Cocolife- Part 2

Hello everyone who commented on my blog about Cocolife!!!

Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience.

As what I have written on the comment section, i guess the company (and the product) itself is not a scam. It is the people who run the branch office on the malls. They use the tactics that looks like a scam…they push you to buy something that is not even explained fully and as the client you weren’t able to think about it because they would say that the promo is good for that day only.

A good friend of my husband introduced us to a group that is mentored by Bo Sanchez. As we go and attend the seminars, I noticed that it is the best group that teaches us about investments. It teaches us about the company and the product before we can invest. And you know what? Cocolife is part of their affiliated company. I haven’t gone to the seminar about Cocolife but I would love to attend. Since, I have questions about their products and also to let them know the way their agents do when approaching and selling their products. Don’t worry guys, i will ask them what everyone of us is worrying about.

As soon as I finished the Cocolife seminar, i will post it here so everyone can be assured that (hopefully) it is not a scam.

Thank you all guys!


Finasia Global Marketing Services Scam

Someone called me from Finasia Global Marketing Services, her name is Jen (if I’m not mistaken.) She introduce to me  about the Platinum Card that gives lifetime discount on services availed thru them. As what I understand from what she told me, they are affiliated with BDO and the Platinum Card is given to selected cardholders; and from my understanding is that i can use the platinum card on any establishments as it is in connection with BDO credit card. And she told me, that a courier will deliver my card.

And the courier came, he asked for an ID and my BDO credit card. When I went outside carrying what he asked for, I saw a credit card swiping machine on his hand. I was alarmed. It  never occurred to me that they will charge me right away, as what she told me over the phone that I have the chance to choose over the modes of payment that is convenient to me. I asked her that when the card arrives will they include details that i needed to know and she said yes. Back to the courier, I reached for the paper that he asked me to sign. I read the paper. It says that I have to pay one-time fee of more than 4000 pesos to avail the lifetime discounts and all the transaction shall go through them to avail the discount. So, it comes to me, that they will serve as liaison officer, doing things like making reservation on airplane tickets, room accommodations, passport renewal etc. Well,  these things I can do myself.

The courier handed me the phone to talk to the lady again….i told her that I don’t like the card. I don’t need a purchasing officer for me to do things that are easy to do nowadays. I can do it myself as easy as 1,2,3. She insisted and pursuing me to get the card as it is beneficial for me and when I did not show any interest at all, she insisted that the card is pre-activated and I have to give the courier a 200 pesos for that. Still, I did not gave in. I told her i did not sign anything and not giving any money for the things that i am not availing. So, the courier left.

I searched for the Finasia Global Marketing Services, and this is what I saw. Coming from the SEC.

finance global


So guys, please don’t get fooled by this scam. Be aware.


Bali Bliss @ Vista Verde Ave.

Make sure that your privacy is well kept.

I had a massage with my husband at Bali Bliss in Vista Verde Branch last December 9. It was so awful of the therapist to let the curtain open while we were having the massage. While she was massaging my back I noticed that she went out of the cubicle. She came back after less than 2 minutes. And I just noticed about the curtain when she asked me to be in a supine position. It was really disgusting. I was almost naked when I changed my position. Good thing no one passed by. So I told the therapist, “Should the curtain be closed for our privacy?” Then she closed it.

So beware!

Cushe Footwear, misleading deals

My husband bought a deal from He bought Cushe Footwear deal  worth 1794 pesos. At the voucher, it says that there is 40% off. The original price is 2990 pesos.

He made all the arrangements and reserved his shoes- the size and the color and the branch location where he would pick it up. On September 29, we went to Trinoma to redeem the voucher or get the shoes. When we got there there was a promo up to 50% off and the same shoes he got from a-deals are included in the half the price promo.

And so the sales lady gave him the reserved shoes.  The size was just right but the color he chose was not that appealing. He wanted to change to a darker color but she said that it was all reserved and there is no way to replace it.

Too bad that it is much cheaper when you buy it from the store than from a group buying site like

I think Cushe Footwear and shouldn’t do this. If they want to market their products it should be done in a fair and decent manner and should not mislead people. My husband and I, buy vouchers from group buying sites to get a very good deal. And since we started buying, we never experienced something like this.

I mean  if the store promo has 50% discount then group buying sites promo should also offer the same discount. And besides, that’s why people buy online vouchers to get a huge slash off the price.

So guys, just be aware!


Cocolife- scam or not?

My kids and I went to the mall the other day, when suddenly this guy came  to me and gave me this free insurance coupon and a 50% discount from college tuition fee. First he asked if I have credit card and I said yes then he took us to their office and when we got there several people assisted us. There was this lady who asked me if I can come with her inside to demonstrate the coupon I got. I complied and seated right in front of the banner where it was displayed. I filled-up a sheet with some questions like what I want to have in the future, my financial status, basic information like my name and age. Then she explained to me that the coupon I got is basically a free insurance from the savings. The product is savings—she repeatedly said it was all about the savings. It was not pure insurance though they give free insurance if you get the savings.

Well, here it goes, you would save up some money worth 15,715 pesos good for the whole year and you would give out the same amount for 10 years. And you will have a 100,000 pesos face amount and also you will get 10% of the face amount every year after you finished paying the premium. At first, it sounded a good offer. But when I started asking questions, since I have some knowledge about insurance and about some products that bank is offering to depositors, it came to my senses that this could be some sort of a scam hidden behind the name of Cocolife. I do know that Cocolife is associated with UCPB. I don’t have any negative feedback about UCPB since I had an account with them way back in the 2000, they did great in handling the accounts and the depositors.

My concerns about this Cocolife are:

I would pay using my credit card.  They made it more convenient. You can use your credit card to pay outright and then after one year, you have a choice to give the premium either monthly or annually through the bank. How about that? I must pay the initial premium 1-time with my card then choices afterwards.

You can only have the offer just for that day. I asked if I can come back the next day because I have to get my husband’s decision on this matter. She said the offer is only good for 1 day. How can you decide on investing for a short period of time? It only showed that they are pressuring you to take a bite on their offer.

I asked what would I get after I pay the premium she said that the Policy Certificate will be mailed to my home address. What? A policy on snail mail? That can’t be! It is a classified documents and should be handed to the owner at the moment payment was made. She explained to me that the main office will have to check if the credit card payment was successful before they release the papers. Paying thru credit card is made easy both on the merchant and the consumer, and it made merchants to charge real time. And also, since I used to be a PhilAm agent when my client paid 50% of the premium the office will prepare the papers and when fully-paid I will personally give the policy to my client. It will never be mailed, agents should hand it to the client.

She said it was like saving up. You saved 15,715 pesos for ten years and would get 100,000 pesos as insurance or face amount and also get 10,000 pesos yearly after ten years. If it is savings, you should have 157,150 pesos in ten years, right? She told me that it would still depend on the age and health issues of the client. And it is still a savings– not an insurance. Reluctantly, I answered back if it’s savings then there is no need for check-ups or something like that. Banks won’t do medical check-ups if you want to open an account.

Lastly, when I asked for some brochures or leaflets regarding the offer they don’t have any. How can a company survive without any of this? Unless, of course as I think of it a scam. They don’t want to pull some money out for these but instead get some in.

For me, I conclude that it is a scam. How about you?