Finasia Global Marketing Services Scam

Someone called me from Finasia Global Marketing Services, her name is Jen (if I’m not mistaken.) She introduce to me  about the Platinum Card that gives lifetime discount on services availed thru them. As what I understand from what she told me, they are affiliated with BDO and the Platinum Card is given to selected cardholders; and from my understanding is that i can use the platinum card on any establishments as it is in connection with BDO credit card. And she told me, that a courier will deliver my card.

And the courier came, he asked for an ID and my BDO credit card. When I went outside carrying what he asked for, I saw a credit card swiping machine on his hand. I was alarmed. It  never occurred to me that they will charge me right away, as what she told me over the phone that I have the chance to choose over the modes of payment that is convenient to me. I asked her that when the card arrives will they include details that i needed to know and she said yes. Back to the courier, I reached for the paper that he asked me to sign. I read the paper. It says that I have to pay one-time fee of more than 4000 pesos to avail the lifetime discounts and all the transaction shall go through them to avail the discount. So, it comes to me, that they will serve as liaison officer, doing things like making reservation on airplane tickets, room accommodations, passport renewal etc. Well,  these things I can do myself.

The courier handed me the phone to talk to the lady again….i told her that I don’t like the card. I don’t need a purchasing officer for me to do things that are easy to do nowadays. I can do it myself as easy as 1,2,3. She insisted and pursuing me to get the card as it is beneficial for me and when I did not show any interest at all, she insisted that the card is pre-activated and I have to give the courier a 200 pesos for that. Still, I did not gave in. I told her i did not sign anything and not giving any money for the things that i am not availing. So, the courier left.

I searched for the Finasia Global Marketing Services, and this is what I saw. Coming from the SEC.

finance global


So guys, please don’t get fooled by this scam. Be aware.



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