vouchers. He assisted us till we get to their business office (COCOLIFE OFFICE) were greeted by men and women in formal and semi formal attire at the waiting couch of their office. We were asked to sit and wait a while when suddenly a woman called out for my bf’s name, introduce herself as babes (vinluan is her last name if i remember well) and invited my bf to get inside their office where three tables are arranged in triangle position and around 5 meters away from one another. each tables has 2 chairs as well. 1 is for their agent and 1 is for the victim. The victims inside their office are positioned in a way that they are back to back, while agents can see each other which gives them a good position to send non-verbal cues on how their deals is going (Ive noticed this). Just a minute after my bf is called inside, i was called next but I forgot the name of the person. Ar first I was asked some questions about how is my day going, she gave compliments to my clothes and looks (sort of questions that can start a conversation). But after 2-3 minutes, questions like how much am i earning, how much is my creditcard limit, how much savings do i have, what are the hardship i experienced in life, what are my future plans… these questions made me so uncomfortable so I answered all her questions the opposite way she’d like to hear things. I told her that life has been very kind to me. I get the things I want, I have enough savings and earn well and that I am the only child of my parents so Im sure to get their properties when time comes. I also informed her that I am not too interested yet in making my own investments and that as of the moment i enjoyed my life being a 1 day millionaire person. I can see her frustration and how upset she is that she cant bait me. (this is when i’ve noticed them sending cues with one another) She further explained that even if i agree to start the investment it doesnt mean that they will start charging my creditcard since it would still need some approval from my bank. I told her that theres no way that my bank wont allow me as i have enough credit limits and have a very good credit standing. I refused to give my creditcard and asked for the return of my company ID which she asked before we started which she says for records purpose only. She then suddenly told me that my bf just made her decision to start from the lowest investment of 2 thousand pesos. I told her that my bf’s decision doesnt always reflects mine. My bf however didnt do well as me. He made an investment of 2K using his creditcard. My bf and i walked out their office and made my bf realized what just happened in there is a whole bunch of deception and fraud. To my surprised my bf informed me that the agent he spoke with told him that I availed the same deal (which is not true) and the worst thing, they asked for his creditcard just to check some details which later end up swiping it for 2K (the ID which they asked for at the start of the conversation for records purpose they say is really used when they illegally swipe ur card). We tried to talk to his bank to cancel that transaction but the bank informed us that COCOLIFE needs to start the cancellation. We called the agent (Babes Vinluan) and informed her that we need to have the transaction cancelled. At first she acts like she is willing to have it cancelled and she asked for a hand written letter sent to their office. However just after couple of days making follow ups she started arguing with us. She told my bf that its his fault whatever had happened and that my bf voluntarily gave his credit card. Knowing what really happened that day, we told her how shameful her job is, to deceit other people for her own benefit. And she stopped communicating, responding to our calls. So guys its a lot to read but I just wanna make sure that they dont get another victim. Thanks

  203. please mr. gianjoaquinpru, sana po matulungan nyo ako na marefund ung pera ko na nabayad sa cocolife…1 month salary po kasi kinuha nila sakin na ang sabi ng agent ay hindi mababawas sa ATM ko po…tapos sbi nya rest assured na hindi mawawala ung pera ko…first time user po ako ng ATM at sa galing magpesuade ng agent po kya po ako napa agree sa pag swipe po ng atm ko…ano pong payo nyo po sakin?

  204. Kanina din, sa mall.. Sabi may paraffle daw sila basta makinig lang ako sa company briefing. Tapos biglang may pinapirma na allow to debit. Pinirmahan ko naman tapos yung iiswipe na, binawi ko card ko tas umalis na ako. Ang worry ko, nasakanila card number ko tsaka yung form na pinirmahan ko na allow to debit. Natatakot ako baka biglang makuhaan ako.

  205. This also happened to me last friday, september 20,2013 in sm cebu and i paid 4k using my credit card. Is there any way to cancel the transaction?? i was too stupid to fall for their scheme and i didnt go with my instincts and should have said ‘no’.
    Please help 😦

    • call the bank and ask them to cancel the transaction if possible, in the event though that they can’t cancel it for you, contact their customer care hotline and ask for the process of terminating your policy, if you got a traditional life plan (an endowment,) then the policy is iron-clad, refunding the transaction would be giving away your money, so it’s your call. If the policy you got is Variable Life then you have a 15 day cooling off period so you can get a full refund then

    • Now it really felt me much Doubt, just yesterday in SM Cebu, But good for me i use my personal check so i still have time to a STOP payment.

  206. hi, yung cocolife sa sm north is offering me a trust fund. nagdadoubt ako. just for 1 day lang daw yung offer. attractive kasi yung offer. totoo ba yun o scam? thanks

    • good evening, the product is legit but i doubt it if its a one time offer, you can set up a trust fund with any investment company and not just with them. A variable life plan is flexible in nature, there’s no special discount to such and there’s nothing on their website, You might as well talk to someone who is not a sales person when setting up long term trusts like these. Talk to certified financial consultants who will work out a plan for you and work with your budget. Don’t believe 1 time offer approaches because I promise you, they will tell you the same thing after 1 week or a month even if it’s just a “one day” offer. If you need assistance in setting up a trust fund check my blog, i’ve written about Living Trust funds and it may shed light to some of your questions

      • what about on my part sir, because I was convinced by a cocolife agent and on the next day I went back to their office to cancel the FSP (Future Savings Premium) and the GPA (Group Personal Accident Insurance) and said that my money will be refunded on check basis within 30 to 45 days. This is really a hassle and I hope that check will not bounce once I encash it.

  207. Hi! I am a beneficiary/member of cocolife.
    It is a legit company, maybe the “pseudo-agent” is the problem, or might I say “THEY ARE THE PROBLEM INDEED”
    I got my membership through the company (c/o the company) of my brother not in malls and alike.


  208. Nangyari din ito sa akin nung last week. Pero inagapan ko siya. Nangako silang ibabalik yung pera i-charged back daw nila ulit sa credit card ko. Yun nga lang wise ako. Gumawa ako ng kasulatan sa ibaba na nangagako silang ibalik ang pera ko tapos may pirma may date iyon. Ang mabuti ninyong gawin tumawag kayo sa branch office at balikan kung saan kayo nabiktima. Grabe ng araw ng bigla akong nahimasmasan, Galit na galit ako dahil sa ginawa nila. Tapos dapat tinawag niyo agad sa credit card company kung sino ang mayhawak sa credit card ninyo tapos dapat nag file kayo ng dispute form at letter kung ano ang nangyari, attached kayo ng two valid Id’s, tapos i-fax niyo sa bank kung saan nakapangalan na credit card company ang hawak ninyong card. Tapos both nalang si cocolife at ang bank ninyo ang mag-se-settle kasama ang investigation sa fi-nale ninyong complain, Basta naagapan ninyo agad. makukuha agad yung pera na ninakaw nila. Mga magnanakaw sila walang alam ang tao grabe sila iniisahan nila. Front line lang nila na stable na ang company nila, pero feel ko nag-kakaisa silang lahat. Kasi bago mo kuhanin ang pera ipapasa-pasa ka nila kahit kanino. Hangang sa mapagod ka. Iyan kasi ang naramdaman ko.

  209. Sa mga nagpatuloy na kumuha ng insurance ni cocolife, ingat po kayo kasi takagang magproblema ang company nila. may worker kami nailibing na nga lahat hindi pa din na claim ang death insurance niya, pinabayaan nalang ng family niya.

  210. Guys, I am a victim of this modus, too. Last saturday, 7 October 2013, I was at Robinsons Place Ermita when a guy in black approached me and asked me if I have a creditcard. Of course, I ignored him. But another guy, who was apparently his companion (because they had the same outfit) approached me and said I am entitled to three raffle tickets to disneyland. I just need to go to their office, be presented about their company, within 30-45mins. And all I have to do is to share this wonderful news to others. It sounded legit so I went with him, along with my kid and yayas. They sat outside of what seems to be COCOLIFE office and I went in and was introduced to a girl named ANGIE. I sat down to listen about his lecture on earnings, made me fill up a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY (about my dreams for myself and my family, etc.) and then tried to convince me to try to “save” by opening a “savings” account. Of course I didn’t want to because
    1. They didn’t have any brochures or written documents to present to me.
    2. It wasn’t obviously a bank.
    3. They were inconsistent about their offerings. First was trip to Hongkong, second was about savings, and third was about insurance.
    4. They didn’t give me the raffle tickets until I demanded so. But when they gave me, it was just a photocopied paper that didn’t have mechanics, date and DTI number. i even asked if it is registered to DTI and they said yes (I’ll find out).
    She didn’t succeed to persuade me so she passed me on to her officer. That girl discussed about insurance to me. It went on for hours until I got so sick of it that I really wanted to leave. Yes they were discussing wonderful things about earning and that sort but I am knowledgeable about investments already because I already have a lot of them. And they were so persistent that they said it was a one-time offer and it’s only for that day. Because I was annoyed and I really wanted to leave, I gave PHP2,ooo.oo cash since they said that it was the lowest amount. I left with a confirmation paper marked with GPA Plan Type and with two free medical check-up slip. At home, I searched for it and stumbled upon this site. Then I was enlightened that this surely is not a customer-friendly way of inviting policyholders. So, I decided to withdraw the money.
    1. I wrote a cancellation letter addressed to Cocolife head office.
    2. I called Cocolife head office and talked to a customer service officer on how to withdraw my money. The girl told me to called the Cocolife Robinsons Ermita office and gave me the number.
    3. I called Cocolife Robinsons Ermita and they said that I need to go there for the cancellation.
    4. I went there with all the documents (my cancellation letter and all the stuff they gave me).
    5. I photocopied all the documents and kept it with me in case they’ll lie about it.
    At first, they said that the process needs 30-45 working days for it to be cancelled. I didn’t give in to that because:
    1. They cannot show me any written document that contains their policy/SOP on withdrawal.
    2. The presentor yesterday told me that it can be reimbursed anytime.
    3. They were inconsistent, deceiving and forcing people which is against Human Rights.
    I fought with them and really demanded that it be processed on that same day, Sunday 8 October 2013, or else I will file a case against them. I said that I had two policemen with me who are waiting outside. I said I just want my money back. I called their head office and complained. They were hearing me speak over the phone and heard my complaint. They got scared and Angie gave my money back. I wrote a certification on my cancellation paper that I received PHP2,000 in cash as compensation to my request. Then I stormed out the room with a smile on my face.

    I still believe that this is not the proper way to gain clients. During the process, I felt that something is not right and I am forced to subscribe because of pressure, the interest of time and their acts of deception. Thanks to this page I was enlightened and I fought for my right as a customer. I believe that a legal action must be done against this kind of modus. Inside me I know that my right is violated somehow. If only I knew a lawyer. . .

    They are eyeing for:
    1. Youngsters like me (I’m only 22 by the way) who are innocent and easily tempted and convinced,
    2. OFWS who basically wants to save and are leaving within the month (so they cannot withdraw their money in case they realize it’s a scam because they’ll tell that it takes 30-45 days), and
    3. Anyone who has a credit card (because they’ll debit your payment through your card in case you’ll tell them that you do not have cash with you).

    • Hi waddia. So it so it is better na sa main office na magpunta kesa sa branch kung saan nakapag deal? Hay sobrang problemado talaga ako dahil gusto ko mabalik ung 4k ko in 1 click! Gaya ng pagkuha nila sa pera ko. Pls reply. Thanku so much.

  211. b. protection against deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales acts and practices;
    c. provision of information and education to facilitate sound choice and the proper exercise of rights
    by the consumer;

  212. don’t worry its not a scam, parang scam lang kasi mali ung strategy nung mga nagrerecruit na kala nila tama, actually maganda ung aim na makaimpok at mas mataas na interest ayaw ko lang ung offer na 1 day only at di na pede bukas, mali kc un dapat bigyan din ng time mag isip ung tao para sigurado na….unlike if not sure ung narecruit sigurado ding magwiwithdraw….pede sana ung policy nilang un kung knoledgeable ung about it ung narerecruit para mabilisan….ganyan talaga pumasok sa long term bonds…tuloy lang para di bankcrupt ung company, lets support our money na naimpok na…..then lets wait for the return….sana kc tanggalin na ng cocolife ung mga employee nilang bad influence…pangit strategy…..para na syang scam….maybe it needs some modifications para lahat ng comment ng tao e positive at mainganyo silang mag-impok……dapat magbigay ng mga samples na me natulungan sa financial about health and others….ung mga naka 10 years of higit pang mga clients experiences…dapat ang e share nila na from there e maakit kami mag-avail dba….

  213. if not really interested in long term bonds better to withdraw ur money, but for me na interested am planning to continue, kung ako manager ng cocolife papalitan ko ung strategy talaga na good for 1 day ung offer? dapat bigyan ng time ung tao na mag-isip remember that it is a long term investment and it talks about money…makakasira lang sa name ng company nila tulad ng mga issue sa internet/blogs and etc..sana macorrect na mga un…., for me as a market specialist, okay na ung mainform mo ung tao sa mga benefits and investment plans then just add sample experiences of some clients then that will do a great reaction to new customers….its really good to save money with higher interest, un nga lang long term sya at di mo sya mawithdraw anytime kilangan magmature muna ung pera, syempre ung pera din natin ini-invest din ng cocolife to other companies with high returns, so may porsyento rin pera mo dun kaya mas malaking interest kisa sa bank, but its very risky, pero sa tagal naman ng cocolife malabong mabancrupt yan, hindi naman nila ii-invest sa alanganin ung pera into one company, hati-hati din yan unless kulang talaga sa experience nagmamanage ng cocolife….it is not a scam mali lang talaga strategy nila this time, kilangan lang ng kunti sigurong modifications and survey sa kanilang technique. they are still under …….i just want to encourage everyone to invest but choose the right and perfect company……………

  214. Hi. Pano yung akin kanina, nung sinwipe nila yung debit card ko nabawasan ako ng 2k. Buti na lang 3k lang pera ko sa atm ko kaya 2k lang nakuha nila. Napasign nila ako ng authorization to swipe. One-time use lang ba ang authorization na yon? Medyo worried ako kasi payroll atm ko yun e. Baka magulat ako pag nagpayroll, biglang nedeductan na pala ako ulit. What can i do? Please help. I will immediately change my pin tomorrow.

  215. is there a possibility na makadebit ulit sila sa atm ko without my knowledge? I signed an authorization to charge/debit yesterday? ang sabi sa akin ng agent, valid lang yun for yesterday. kaya nagwoworry ako ngayon na baka bigla na lang may mawalang pera sa atm ko. is it possible na kahit nasa akin yung card e makuhanan nila ako ng pera? they have my card number.

  216. pa3k permalink hi hello po sa sm calamba din po ung sa cocolife ko..pde po b malaman kung nkuha nyo na po ung withdrawal nyo after 1yr na pg apply sa cocolife thanks po…at ano po ung policy number na un ksi dmting lng skin ung accidental insurance glng sa main branch ng cocolife..tpos nsakin din ung ibang docs gling sa sm calamba…. iwiwthdrw ko n sana next year feb. kaso bgla ko po nbasa mga comments dito..mga negative feedbacks pls rply thanks po Godbless

  217. may update n po b dito? is there anyone n nakuha uli ang pera nila. yesterday, i was offered the future saving plan ang kaboom! 35k was debit on my atm. di ko n po alam ang ggwin ko, i have to get it back. please help & advise.

  218. nakaavail din po ako tungkol d2 last october 12,2013. bago lang po, nakuha ko po ung policy na sinabi nila at resibo ng binayaran ko last end week of october. nung una nakadama rin po ako ng pangamba at takot dahil nakataya po ang pera natin at hindi madali kumita ng pera. iba po ung offer nila tungkol sa promo kc po ang binigay po sa akin ay 50% discount ng AMA computer Learning center. dito po ako sa lipa batangas nagavail sa plan na ‘to. hoping na maging honest sila.

  219. Yup, honest naman po sila. Pero may problema po ang company nila. In the right time malalaman din po ninyo, yun lang po salamat. dahil yan po ang dating inssurance ng company namin. Til now hindi pa din na claim ng mga aplicante yung death na kailangan nilang i-claim. at hindi makuha ng mga company nila.

  220. i was offered too yesterday lang. sa umpisa it sounded really good. pero bandang huli hesitant na ako. after all the transactions, kinakabahan ako habang pauwi kaya i texted the agent kung pano if i want to terminate my contract. he cant answer. bumalik nalang daw ako sa office para may mag explain ng termination. sinabi nila na hindi mababawasan ang pera ko,ang sabi din nila i can see my transactions online dahil same bank account ang gagamitin. after i got home, i checked my online banking and nabawasan ang savings ko. I asked BDO ang sabi nila I can only see the payments made. kumbaga, sa online banking makikita ko lang ung payments pero ung total savings ko sa cocolife, hindi. very misleading ang terms nila. read between the lines. I also asked BDO kung tied up sila sa Cocolife. sabi nila hindi. Problem ko, at least sa credit card pwde i-void, any comments from the “victims” such as my self kung nabawi nila all of their money kung savings account?

  221. I already filed a cancellation to my account, I also availed October 15, 2013, bigla nawala ako sa sarili ko nung nerecruit nila ako, after days of analyzing bumalik ako at pinaexplain ko ulit pero di ko parin nagustuhan ung offer kasi 10 yrs ka magdadown ng 15k, total will be 150,000 pesos, tas after 10 yrs sa 11th year me marerecieve kang 10k for every following year hanggang 99 yrs old ka….after 10 yrs of recieving 10k di mo parin nabawi ung pera mo….. 100, 000 lang, for me napakatagal nun at parang nasakal ka pa…kaya pinakancel ko nalang, I prepared cancellation letter of mine kaso pinabago ung some statements, and now am waiting for my refund na 15, plus 4k pero hndi na raw mababalik ung 4k, 15 k lang daw after 30-45 days….pilit kc that time….pero naw nakakatulog na ako ng mahimbing at no worries…..he he he

  222. ms. rosario please advise me what to do? last august 2013 nakakuha rin ang ako ng yung platinum savings plan nila. pag-uwi ko feel ko something is wrong feel ko parang nabudol budol ako. pero tinuloy ko pa rin. gusto ko sana ipa-cancel din kinabukasan but since i’m a very busy person di ko na ginawa. nung time na nagsa-sign ako sa form i informed that ayokong gamitin ang credit card ko sa next payment. ang sagot nila hindi pa iyon final and for verification pa. i
    don’t know bakit hindi ko na-double check lahat ng pinirmahan ko. parang sunud sunuran ako. this year is my 2nd year but before august come, i informed my agent thru txt na ayaw ko ng ipagpatuloy, i-cancel na nila. ang sagot lang sa akin ay sayang daw. basta sabi ko ayaw ko ng ipagpatuloy iyon. but they never gave me an advice what to do. then september comes, nabigla na lang ako dahil naka-charge na sa credit card ko. sinulong ko silang bigla, kahit super busy ako wala pa akong tulog nun dahil sa kind of work nmin. sinabi lang magpsa ng cancellation letter sa customer service nila.hindi nila ako inasikaso. nakakainis talaga. tapos i sent e-mail ng to cancel my yung nakacharge sa credit card pati yung policy. nagsend din ako ng hard copy na letter to ms. bose. ayaw nilang i-cancel kasi ang reason nila nakasign daw ako sa recurring form. my bad din kasi nadelete ko sa cp ko, ang txt messages ko sa agent. sabi ko napaka misleading ng mga agents niyo. dapat nagsabi sila ano gagawin ko but wala silang binigay na advice. until now ayaw talaga nilang i-cancel dahil yung recuring form nga po pinanghahawakan nila. please payuhan niyo po ako ano dapat kong gawin. okey lang di marefund sa aking yung unang binayaran ko, almost 19k din yun. ayaw ko po talagang bayaran yung naka-charge s akin ngayon. humingi ako ng advise sa lawyer, sabi niya nag-sign ka kasi sa recurring form,yunpalaban nila sa iyo. sabi naman ng bpi bank ko, pwede naman daw i-cancel yun ng cocolife. but they don’t want to. please help

  223. Guys please i need all your help, para rin wala na silang mabiktimang tao. I sent e-mails to insurance commission, soco at tulfo brothers para malaman ng mga tao ang mga ginagawa nilang pangloloko.

    • Hi, shant09, same here, ang sabi nila 1 time payment lang sa recurring form, yun pala naka check yung subsequent payment sa credit card ko. I cancel today my application, wala pa yung policy ko and within 15days grace period pa ko, buti nabasa ko to. And I do pass my cancellation letter and talk to their branch manager. Grabe ang pilit nila wag i-cancel or downgrade na lang yung annual premium ko. Pero, I was firm with my decision kase mabulaklak talaga sila magsalita. Now, I learned my lesson na don’t just decide 30-45 minutes for your future, 10 years is hindi rin biro

  224. Good eve! Thank you that I have read this blog and discussions. Nakwento ng kapatid kong lalaki na merong nag-offer sa kanya ng ganyang policy – future savings platinum. Ang payment nya is around P4000 quarterly for 10 yrs. Pero ang face amount is P100,000 only, hindi ba parang lugi sya ng P60,000, kasi P4000 x 4 qtrs = P16,000 annual x 10 yrs = P160,000 – 100,000 face value ng policy. Ano bang klase ng insurance na pinupush thru nila – term or yung with variable insurance?
    Please help. Thank you!

      • Ok ang traditional life ay iba sa variable dahil ang pera ay nakainvest sa company at ang company naman ang may discretion to choose the type of investments kung saan ilalagay ang pera, in short wala kang control kung saan olalagay ang pera mo, basta may agreed withdrawable amountbat the end of the paying term, thats it, contrary to variable life na you get to decide where the money is invested eithrr stocks, bonds or combined, mas malaki ang possible returns sa variable pero borne dolely ng investor/insured ang investment risks dahil wala namang guaranteed returns sa vatianle life, hindi kagaya sa traditional life na meron silang promised returns, pero pag kinompute mo parang maliit lng ang returns ng traditional, example nito ang fps, compared sa variable. I personally advise getting a trad life product, yes included dito ang fps ng cocolife, if uou are 10-15 years nearing retirement at may ineexpect ka nang pension (pandagdag na lang ito) sa mga bata pa (early 20s to late 40s) variable is king

  225. Nakakuha rin ako last Oct. 3 sa SM Cebu pero ginusto ko coz I was looking for investments being recently retired. Totoo siguro to dahil nakuha ko na policy after 2 days and Cocolife is affiliated with UCPB at Cocolife din HMO provicer ng company namin. Na-try ko na din kasi ganito just like Family First sa SM Megamall, after 10 years of payment may lump sum na ko nakuha last 2011.

  226. Mahaba po ang isusulat ko pero share ko na rin..

    The things happened to you all happened to me as well, today..Nov 28 2013.
    Big surprised lang ako nung kinuha nila ang primary card ko which is my debit card kasi dun nakalagay ang sweldo ko, pero I told them na nag serve na ako ng notice sa bangko ko sa Singapore,POSB po na lilipat na ako ng working place sa middle east kaya closed na yung account ko. Pinilit nilang kunin,but then, yes! di nag approved ang card.kasi nga closed na haha, natuwa ako. pero,nang ang mastercard ko na ang na swiped, my goodness!! nag approved at worst sa worst, Php 106,330.00 ang na approved!! my God, nagulat ako na kinabahan and nakatingin na alang ako sa kausap ko for awhile…it’s for real..Nasabi ko na lang, pati sa credit card ko, nagpa clear na ako for 2 months din pero bakit active pa pala ang credit card ko..paano kaya to, mag-aaway kami ng misis ko..speechless na ulit ako, kasi bakit nag approved ang card ko at ganun kalaki..hanggang nakasakay ako sa train, nakauwi ng bahay, naglalaro ang isipan ko sa maraming bagay regarding this..tsk, iniisip ko na kung alam ko lang na ma approved pala ng ganu kalaki ang card, sana pala, bumili na lang ako ng ilang unit ng PC para magtayo na lang ng computer shop, worthy pa sana..

    pagod akong di ko mawari. kaya ang ginawa ko, I sent a message to Ms. Salve Inuan,
    I told her, I need a thorough answer as to why the hell they’ve deducted that huge amount from my credit card?? as she was the one who talked to me regarding the matters,she’s a consultant in other term, from Cocolife. And she said tatawagan nya ako, and yes tumawag sya.

    Eto po pala, nung pinakita pala nya sa akin ang face amount, php 750.000 for 10 years, kaya lumalabas na php 75,000 ang makukuha ko from Cocolife after 10 years..annual po ma reciv.

    Isang concern ko na naman, Bakit 106,330 ang na deduct sa credit card ko, ilang months ba ang covered nung deducted amount ko?? Good for 1 year po pala yun mula sa araw na to, so ang next
    payment nyo na po ay sa Oct. 2014..

    Isang concern ko pa ulit, paano kung after 2 or 3 years di ko na ipagpatuloy ang savings ko with Cocolife, makukuha ko pa ang principal amount ko na php 106k? YES,ang maliwanag nyang sagot sa akin, I-surrender ko lang daw yung POLICY ng Cocolife Savings ko
    at makukuha ko din naman daw ang pera ko…or ipagpatuloy ko na lang ang paghulog,para pag natapos ko naman, me matatanggap ako..NAKAHINGA AKO NG MALUWAG..

    at saka ang charging naman sa credit card ko, Jan 2014 pa naman mag reflect sa statement of account, which is pwede namang bayaran ng abot lang sa minimum ko.

    Totoong mahirap intindihin ang process nila sa una, kasi wala namang pera pang involved sa usapan sa umpisa, parang lumalabas na force savings ang dating pero pinadaan lang sa credit at debit card para di mabigat bitawan ang pera on the spot. Pero for me, nagawa ko na, naliwanagan naman ako kahit mabigat sa dibdib ko dahil malaki ang na approved sakin, pero ipagpatuloy ko na lang ang hulog, pakikinabangan ko rin naman namin to, medyo matagal nga lang. pero savings na rin in the long run. call me or text me po if you want to listen to my experience or sa kung anong opinyon nyo po tungkol dito,. Abel 09158137714

  227. my worried after reading all your post here. already availed the said save up with life insurance plan at COCOLIFE located at SM dasma cavite last thursday already swipe my credit card with 16k+ amount….what should i do..please help me… ;(

    • Me too Chengay. Sa SM Dasma din ako and I want to cancel it. I don’t know the procedure yet but i want to cancel it. I already talked to my credit card company and they said that it’s coco life ang dapat kong tawagan para sa cancellation. Sa ngayon ay di ko pa alam ang next step ko. Sana may malinaw na steps or procedure para makatulong samin.

    • By law, 15 business days client have rights to cancel the policy for any reason. You need to talk to your agent and bring cancellation letter make sure it was received/signed by agent/mngr cocolife branch then asked for a copy. Make frequent follow up to the main office.

  228. im reading ur blog an some comments regarding this cocolife trust funds, kz nacharge na nila ko ng 18,574.51..and andon sa receipt ung card number ko is it possible na icharge nila ako ulit? is it a scam ba tlga kz nconvinced nila ko dhil ndi naman daw sila papayagan ng SM kung scam lng sila, and i used my credit card which is issued abroad..HELP! thanks

  229. Sino pa dito tga Davao? Na biktima rin ako nito, sabi nila no worries pa man kasi for approval pa ng bank kung qualified ako then yun binigay ko Credit Card ko. Kinalts tuloy yung whole annual fee, yung explanation is 20 pesos per day lang na savings.

    Binalikan ko yung agent para magpacancel sabi nya non-refundable daw. Mag file pa ko ng cancellation letter at tatawag sa Head Office nila. 20k+ na credit sakin.

  230. On my part, I was convinced by a cocolife agent and on the next day I went back to their office to cancel the FSP (Future Savings Premium) and the GPA (Group Personal Accident Insurance) and said that my money will be refunded on check basis within 30 to 45 days. This is really a hassle and I hope that check will not bounce once I encash it.

  231. same happened. does anybody here knows if i can get my refund? it’s 8k and i just availed it 4 days ago. i’ve read a lot online and i dont want to pursue it anymore. wala pa akong policy docs na nareceive at nagbasa din ako ng articles about my grounds. sana makuha q ung pera ko

  232. hi Bernard… puede po ba malaman kung ano yung naging laman ng cancellation letter mo? Nabiktima din kasi ako kahapon… Tapos kanina pinapacancel ko, di na daw puede icancel eh dahil naforward na daw sa system nila.. PA HELP NAMAN PO…

    • Ito laman ng letter ko, pede pa hanggat wala ka pang natatanggap na contract, ung 4000 ko hindi na naibalik, I just received my refund last week 15000 of december. Don’t stop reminding them of ur refund dami nila rason para hindi maibigay ung refund. Nakakahinga na ako ngaun ng maluwag he he…kabaliwan ang mag invest dun 25years mo hihintayin ung pera mo bago mo mabawi…hindi mo na kailangan ng Insurance na yan kung me company ka na nagbabayad ng SSS tsaka philhealth mo…ito simple explanation nun

      4000 (GPA) -Insurance daw one time payment
      15283.21 (FSP) – annual payment till 10 years
      15283.21 x 10years = 152, 832.100 total money invested
      For the following years after 10years of investment, ikaw naman tatanggap ng payment worth 10,000 per year hanggang nabubuhay ka pa.

      10,000 x 10 years of receiving =100, 000, kulang pa sa na invest mo…kaya kalukuhan lang yan….katumbas ng corrupt politics na pinapakain natin galing sa TAX natin…tas dadagdag pa mga insurance na yan.

      atleast ngaun nakakatulog na ako ng mahimbing he he….di talaga ako makatulog dahil dun bakit kc ako nauto that time….habang maaga withdraw na he he….

      October 21, 2013





      Dear Sir or Madam,

      I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my insurance policy effective this day October 21, 2013. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation within 30 days that the cancellation has been put into effect.
      Please refund my initial payment that had been charged to my debit cards last week October 15, 2013 amounting to P15, 283.21 for my FSP plus P4, 000.00 for my GPA, and please cease charging my bank accounts for premium payments.

      Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



      • Hi sir bernard ako po nagsend na po ng cancellation letter sa main office nila sabi lalabas daw yung response ng management kung iaaprove request ko na ipacancel yung future saving account ko but it will take 3days daw… May possibility po ba na hindi magrant yung request ko to cancel it??? Nagpunta na din ako dun sa branch na pinagpurchasesan ko nung account na yun… Agent at manager kausap ko at sabi nila pag daw ipacancel ko daw yun eh wala daw akong makukuha ni singko kasi daw pumirma na daw ako sa contract at may agreement na daw na nangyari… Sir please help me… Ayaw kong mabaon sa utang wala akong work… 15k din chinarge nila sa card ko… Sapat lang yung pinapadalang pera ng partner ko sa buwanang gastos naming magina… Please po advise nyo po ako kung pano ko po ito macacancel… Salamat po

  233. p*** ang cocolife meron dito sa sm santa rosa laguna.. kaya mag ingat kyo.. wag kayo mag bibigay ng pera sa mga yan.. scammers yan muntikan na ko maloko nyan kahapon.. sobrang pilit sakin eh.. para kunin ung savings plan nila.. walang legit na company ang na mimilit ng tao para mag join sa savings plan nila kaya ingat ingat lng!!


  234. I suggest SM Malls ang dapat managot dito, bakit sila pumapayag na magpapasok ng mga tenants na ganito ang gawain? Dahil ba may kita sila sa rental from this scammers?

    SM Malls gising gising!!! kayo din ang nasisira pag inaallow ninyo magkaron ng ganyang activities sa loob ng mall nyo, Baka isipin ng madami business nyo din yun. Dapat check muna ng SM ang credibility ng mga tenants na tinatanggap nila sa malls nila cos wether they like it or not damay ang magandang pangalan ng SM

  235. hi people same thing happened to ang nakakainis di nila nilalahad lahat na kailangan malaman ng mga naluko nila. gaya ng paglalahad sana na 15 days lang ang grace period ng pagbawi o pagpa-cancel ng insurance policy. but according sa Insurance Commission maaaring patawan ng suspension or revocation ng lisensya ang naturang kumpanya na nanluluko through Deceptive Marketing. lalo na ang kanilang promo na sa wari ko wala naman nananalo. maaari din daw sila patawan ng cease and decease order. dahil sa mga panluluko ng mga ahente na tinu-tolerate naman ng Cocolife upang lumaki ang kanilang kita, hindi din daw dapat na sapilitan at walang sapat na kaliwanagan ang pagkuha ng insurance policy. ang pagkuha ng insurance para sa sarili at sa mga mahal natin sa buhay ay hindi mali. ang mali dito ay ang kalakaran o marketing strategy ng pagbinta ng mga ahente ng Cocolife Insurance. alam nating lahat na kung hindi gagawin ng mga ahente ang pamimilit o paghi-hypnotise ng mga napilit nila. ( kung meron mang kaakibat na hypnotismo.) hindi sila uubra sa Philam Life at Sunlife na mas matatag at maganda ang palakad. mga katuto antabayanan natin ang paglabas ng reklamo natin sa TV. kung saan? wala pang linaw dahil.walang matapang na broadcaster kung may pasabi ang management ng istasyon. na hindi pwede galawin si ganito dahil nagpapa-advertise yan sa kanila. let’s wait and see dahil naikasa na ang kasong ito at bawat hinagpis ng mga naluko, lalo na yung mga sinabihan na hindi na pwede bawiin ang ating ibinayad. abah! hard earn money yung pera natin. kaya sa mga nakabasa at hindi pa naluko. pag-alam mo na may kalukohang kaakibat bigwasan nyo na upang madala sila. at kung magreklamo sila.mag-counter kayo na sila nga ang nanluluko. that way matakot silang mailathala sa pahayagan, radyo o telebisyon.

    ipanalangin natin na mabawi natin ang ating pera at matapos na itong ating kalbaryo. magparamdam din kayo sakaling kailangan ng iba pang tao na may reklamo laban sa mga manlulukong ahente at ng Cocolife. naghahanap din kami ng tatayong abogado sa PAO para sa laban nating ito. dahil sa aking pagkaka-alam damay dito ang SM mall na kinalalagyan ng mall office ng Cocolife. dahil tino-tolerate din nila at kinakanlung ang walang kahihiyang Cocolife. sa facebook may samahan na doon dahil dito. magkapit bisig tayo mga kapamilya, mga kapuso at mag kapatid. kailangan namin ang suporta ninyo upang tumibay pa ang laban natin. SALAMAT PO. – dante magtanggol

    • Sana nga masugpo na panloloko nila sapilitan eh hindi pweding ipagpabukas kasi nga daw one day promo lang ayun 40,000 ang nadali sa akin tas wala namang sinabi na 15 days lang ang grace period harap harapang panloloko ang gawain ng mga hayupak na yan tas ang perang pagud at pawis ang puhunan ay dina natin mababawi.

    • Isa din ako as nabiktema ng Cocolife insurance Na Ryan mhgt 40k ang nakuha nil a sakin itxt no Lang ako e2 cp. 09392072373 magtulong tayo lhat PRA mare fund satin ang pera natin.

  236. I was invited too the other day by an agent from cocolife.They took more thn 30 minutes of my time.The agent i spoke to really tried her best to convince me to bite on their offer but i refused.I was wondering why it could only be a one time offer?Cocolife is a reputable company but it seems like there is a deception from their agents just to get a client.I said i have to think about it first.I almost agree to transfer 4300 from my atm.Good thing i didnt because there so many questions i had in mind that agent was not able to satisfy with her answer.

  237. Sample Letter, just want to help sa mga tulad kung nabiktima, I just received my refund last week. Dont stop to follow-up ur refund, pinaghirapan mo ung 20K sahud un ng isang buwan dapat lang na e refund. 15,283.21 + 4000 nakuha sa akin. Pumunta ako sa office nila at pina explain ulit pero talagang di ko gusto ung service so I decided to cancel the insurance policy. I already prepared a letter before I go there but they let me rewrite it with my own hand writing and they advised me that the 4000 is already not refundable, only the 15283.21. I guess the 4000 went to commissions for the staffs who recruited you. Okay lang basta maibalik ung 15K, pangshoping din un…I keep on calling them and visiting their office at baguio, pero dami nilang palusot on vication lagi ung may hawak ng susi ng vault daw…andun na raw ung check ko. Kung me atty. na kakilala kayo o police better to bring them with you kung kukuha kayo refund he he…mas mabilis processo…

    October 21, 2013





    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am sending you this written notice to request cancellation of my insurance policy effective this day October 21, 2013. I would appreciate you sending me written confirmation within 30 days that the cancellation has been put into effect.
    Please refund my initial payment that had been charged to my debit cards last week October 15, 2013 amounting to P15, 283.21 for my FSP plus P4, 000.00 for my GPA, and please cease charging my bank accounts for premium payments.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



    • Hi bernard I was one also who availed their GPA 4,000 last July 4, 2014 only. I went a while ago at their new branch in SM taytay, rizal. And I really do need the money to be refunded.
      Can you pls help me bernard how would you able to receive your refund? Is it better for me to submit the cancellation letter on their main branch in ayala rather than where I got the deal? Hoping for your your reply bernard and how the best process to do? And how long you’ve waited to get your refund? Thanku so much bernard!

  238. Ms. Ruffa ako din nabiktima sa SM Marilao at hindi sila pumayag na ipacancel ang transaction ko… At sinabi ko yung mga nabasa ko dito then namention ka nila ikaw daw kaya daw nagrant ang request mo na icancel kasi with in the day din daw nung nagpacancel ako eh bakit po ako nagmsg na din ako s main office nila ng cancellation letter and it will take 3days before ko malaman kung pwede kong ipacancel… Please help me… 15k kinarge sa card ko… At sabi nila pag daw kinancel ko wala daw akong makukuha ni singko… Pano po ba toh??? Huhuhu nagaaway na din kami ng asawa ko… Tulong naman po oh

    • hi Ms. Merrybelle Santos.. that’s not true.. nag avail ako ng FSP nila dec. 11 den di ako pinatulog sa katangahan problem and i texted ms jadezel on that night after the transaction. Sinabi ko na icacancel ko na yung plan na kinuha ko dahil ayaw ng mister ko at sabi nya sken ok at pumunta daw ako sa branch nila. Dec 12 i called my bank yung 14k na na swiped sken was floating pa pala at tanging Cocolife lang ang may kakayanan mag pacancel nun dahil sila ang merchant.. Nag researched ako kung anong magandang action baka sakaling mahabol ko pa.. may nababasa ako sa blogs na tumawag sa Insurance Commission at gonawa ko naman agad.. may nakausap akong girl dun idk na the name e.. tas sinabi ko yung concerned and exeperienced ko bout cocolife at sinabi nya lang sken na tumawag ako sa head office ng cocolife at hanapin c ms. liza na enendorse nya daw ako ng taga IC. tas yun nakapag usap pa kmi ng liza at sinabi ko lahat ng problema.. at tinulungan naman nya ko.. mga 2pm ng dec 12 pumunta ko sm marilao at kinausap ko yung mismong branch manager na sya rin pala nag interviewed sken.. ayun i explain ko naman lahat.. talagang pinanindigan ko na hindi ako kukuha.. tas void lang nila yung transaction na 14k dun sa credit card machine.. add mo sa fb yung Cocolife scam dun mababasa mo yUng mga nabiktima ng cocolife..makakakuha ka din sa kanila ng advice.. yun lang.. Godbless

    • hi po ate merrybelle aq din po nainvite sa cocolife sm marilao pinapacancel ko ndn po ung policy ko kaso ayw din nilang pumayag.thru credit card po ung prob ko kc na swipe na nila.nkpag process na po ba kau ng cancellation letter.eto po number q 09493520787 txt nio po aq kung anu na pong nangyri about dun sa pagpapacancel nio.eto rin po email add ko sa fb

  239. Same scenario happenedto us last night. Then today tumawagtumawag kami sa insurance commission to seek advise kung pano namen marerefund yun pera. Sinabi pumunta daw kme sa main office ng cocolife at magdala ng cancellation letter and have it received by them. Sa ngayon mkikipagcoordinate kkme sa branch na wag na iproceedyun application. Byfriday pa kame mkakakuha ngng update from the main office pero kung wla pa din pupunta kame sainsurance commission para ipresent yun cancellation letter na may signature ng main office. Hope this will help

  240. Hi po! Member dn po me ng cocolife..lng years n po ku ngbbyad? Me po s november p po mg start ng hulog 1500 monthly…1year hulog is 187000…prng nttkot nga me..dko p kc nssbi s husband ko about s cocolife..

  241. I’m one of you who got victim, especially at the mall area. Don’t walk alone or never talk to them once they approach to you. We always say it to the kids “never talk to the strangers” but sometimes it’s better we also apply it to our self for our safety. At the very beginnning they already lied to you. But you would not notice immediately. It would only sink to your mind when you already finish your transaction while going home. You feel like your floating. You will question yourself, why you did that crazy thing? It’s because they got you through talk. Pasikot-sikot muna sila sa mga sinasabi nila. Una topic nyo raffle promo. Fill up lang kasi daw free. You could win 10 appliances. Susunod ask nila if you are a card holder. Aalamin nila job mo. Kapag ofw or seaman ka, patay kang bata ka. Ikaw na target nila. My review kayo ng konti na sino daw agent ngendorse sayo. Ilang minuto ka daw ngbriefing. You should tell 45 mins. Tapos para makuha daw yong gifts is need daw ng proof na ung atm mo is active. So, you need to check balance sa atm machine. Once they see it at malaki laman atm mo. Boom… Mas interested sila sayo na makuha ka. And kapalit daw ng gifts na un is advertising lang daw ng Coco Life. Sasamahan ka nila sa office nila sa coco life para daw don mo claim ung gifts. You only need to fill up some form. Wait ka sa area nila. Tapos my interview exam kuno. After nun you will go inside their room where there are a lot of people talking. The scammers & the victims. Inside the room, no one will interrupt the two of you. You will never get chance to think good kasi tuloy-tuloy sila magsalita ng kung ano2 negativity about life. Andiyan na yong in case of emergency hindi mo maasahan family mo. Kasi magaling ka lang daw sa kanila kapag may kailangan sila sayo. Pero para sa akin, depende siguro iyon sa family mo. How they raise by your grandparents. At kung ano-ano pa. They are only good to tell the positive when it comes to their Coco Life. You would notice nga, why you always only answered to them oo at tama lang. Galing nila mag-sales talk db? When they get already your trust. Yan na while fill up ng form, sunod na swipe ng atm mo. Kung magkano laman atm mo ung highest plan bigay nila sau. It was annual plan. Automatic 1 year kagad binayaran mo. Hindi kana nakapag-isip ng ayos. You only follow what they said. Ganyan sila kagaling. They didn’t explain to you everything.
    These are the steps you must do, when you realized that you don’t want to continue the plans.
    1. You must know how many days already past. If 2 – 15 days only, your lucky there is posibbility to get back your money. But I preferred after you get that plans & you already feel that you don’t want to continue anymore the plans. Make some search & review about coco life.
    2. Call immediately / go personally to your bank to block your atm.
    3. Go to INSURANCE COMMISSION tell your problem. When you say, “Coco Life” in mall. They already know what is your problem. They will refer you immediately to Ms. Liza Bartolome of Coco Life.
    Add: United Coconut Planters Life Assce. Corp. Cocolife Bldg. 6774 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
    4. The IC will also tell you before you go to Ms. Liza, you must already make a Letter of Cancellation. Because this is also what Ms. Liza would say to you.
    5. Always pray to God, guide you in the right path & give you strength to passed all these trials. ALSO, thank him for everything/blessings you receive.
    Note: Always keep your documents from Coco Life. Make sure Ms. Liza would put sign on the letter that they receive a copy. Also, the IC. Always have their contact numbers and e-mail add.

    • My friend was a victim too. They charged 19k in his atm card. Since it was an atm card, the deduction was automatic unlike credit cards where you can call your credit card company to ask for the charge to be put on hold. My friend went to the cocolife branch to have it cancelled pero ang daming excuses ng branch manager na mayabang na kesyo nagfillup sya ng application form at nag pirma sya ng “authorization to swipe credit/debit card” slip, na kasalanan ng friend ko dahil di sya nagbabasa ng kung ano pipirmahan nya at may cctv to prove na nag-fillup sya ng application form on his own. Medjo mahina personality ng friend ko so I referred him to a good lawyer who handled the cancellation process for him. Yung lawyer na nag-asikaso ng lahat, nagdraft ng cancellation letter, nagfax ng documents sa cocolife head office, nakipagusap sa manager ng cocolife. Tinawagan na lang nya ung friend ko na tapos na ang cancellation at ireready na ang cheque refund. As of February 2014, the insurance policy has been cancelled.

      Dont waste time! Have your insurance cancelled asap.

      • Hi pwede bang malaman ung name ng lawyer na tumulong sa friend mo? Parehas kame ng case. Gusto ko na ipacancel ung insurance pagkatapos ko mbsa all these negative comments. Kahapon ko lng nangyari sakin to.

    • they got P50k from me, i’ve been calling their office, pero after i-transfer yung call ko sa policy department palaging voice mail box ang sumasagot.. anyone here received a refund? how? im in overseas right now… that’s a hard earned money..

    • Hi mam krizzy! Ano pong ginawa nyo? Last may 20, 2014 lang po nila q npajoin.. Feeling q nahypnotized aq.. Dapat pb qng makipag communicate sa agent q? O dun sa branch office kc sb nila hnd daw pde cancel kc on process na daw po ung policy q.. Dpat mgdirect n po b q agad sa main office?

  242. Could be there anyone who could share on me what they do after when they start the process of 30-45 days of transaction? To get back the charge back. Gaano kayo kadalas mag-update sa coco life? Pagitan ng mga araw. Need some advice. Please do reply.