Prestige Cruises


The logo located at the front side of the yacht. It is the name of the company that offers a 1-hr cruise with buffet.


The vessel used for the cruise along the coast of the reclaimed area of Manila Bay.


The food. Honestly, It was not the best. It was okay but not something you would have for a second round. And also, the ship holds 250 guests and they only have 1 table for the buffet and the whole cruise is for one hour only. So by the time a guest wants a second round of the buffet- the whole thing is finished.


The view of the Prism Hotel.


The view of the Mall of Asia.

For me, the whole experience of the cruise was underrated. The food was not pleasing. The waters of Manila Bay was smelly. The service was alright. The singers were very unprofessional, they did not know the lyrics though I have seen some materials that could help them. The crew did not even greeted us before and after the cruise. One thing that I like was the view.

I rated it 2 out 5 stars.


Enchanted Kingdom @ Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Taken at the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom.
Taken at the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom.

January 13, 2013, we went to Enchanted Kingdom. It was unplanned, my husband told my kids let’s spent your money (my kids have been saving their loose coins in a bottle-shaped coin bank) and they shouted “Enchanted Kingdom!” and I heard it and said “I dare you?!”

And he said, ” Let’s go.” So we got ready and got there 12:30pm. It was so much! My kids was so happy playing and riding kid’s ride. They won some prices and bought some toys and souvenirs from the gift shop. We also waited for the fireworks. We went home by 9pm.

It was one of the priceless moments.

If anyone wants to go there…check their website

It was worth your money. I enjoyed it because my kids love it.

Dermabest @ Rublou, Cainta

My sister and I had to redeem our facial voucher bought at Metrodeal for it is nearing its expiry. So we scheduled our appointment last Saturday (December 15, 2012) late in the afternoon.

The facade of the derm clinic.
The facade of the derm clinic.

We got there without even someone greeting us. Though there was someone at the reception area. Few people are waiting for their turn to have their treatment. My sister went to the receptionist to let them know that we arrived and to give her the voucher. She handed a piece of paper for us to fill-up. And we just waited for our turn. It took us about almost 2 hours…

I get to go first….and the facial therapist asked me of what treatment would I get. I told her about the voucher ( I know it was just a regular facial) but she did a diamond peel by mistake. Good thing, they did not charge me for that.
I admire them for that, usually some other facial center will charge you for a treatment they have done on you even they have done it mistakenly. Thumbs up for them!

I would rate them 2.5 stars out of 5.

I like how they handle mistakes done by their staff. But they should be more friendly to everyone who enters their clinic.

Spa’a @ Eastwood City

My husband and I tried to get pampered by Dr.Fish offered by Spa’a and it was delightfully amazing. It was our first time ever and it was really an experience to remember. Something unforgettable…

The photo above is the reception area. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. The therapist are very trained. They pretty know the stuff around them.

This is the actual treatment. They uses Garra Rufa. After the treatment, it will leave your skin soft and smooth. For me, Dr. Fish treatment is better than getting a foot spa. The fishes were sucking on the dead skin cells. It felt like tiny creatures releasing vibrations as they suck on your skin- eating the dead cells.

We also got a massage after the treatment. We got the complete pampering. 🙂

The whole experience was way above what I expected. It was something I would recommend. The prices are reasonable. Though I got this deal at and got a 50% off, still Spa’a did not cut off the services which is very nice of them. They really showed they were after the service not the money.

Highly recommended.

I would give them 5 out 5 stars.

Isdaan @ Gerona, Tarlac

My family dropped by at Isdaan before heading back to Manila. My youngest son had been looking at the pictures taken at Isdaan about a year and a half ago when he was still inside my tummy. His older brother was teasing him that he wasn’t in the picture and it made him wanting to go there. So my husband decided to stopped by to grab some snack and to take pictures of the two boys.

My youngest was so excited as he sees the statues and the fishes. He was pointing at them and trying to say the word of the object he was pointing at. For my husband and I, it filled our hearts with joy seeing our kids ecstatic with what they see around the area.

They roam around as I patiently waited for the food to arrive. As I expected since it was our second time there, the service was below average. The food was average.  As my husband can do better than what they have served. They offered mostly home-cooked meals and delicacy famous in Tarlac. I was hoping that the service was more improved than last time we were there. They don’t accept credit card for payments, still. I remembered the first we came by to eat, that my husband have to looked for an ATM to withdraw because we don’t have cash in hand. We assumed that since it was situated along the highway and it has been a tourist attraction for people going to the north, they accept credit cards.

We had finished and ready to pay, I asked the crew for the bill. It took me 3 person from their crew to remind them that I am ready to pay. Good thing I saw the manager and asked him for the bill. I paid but did not forget to asked  for the freebies that my kids should be getting. They have the promo that kids will get a free balloon and candies and fish food (if you wish to feed the fishes).  My kids got their freebies and we still walked around to take some more photos. They added more attractions.

My review for Isdaan is 1.5 out of 5 stars for the food and service.

But will give 4 out of 5 stars for the attractions only. 🙂

VIBES @ Robinson’s Metroeast

I tagged my husband along to get a massage at VIBES in Robinson’s Metroeast Branch. I don’t know if there is any scientific explanation for this, I have heard that blind or vision impaired individuals have a unique way of doing a massage. And for me, it was different from a massage done by a massage therapist without the disability. Even they don’t see what they are doing, they know what they do. And it was amazing. I admire people like them that even with the visual disability still they work for themselves.

I also salute the founder of VIBES for helping them to have a decent job.

I would highly recommend VIBES. The price is cheaper than any massage center inside the mall. The area is clean. The staff is friendly.

You don’t only get pampered but you also get to help them.

Bali Bliss Spa- Vista Verde Branch

I had a massage at Bali Bliss Spa. The place was small but had a very nice ambiance. It was very Thai- all the furniture, wall decors and the set-up. The staff was friendly and accommodating. The massage was good, the therapist was knowledgeable of what she was doing. I liked what she did to my back, just the right pressure, the consistency of it- the aching back was gone. And I was happy about it.

They have a promo that will last until the last day of September. It was like a buy 1 service and get 1 free service- you get to choose from their selection.

I have availed, a free foot paraffin while sipping a hot tea, which was a courtesy, of course.

They also gave me a loyalty card, in which I could get a free service if I completed 10 signatures (meaning if I availed 10 services). It doesn’t have any expiration date,  so it was great deal on my part.

The prices are easy on the pocket. For my 1-hour massage I paid 270 pesos and with their promo I get the free foot paraffin. I got a good deal, right?

They have many services to offer, not just the massage but also pedicure, manicure, foot spa, cold wax, ear candling, threading, foot reflex, spa package and many more. The price starts from 95 pesos and it differs from the services but still appropriately priced.

My rate is 4 out of 5 stars.