Dermabest @ Rublou, Cainta

My sister and I had to redeem our facial voucher bought at Metrodeal for it is nearing its expiry. So we scheduled our appointment last Saturday (December 15, 2012) late in the afternoon.

The facade of the derm clinic.
The facade of the derm clinic.

We got there without even someone greeting us. Though there was someone at the reception area. Few people are waiting for their turn to have their treatment. My sister went to the receptionist to let them know that we arrived and to give her the voucher. She handed a piece of paper for us to fill-up. And we just waited for our turn. It took us about almost 2 hours…

I get to go first….and the facial therapist asked me of what treatment would I get. I told her about the voucher ( I know it was just a regular facial) but she did a diamond peel by mistake. Good thing, they did not charge me for that.
I admire them for that, usually some other facial center will charge you for a treatment they have done on you even they have done it mistakenly. Thumbs up for them!

I would rate them 2.5 stars out of 5.

I like how they handle mistakes done by their staff. But they should be more friendly to everyone who enters their clinic.