Poem #3

I lost my best friend – third of June
All of a sudden, my life was out of tune
Part of me died the minute he said goodbye
It’s my heart, all its memories has gone by

He  is my everything, my soul mate
But he left me, I know it’s too late
He has found a new one, a new lover
Deep within me still hoping, it isn’t yet over

Living in an abyss of loneliness
Don’t know when I’m gonna get out of this
Trying my hardest to get myself together
Wishing this pain won’t last forever


Love Poem #2

You are the reason of a smile on this pretty face

My hands sweat and my heartbeats to race

You do crazy things to show your love

Proving, I am all you have

You make me do what I haven’t done before

Telling me, in life there’s a lot more

You are the light when my world is in darkness

Making it so colorful and full of happiness

You make my living seems so easy

Giving me freedom to be who I wanna be

Ever since, you are in my heart

In this life you are and always a big part

Losing you would make everything fall apart

Please just stay and have my heart.


Love…What is it for you?

Is it the feeling you get at the first sight?

Or lose you in the sky like a kite?

Is it what you have in your heart?

Or is it the reason you’re hurt and broken apart?

Is it what makes you stand and shine above all?

Or hit you right in the face and fall?

Is it what gets you going day by day?

Or is it why you’ve been living your life in gray?

Is it something most people adore?

Is it really essential for us to live more?

Is it the reason behind those hugs and kisses?

Is it what takes us to different places?

Is it why people got so many questions?

Or it our one way up to our destination?

Some people, it is what they hold on to…

And to some it is what they just let go.

Love…what is it for you?

Poem #1

You are the one that brightens up my day

When I am lost you always finds me the way

 I was once a rebel but will never be astray

Because of you, who will always be there to stay

Wherever I may go in my heart you are there

Your smell I breathe you are in the air

In every angle of fight, you try to be fair

You always proved it to me, you love and care

At my very low, you give me wings to fly

In sadness, you make me smile so I won’t cry

I will go, but my love will never die

You are the sweetest thing that happened in my life

Every minute of this life my heart speaks of you

Say “I love you” and I say “I love you too”

With you forever is something I’m looking forward to

Think of me forever loving you, I really do

***I wrote this poem for my loving husband when he was still my boyfriend. Sweet huh?!