Spicy Bicol Express

Spicy Bicol Express

For the first time in my life, I cooked Bicol Express which is very popular and I guess, originated in the region of Bicol. As my father was born in Bicol, in my veins, run a blood that loves spicy foods.

Bicol Express is a meat cooked in coconut milk. Sautee pork meat in onion and garlic, until the meat is slightly brown. Pour in coconut milk and let it simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the green finger chili, cover for 2 minutes. And you are done,

As a first-timer, I am proud of myself in cooking a dish that satisfies my taste. I got the right taste- just perfect, just how i wanted it to be.


PepperLunch @ Greenbelt 5



Branch: Greenbelt 5, Makati

They offer variety of Japanese meals in a fastfood type environment. For me, the food was great. The area was clean, Crew was accommodating. Fast service. Price was cheaper from others who offer same menu.

Rate would be 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Ochado @ SM Baguio


Brand: Ochado

Branch: @ SM Baguio

Another brand of milk tea. I tried it when we were at Baguio for summer vacation. I bought the one in their bestseller’s list, i don’t remember what was the name. Usually, In all milk tea store I stepped into I always buy the pearl milk tea or the equivalent of it.

And it was alright. Close to what I always bought in Serenitea. The price was 90 pesos for the large cup.

Service was fast since very few are in there to buy. Area was clean.

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars.

Purses and more….

I am selling all the stuff in this post.

The price is already in the photo.

Payment can be made thru Gcash, bank deposit (BDO or Bank of Commerce), LBC, and any remittance center.

Shipping will be shouldered by the buyer. I do use LBC.





You can contact me @ 0933-638-8206 for details and for faster transaction.

Enjoy shopping!!!

Prestige Cruises


The logo located at the front side of the yacht. It is the name of the company that offers a 1-hr cruise with buffet.


The vessel used for the cruise along the coast of the reclaimed area of Manila Bay.


The food. Honestly, It was not the best. It was okay but not something you would have for a second round. And also, the ship holds 250 guests and they only have 1 table for the buffet and the whole cruise is for one hour only. So by the time a guest wants a second round of the buffet- the whole thing is finished.


The view of the Prism Hotel.


The view of the Mall of Asia.

For me, the whole experience of the cruise was underrated. The food was not pleasing. The waters of Manila Bay was smelly. The service was alright. The singers were very unprofessional, they did not know the lyrics though I have seen some materials that could help them. The crew did not even greeted us before and after the cruise. One thing that I like was the view.

I rated it 2 out 5 stars.